2 Samuel 3:28
Afterward, David heard about this and said, "I and my kingdom are forever guiltless before the LORD concerning the blood of Abner son of Ner.
Cross References
2 Samuel 1:16
For David had said to the Amalekite, "Your blood be on your own head because your own mouth testified against you, saying, 'I killed the LORD's anointed.'"

2 Samuel 3:27
When Abner returned to Hebron, Joab pulled him aside into the gateway, as if to speak to him privately, and there Joab stabbed him in the stomach. So Abner died on account of the blood of Joab's brother Asahel.

2 Samuel 3:29
May it whirl over the heads of Joab and the entire house of his father, and may the house of Joab never be without one having a discharge or skin disease or who leans on a staff or falls by the sword or starves."

2 Samuel 16:8
The LORD has paid you back for all the blood of the house of Saul, in whose place you have reigned, and the LORD has handed the kingdom over to your son Absalom. See, you have come to ruin because you are a man of bloodshed!"

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Genesis 9:6
Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man his blood will be shed; for in His own image God has made mankind.

Exodus 21:12
Whoever strikes and kills a man must surely be put to death.

Numbers 35:33
Do not pollute the land where you live, for bloodshed pollutes the land, and no atonement can be made for the land on which the blood is shed, except by the blood of the one who shed it.

Deuteronomy 21:1-9
If one is found slain, lying in a field in the land the LORD your God is giving you to possess, and it is not known who killed him, . . .

Matthew 27:24
When Pilate saw that he was accomplishing nothing, but that instead a riot was breaking out, he took water and washed his hands before the crowd. "I am innocent of this man's blood, " he said. "You shall bear the responsibility."

blood [heb] bloods

Genesis 4:10
"What have you done?" replied the LORD. "The voice of your brother's blood cries out to Me from the ground.

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