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Portents marking significant historical events. In Scripture the phrase refers principally to signs indicating the coming of the Messiah and the kingdom of God (both in the ministry of Jesus Christ and at the end of time).

Signs of the times signifying the future deliverance of Judah

2 Kings 19:29-31 pp Isaiah 37:30-32 The fruitfulness of the earth is to be a sign to Hezekiah that there will be a fruitful remnant of Judah.

Signs of the times in the life of Jesus Christ

The virgin birth of Jesus Christ

Isaiah 7:14 See also Matthew 1:22-23

The miracles of Jesus Christ

Matthew 12:28 pp Luke 11:20 See also John 2:11,23; John 3:2; John 4:54; John 6:2,14; John 9:16; John 11:47; John 12:17-18; John 20:30

Jesus Christ's resurrection

Matthew 12:38-40 pp Luke 11:29-30 See also Matthew 16:4; John 2:18-22

The Jews failed to perceive the signs of the times accompanying Jesus Christ's coming

Matthew 16:1-4 pp Mark 8:11-13 See also Luke 12:54-56; John 12:37

Signs of the times at the end of the age

Matthew 24:3-14 pp Mark 13:3-13 pp Luke 21:7-19 Luke 21:25-28 pp Matthew 24:29-30 pp Mark 13:24-26

It is impossible to predict the date of Jesus Christ's return from the signs of the times

1 Thessalonians 5:1-2

Signs of the times signifying judgment

See also

Isaiah 20:3-4; Matthew 24:15-25 pp Mark 13:14-23 pp Luke 21:20-24 The fall of Jerusalem is itself a sign of the judgment of all people at the end of time.

Interpreting the signs of the times

Mark 13:28-29 pp Matthew 24:32-33 pp Luke 21:29-31 See also 1 Chronicles 12:32

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