Deuteronomy 23
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1“No one wounded, bruised, or cut in the genitals enters into the assembly of YHWH; 2a bastard does not enter into the assembly of YHWH; even a tenth generation of him does not enter into the assembly of YHWH. 3An Ammonite and a Moabite do not enter into the assembly of YHWH; even a tenth generation of them do not enter into the assembly of YHWH—for all time, 4because that they have not come before you with bread and with water in the way, in your coming out from Egypt, and because he has hired against you Balaam son of Beor, of Pethor of Aram-Naharaim, to revile you; 5and your God YHWH has not been willing to listen to Balaam, and your God YHWH turns the reviling to a blessing for you, because your God YHWH has loved you; 6you do not seek their peace and their good all your days—for all time.

7You do not detest an Edomite, for he [is] your brother; you do not detest an Egyptian, for you have been a sojourner in his land; 8sons who are begotten of them, a third generation of them, enter into the assembly of YHWH.

9When a camp goes out against your enemies, then you have kept from every evil thing.

10When there is a man who is not clean in you, from an accident at night, then he has gone out to the outside of the camp; he does not come into the midst of the camp; 11and it has been, at the turning of the evening, he bathes with water, and at the going in of the sun he comes into the midst of the camp.

12And you have a station at the outside of the camp, and you have gone out there outside; 13and you have a peg on your staff, and it has been, in your sitting outside, that you have dug with it, and turned back, and covered your filth. 14For your God YHWH is walking up and down in the midst of your camp, to deliver you and to give your enemies before you, and your camp has been holy, and He does not see the nakedness of anything in you, and has turned back from after you.

15You do not shut up a servant to his lord, who escapes to you from his lord; 16he dwells with you in your midst, in the place which he chooses within one of your gates, where it is pleasing to him; you do not oppress him.

17There is not a whore among the daughters of Israel, nor is there a whoremonger among the sons of Israel; 18you do not bring the wage of a whore or the price of a dog into the house of your God YHWH for any vow; for even both of them [are] an abomination [to] your God YHWH.

19You do not lend in usury to your brother—usury of money, usury of food, usury of anything which is lent on usury. 20You may lend in usury to a stranger, but you do not lend in usury to your brother, so that your God YHWH blesses you in every putting forth of your hand on the land to where you go in to possess it.

21When you vow a vow to your God YHWH, you do not delay to complete it; for your God YHWH certainly requires it from you, lest it has been sin in you. 22And when you refrain to vow, it is not sin in you. 23You keep and have done the utterance of your lips, as you have vowed to your God YHWH, a free-will offering which you have spoken with your mouth.

24When you come into the vineyard of your neighbor, then you have eaten grapes according to your desire, your sufficiency, but you do not put [any] into your vessel.

25When you come in among the standing grain of your neighbor, then you have plucked the ears with your hand, but you do not wave a sickle over the standing grain of your neighbor.”

Literal Standard Version
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