Deuteronomy 33
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1And this is the blessing with which Moshe the Servant of God blessed the children of Israel before he was to die.

2And he said: “LORD JEHOVAH came from Sinai and he shone to us from Seir and he was revealed from the Mountain of Paran, and his people from myriads of the Holy Ones at His right hand.

3He gave to them also, He made them love the Gentiles and he blessed all His Holy Ones and they followed your feet and were receiving from your word.

4The Written Law Moshe handed over to us and he gave it as an inheritance to the assembly of Yaquuv.

5And the King will be in Israel when the Heads of the people are gathered as one and the tribes of Israel.

6Rubil shall live and will not die and he will be in the number.”

7And this he said to Yehuda: “Hear, LORD JEHOVAH, the voice of Yehuda, and bring him to his people; his hands shall rule for him, and be a helper to him from his oppressors.”

8And to Levi he said: “Your perfection and your light belong to the Holy Man whom you tested in the trials and you tested him at the waters of Metsutha—contention;

9Who said about his father and about his mother, ‘I did not see him’, and he did not recognize his brothers and he did not know his children, for they gave heed to your Word and they kept your covenant.

10They shall teach your judgments to Yaquuv and your Law to Israel; they shall place incense in your wrath and perfection on your altar.

11Bless his power, LORD JEHOVAH, and be pleased by the works of his hands; break the back of those hating him and his enemies will not arise.”

12And he said to Benyamin: “The Beloved One of LORD JEHOVAH shall dwell in silence, and he will hover over him all day and he shall dwell between his shoulders.”

13And to Yoseph he said: “The land is blessed of LORD JEHOVAH in produce from the dew of Heaven above and from the depths of the spring rain beneath,

14From the produce of the harvest of the sun and from the produce of the waxing moon,

15And from the first fruits of the mountains of the East and from the produce of the hills of eternity,

16And from produce of the Earth and its fullness; the will of him who dwelt in the bush will come on the head of Yoseph and upon the head of the crown of his brothers.

17The first born of an ox is excellency to him and the horns of a wild ox are his horns; by them he shall gore the nations as one unto the Hebrews of the land, these the ten thousands of Aphreim and these the thousands of Menasheh.”

18And to Zebulon he said: “Rejoice, Zebulon, in your going out, and Issakar in your tents.

19They shall call the nations to a mountain, and there they shall sacrifice sacrifices of righteousness, because they shall suck the abundance of the seas and the ships that are buried in the sand.”

20And to Gad he said: “Blessed is he who enlarges Gad; he lives like a lion and he shatters the arm with the head.

21And he saw the First Himself, because there the portion of the Prophet was buried who was proceeding with the Head of the people; He performed the righteousness of LORD JEHOVAH and his judgments with Israel.”

22And to Dan he said: “Dan, a whelp of a lion that suckled from Mathnin.”

23And to Naphtali he said: “Naphtali is filled with pleasure and is filled with the blessing of LORD JEHOVAH; he will inherit to the West and the South.”

24And to Ashir he said: “He shall be blessed from the children of Ashir, a delight to his brothers, and his feet shall be dipped in oil.

25Your shoes are iron and brass and your might is according to your days.

26There is none like the God of Israel Who rides in the Heavens for your help and in his magnificence.

27In the Heaven of Heavens he sowed the dwelling of our God from the first, and the world beneath, and he shall destroy the enemy from before you, because He said, ‘Destroy.’

28And Israel shall dwell in quietness alone; the spring of Yaquuv is in the land of grain and of wine and of oil, also the Heavens shall sprinkle dew.

29Happy are you, Israel! Who is like you, the people of the salvation in LORD JEHOVAH? Supporting, God helps you, and your boasting is not in swords; your enemies will be treacherous to you and you shall tread on their necks.”

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Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
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