Deuteronomy 34
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1And Moshe came up from the plain of Moab to the Mountain of Nebo to the top of Ramtha that is opposite Yerikho, and LORD JEHOVAH showed him all the land of Gelad unto Dan, 2And all Naphtali and all the land of Aphreim and of Manasheh and all the land of Yehuda unto The Last Sea. 3And the south and the plain in the valley of Yerikho, the city of palm trees unto Tsar. 4And LORD JEHOVAH said to him: “This is the land that I swore to Abraham and to Isaac and to Yaquuv, and I said, ‘I shall give it to your seed’; I have showed it to you in your eyes and you shall not cross there.” 5And Moshe the Servant of LORD JEHOVAH died there in the land of Moab, by the word of the mouth of LORD JEHOVAH. 6And he buried him in the valley in the land of Moab next to Bayth Peor, and no man knows his grave even today. 7And Moshe was son of a hundred and twenty years when he died; his eye was not dim, neither were his cheeks wrinkled. 8And the children of Israel wept for Moshe in the plain of Moab thirty days and they fulfilled the days of weeping of mourning Moshe.

9And Yeshua son of Nun was filled by The Spirit of Wisdom, because Moshe laid his hands upon him, and the children of Israel were listening to him and they did as LORD JEHOVAH had commanded Moshe. 10And there did not arise again a Prophet in Israel like Moshe, whom LORD JEHOVAH knew face to face, 11Or all the signs and wonders that LORD JEHOVAH sent him to do in the land of Egypt, to Pharaoh and to all his Servants and to all his land, 12Or with all the mighty hand and with every great spectacle that Moshe performed before the eyes of all Israel.

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