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kom-par' (damah, mashal, [`arakh]; paraballo, sugkrino): "Compare" is the translation of damah, "to be like" (Songs 1:9); of mashal, "to liken," "compare" (Isaiah 46:5); of `arakh, "to set in array," "compare" (Psalm 89:6 Isaiah 40:18); of shawah, "to be equal" (Proverbs 3:15; Proverbs 8:11).

In the New Testament sugkrino, "to judge" or "sift together," is translated "comparing," "comparing spiritual things with spiritual" (1 Corinthians 2:13 the English Revised Version), the American Standard Revised Version "combining" ("adapting the discourse to the subject," Thayer), the Revised Version, margin "interpreting spiritual things to spiritual (men)."

W. L. Walker

4793. sugkrino -- to combine, compare
... to combine, compare. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: sugkrino Phonetic Spelling:
(soong-kree'-no) Short Definition: I combine, compare Definition: I join ...
// - 7k

3865. paratheoreo -- to compare, to overlook
... to compare, to overlook. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: paratheoreo Phonetic
Spelling: (par-ath-eh-o-reh'-o) Short Definition: I overlook, neglect ...
// - 6k

3666. homoioo -- to make like
... to make like. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: homoioo Phonetic Spelling:
(hom-oy-o'-o) Short Definition: I make like, liken, compare Definition: I make ...
// - 7k

3846. paraballo -- to throw beside
... to throw beside. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: paraballo Phonetic Spelling:
(par-ab-al'-lo) Short Definition: I compare, arrive Definition: I compare ...
// - 6k

2443. hina -- in order that, that, so that
... Probably from the same as the former part of heautou (through the demonstrative
idea; compare ho); in order that (denoting the purpose or the result) -- albeit ...
// - 7k

2736. kato -- down, below
... beneath, bottom, down, under. Also (compare) katotero (kat-o-ter'-o); (compare
katoteros); adverb from kata; downwards -- beneath, bottom, down, under. ...
// - 6k

2487. ichnos -- a track
... Compare Ro 10:6-8,17 with Ro 14:23.]. Word Origin a prim. ... a track, footprint, step.
From ikneomai (to arrive; compare heko); a track (figuratively) -- step. ...
// - 7k

2065. erotao -- to ask, question
... Apparently from ereo (compare ereunao); to interrogate; by implication, to request --
ask, beseech, desire, intreat, pray. Compare punthanomai. see GREEK ereo. ...
// - 9k

5537. chrematizo -- to transact business, to make answer
... From chrema; to utter an oracle (compare the original sense of chraomai), ie Divinely
intimate; by implication, (compare the secular sense of chreia) to ...
// - 8k

4474. rhapizo -- to strike with a rod, hence to strike with the ...
... From a derivative of a primary rhepo (to let fall, "rap"); to slap -- smite
(with the palm of the hand). Compare tupto. see GREEK tupto. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
1819. damah -- to be like, resemble
... root Definition to be like, resemble NASB Word Usage alike (1), compare (3), compared
(1), equal (1), gave parables (1), imagine (1), intend (1), intended (2 ...
/hebrew/1819.htm - 6k

2616. chacad -- to be good, kind
... A primitive root; properly, perhaps to bow (the neck only (compare chanan)
in courtesy to an equal), ie To be kind; also (by euphem. ...
/hebrew/2616.htm - 5k

4911. mashal -- to represent, be like
... Short Definition: like. become like, compare, use as a proverb, speak in proverbs,
utter Denominative from mashal; to liken, ie (transitively ...
/hebrew/4911.htm - 5k

6957. qav -- line
... line Or qav {kawv}; from qavah (compare qaveh); a cord (as connecting), especially
for measuring; figuratively, a rule; also a rim, a musical string or accord ...
/hebrew/6957.htm - 5k

3855. Lahad -- a man of Judah
... Lahad. From an unused root meaning to glow (compare lahab) or else to be earnest
(compare lahag); Lahad, an Israelite -- Lahad. see HEBREW lahab. ...
/hebrew/3855.htm - 6k

6186. arak -- to arrange or set in order
... set the battle, array, compare, direct, equal, esteem, estimate, expert
in war, A primitive root; to set in a row, ie Arrange, put ...
/hebrew/6186.htm - 5k

5537. sala -- to weigh
... root Definition to weigh NASB Word Usage weighed (1). compare. A primitive root;
to suspend in a balance, ie Weigh -- compare. 5536, 5537. sala. 5538 . ...
/hebrew/5537.htm - 5k

7737. shavah -- to agree with, be like, resemble
... avail, behave, bring forth, compare, countervail, be, make equal, lay, A
primitive root; properly, to level, ie Equalize; figuratively ...
/hebrew/7737.htm - 5k

8321. soreq -- (choice species of) the vine
... Or sowreq {so-rake'}; and (feminine) soreqah {so- ray-kaw'}; from sharaq in the
sense of redness (compare saruq); a vine stock (properly, one yielding purple ...
/hebrew/8321.htm - 6k

5708. ed -- filthy
... filthy From an unused root meaning to set a period (compare adah, uwd); the menstrual
flux (as periodical); by implication (in plural) soiling -- filthy. ...
/hebrew/5708.htm - 6k


And Since You Compare Christ and the Other Deities as to the ...
... Book I. 49 And since you compare Christ and the other deities as to the
blessings of health� And since you compare Christ and ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/49 and since you compare.htm

Therefore, if we Compare the Things Themselves, we May no Way ...
... Section 28. Therefore, if we compare the things themselves, we may no way
doubt that the� 28. Therefore, if we compare the things ...
/.../augustine/on the good of marriage/section 28 therefore if we.htm

And Now we May Well Compare the Present with Former Things...
... Pronounced on the thirtieth anniversary of his reign. Chapter IX. And
now we may well compare the present with former things� ...
/.../pamphilius/the life of constantine/chapter ix and now we.htm

But as Celsus Would Compare the Venerable Customs of the Jews with ...
... Chapter XLIV. But as Celsus would compare the venerable customs of the
Jews with the laws of� But as Celsus would compare the ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter xliv but as celsus.htm

He Wishes, Indeed, to Compare the Articles of Our Faith to those ...
... Chapter XVII. He wishes, indeed, to compare the articles of our faith
to those of the Egyptians� He wishes, indeed, to compare ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter xvii he wishes indeed.htm

Now Compare the Words of Origen, which I have Translated Word for ...
... Now compare the words of Origen, which I have translated word for word above, with
these which by him have been turned into Latin, or rather overturned; and ...
/.../19 now compare the words.htm

For not Even Herein Ought Such as are Married to Compare ...
... Section 10. For not even herein ought such as are married to compare
themselves with the� 10. For not even herein ought such as ...
/.../ holy virginity /section 10 for not even.htm

And Yet, Lord, we Perceive Intervals of Times, and Compare Them...
... Book XI Chapter XVI And yet, Lord, we perceive intervals of times, and compare
them� And yet, Lord, we perceive intervals of times ...
/.../augustine/the confessions of saint augustine/chapter xvi and yet lord.htm

With Israel's God who Can Compare?
... AFTER SERMON. Hymn 96 With Israel's God who can compare? John Newton
8,8,8,8 Deuteronomy 33:26-29. With Israel's God who can compare? ...
// hymns/hymn 96 with israels god.htm

Proceeding Immediately after to Mix up and Compare with one ...
... Chapter LVI. Proceeding immediately after to mix up and compare with one
another things that are dissimilar� Proceeding immediately ...
/.../origen/origen against celsus/chapter lvi proceeding immediately after.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (v. t.) To examine the character or qualities of, as of two or more persons or things, for the purpose of discovering their resemblances or differences; to bring into comparison; to regard with discriminating attention.

2. (v. t.) To represent as similar, for the purpose of illustration; to liken.

3. (v. t.) To inflect according to the degrees of comparison; to state positive, comparative, and superlative forms of; as, most adjectives of one syllable are compared by affixing - er and -est to the positive form; as, black, blacker, blackest; those of more than one syllable are usually compared by prefixing more and most, or less and least, to the positive; as, beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful.

4. (v. i.) To be like or equal; to admit, or be worthy of, comparison; as, his later work does not compare with his earlier.

5. (v. i.) To vie; to assume a likeness or equality.

6. (n.) Comparison.

7. (n.) Illustration by comparison; simile.

8. (v. t.) To get; to procure; to obtain; to acquire

Compare (22 Occurrences)
... 4. (vi) To be like or equal; to admit, or be worthy of, comparison; as, his later
work does not compare with his earlier. ... Standard Bible Encyclopedia. COMPARE. ...
/c/compare.htm - 14k

Caiaphas (9 Occurrences)
... ka'-a-fas, ki'-a-fas (Kaiaphas; Caiaphas = Kephas (compare Dods in Expositor's Greek
Test, I, 803), and has also been interpreted as meaning "depression ...
/c/caiaphas.htm - 14k

Kiss (39 Occurrences)
... We have in the Old Testament naschaq, "to kiss," used (1) of relatives (which seems
the origin of the practice of kissing; compare Songs 8:1, "Oh that thou ...
/k/kiss.htm - 25k

Silas (22 Occurrences)
... identification with Titus has also been suggested, based on 2 Corinthians 1:19;
2 Corinthians 8:23, but this is very improbable (compare Knowling, Expositor's ...
/s/silas.htm - 21k

Kinsman (29 Occurrences)
... to the custom of avenging the blood of a slain kinsman; hence, a blood relative
(Numbers 5:8 Ruth 2:20; Ruth 3:9, 12; 4:1, 3, 6, 8, 14; compare "performing the ...
/k/kinsman.htm - 19k

Kinswoman (4 Occurrences)
... to the custom of avenging the blood of a slain kinsman; hence, a blood relative
(Numbers 5:8 Ruth 2:20; Ruth 3:9, 12; 4:1, 3, 6, 8, 14; compare "performing the ...
/k/kinswoman.htm - 10k

Benaiah (44 Occurrences)
... be-na'-ya, be-ni'-a (benayah, benayahu, "Yahweh has built." Compare HPN, 182, 265,
268): (1) Benaiah, the son of Jehoiada of Kabzeel (compare Joshua 15:21 ...
/b/benaiah.htm - 26k

Amariah (14 Occurrences)
... (8.) Nehemiah 10:3. (9.) Ezra 10:42. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. AMARIAH.
am-a-ri'-a ('amaryah and 'amaryahu, "the Lord has said"; compare HPN, 180, 285). ...
/a/amariah.htm - 14k

Anah (10 Occurrences)
... a'-na (`anah, meaning uncertain; a Horite clan-name (Genesis 36)): (1) Mother of
Aholibamah, one of the wives of Esau and daughter of Zibeon (compare Genesis 36 ...
/a/anah.htm - 13k

Andrew (12 Occurrences)
... I. In New Testament. 1. Early History and First Call: Andrew belonged to
Bethsaida of Galilee (compare John 1:44). He was the brother ...
/a/andrew.htm - 20k

Bible Concordance
Compare (22 Occurrences)

Matthew 11:16 "But to what shall I compare this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces, who call to their companions

Mark 4:30 And he said, Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God? or with what comparison shall we compare it?

Luke 7:31 "To what then shall I compare the men of the present generation, and what do they resemble?

Luke 13:18 He said, "What is the Kingdom of God like? To what shall I compare it?

Luke 13:20 Again he said, "To what shall I compare the Kingdom of God?

2 Corinthians 10:12 For we are not bold to number or compare ourselves with some of those who commend themselves. But they themselves, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves with themselves, are without understanding.

Hebrews 12:3 Therefore, if you would escape becoming weary and faint-hearted, compare your own sufferings with those of Him who endured such hostility directed against Him by sinners.

1 Kings 3:13 I have also given you that which you have not asked, both riches and honor, so that there shall not be any among the kings like you, all your days.
(See RSV)

Job 28:17 Gold and glass cannot be compared to it, nor vessels of fine gold be its exchange.
(Root in DBY NIV)

Job 28:19 The topaz of Ethiopia shall not be compared to it, neither shall it be set in the balance with pure gold.
(Root in DBY RSV NIV)

Job 39:13 "The wings of the ostrich wave proudly; but are they the feathers and plumage of love?
(See NIV)

Psalms 40:5 Many things hast Thou done, O LORD my God, even Thy wonderful works, and Thy thoughts toward us; there is none to be compared unto Thee! If I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be told.
(Root in JPS NAS RSV)

Psalms 86:8 There is no one like you among the gods, Lord, nor any deeds like your deeds.
(See NIV)

Psalms 89:6 For who in the skies can be compared to Yahweh? Who among the sons of the heavenly beings is like Yahweh,

Proverbs 3:15 She is more precious than rubies. None of the things you can desire are to be compared to her.

Proverbs 8:11 For wisdom is better than rubies. All the things that may be desired can't be compared to it.

Song of Songs 1:9 I have compared you, my love, to a steed in Pharaoh's chariots.

Isaiah 40:18 To whom then will you liken God? Or what likeness will you compare to him?

Isaiah 40:25 Who then seems to you to be my equal? says the Holy One.

Isaiah 46:5 "To whom will you liken me, and make me equal, and compare me, that we may be like?

Lamentations 2:13 What shall I testify to you? what shall I liken to you, daughter of Jerusalem? What shall I compare to you, that I may comfort you, virgin daughter of Zion? For your breach is great like the sea: who can heal you?

Ezekiel 31:8 No cedars were equal to it in the garden of God; the fir-trees were not like its branches, and plane-trees were as nothing in comparison with its arms; no tree in the garden of God was so beautiful.



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