3563. kowc
Strong's Concordance
kowc: cup
Original Word: כּוֹס
Part of Speech: noun feminine; noun masculine
Transliteration: kowc
Phonetic Spelling: (koce)
Definition: a cup
I. כּוֺס noun feminineLamentations 4:21 cup (√ unknown; perhaps kindred with כִּיס, q. v.; Late Hebrew id.; Phoenician כסת; Aramaic כָּס, ; Arabic is Aramaic loan-word according to Frä171, but see DHMVOJ i. 27) — ׳כ absolute Genesis 40:11 +; כּ֯יֹס Proverbs 23:31; construct Genesis 40:11 +; suffix כּוֺסִי Psalm 16:5; Psalm 23:5 etc.; plural absolute כֹּסוֺת Jeremiah 35:5; — cup 2 Samuel 12:3; for wine Genesis 40:11 (3 t. in verse); Genesis 40:13,21 (all E), Proverbs 23:31; Jeremiah 35:5; שְׂפַתאכּוֺס 1 Kings 7:26; 2Chronicles 4:5; תַּנְחוּמִים ׳כ Jeremiah 16:7 the cup offered to mourners; figurative (wine-) cup of judgement of ׳י, from which the nations, or Israel, must drink Jeremiah 49:12; Lamentations 4:21; Psalm 75:9; חֲמָתוֺ ׳כ Isaiah 51:17,22; הַיַּיִן ׳כ הַחֵמָה Jeremiah 25:15, compare Jeremiah 25:17; Jeremiah 25:28; הַתַּרְעֵלָה ׳כ Isaiah 51:17,22; ׳כ שַׁמָּה וּשְׁמָמָה Ezekiel 23:33, compare Ezekiel 23:31; Ezekiel 23:32; Ezekiel 23:33; ׳יְמִין י ׳כ Habakkuk 2:16; by bold metaphor Babylon is such a cup זָהָב ׳כ ׳בְּיַד י Jeremiah 51:7; so of wicked persons, fire, brimstone, and burning wind are מְנָתאכּוֺסָם Psalm 11:6 the portion of their cup; ׳כ in good sense, cup of blessing Psalm 23:5 (overflowing); מְנָת חֶלְקִי וְכוֺסִי ׳י Psalm 16:5; יְשׁוּעוֺת ׳כ Psalm 116:13.

II. כּוֺס noun [masculine] a kind of owl (according to Vrss.; see Kn-Di Leviticus 11:17; word perhaps onomatopoetic) — unclean bird Leviticus 11:17; Deuteronomy 14:16, dwelling in ruins חֳרָבוֺת ׳כִ Psalm 102:7.

I. כור (√ of following; perhaps be or make round, hence furnace, pot, basin, from shape; Arabic wind about (e.g. a turban), turn or twist (of turban), blacksmith's fire-place, hornet's or bees' nest, ** means also a camel's saddle (or 'howdah') with its apparatus, see Frey, Lane; bundle; > Thes compare Syriac incaluit (Lexicons aestuavit, calefactus est)).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
cup, small owl

From an unused root meaning to hold together; a cup (as a container), often figuratively, a lot (as if a potion); also some unclean bird, probably an owl (perhaps from the cup-like cavity of its eye) -- cup, (small) owl. Compare kiyc.

see HEBREW kiyc

Forms and Transliterations
הַכּ֖וֹס הַכּ֥וֹס הַכּוֹס֙ הכוס וְכ֥וֹס וְכֹס֑וֹת וְכוֹסִ֑י וּמִכֹּס֤וֹ וכוס וכוסי וכסות ומכסו כ֪וֹס כְּכ֣וֹס כּ֔וֹס כּ֖וֹס כּ֚וֹס כּ֣וֹס כּ֤וֹס כּ֧וֹס כּ֨וֹס כּוֹסִ֥י כּוֹסָֽם׃ כּוֹס־ כוֹסָ֖הּ כוֹס־ כוס כוס־ כוסה כוסי כוסם׃ ככוס chos choSah hak·kō·ws hakKos hakkōws kə·ḵō·ws keChos kəḵōws ḵō·w·sāh kō·w·sām kō·w·sî kō·ws ḵō·ws kō·ws- ḵō·ws- Kos koSam koSi kōws ḵōws kōws- ḵōws- ḵōwsāh kōwsām kōwsî ū·mik·kō·sōw umikkoSo ūmikkōsōw veChos vechoSi vechoSot wə·ḵō·sō·wṯ wə·ḵō·w·sî wə·ḵō·ws wəḵōsōwṯ wəḵōws wəḵōwsî
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 40:11
HEB: וְכ֥וֹס פַּרְעֹ֖ה בְּיָדִ֑י
NAS: Now Pharaoh's cup was in my hand;
KJV: And Pharaoh's cup [was] in my hand:
INT: cup now Pharaoh's my hand

Genesis 40:11
HEB: אֹתָם֙ אֶל־ כּ֣וֹס פַּרְעֹ֔ה וָאֶתֵּ֥ן
NAS: them into Pharaoh's cup, and I put
KJV: them into Pharaoh's cup, and I gave
INT: and squeezed about cup Pharaoh's put

Genesis 40:11
HEB: וָאֶתֵּ֥ן אֶת־ הַכּ֖וֹס עַל־ כַּ֥ף
NAS: and I put the cup into Pharaoh's
KJV: and I gave the cup into Pharaoh's
INT: Pharaoh's put the cup and hand

Genesis 40:13
HEB: כַּנֶּ֑ךָ וְנָתַתָּ֤ כוֹס־ פַּרְעֹה֙ בְּיָד֔וֹ
NAS: Pharaoh's cup into his hand
KJV: Pharaoh's cup into his hand,
INT: to your office will put cup Pharaoh's his hand

Genesis 40:21
HEB: מַשְׁקֵ֑הוּ וַיִּתֵּ֥ן הַכּ֖וֹס עַל־ כַּ֥ף
NAS: and he put the cup into Pharaoh's
KJV: and he gave the cup into Pharaoh's
INT: his office put the cup and hand

Leviticus 11:17
HEB: וְאֶת־ הַכּ֥וֹס וְאֶת־ הַשָּׁלָ֖ךְ
NAS: and the little owl and the cormorant
KJV: And the little owl, and the cormorant,
INT: and the little and the cormorant and the great

Deuteronomy 14:16
HEB: אֶת־ הַכּ֥וֹס וְאֶת־ הַיַּנְשׁ֖וּף
NAS: the little owl, the great owl,
KJV: The little owl, and the great owl,
INT: the little the great the white

2 Samuel 12:3
HEB: מִפִּתּ֨וֹ תֹאכַ֜ל וּמִכֹּס֤וֹ תִשְׁתֶּה֙ וּבְחֵיק֣וֹ
NAS: and drink of his cup and lie
KJV: and drank of his own cup, and lay
INT: of his bread eat of his cup and drink his bosom

1 Kings 7:26
HEB: כְּמַעֲשֵׂ֥ה שְׂפַת־ כּ֖וֹס פֶּ֣רַח שׁוֹשָׁ֑ן
NAS: like the brim of a cup, [as] a lily
KJV: like the brim of a cup, with flowers
INT: was made the brim of a cup blossom a lily

2 Chronicles 4:5
HEB: כְּמַעֲשֵׂ֣ה שְׂפַת־ כּ֔וֹס פֶּ֖רַח שֽׁוֹשַׁנָּ֑ה
NAS: like the brim of a cup, [like] a lily
KJV: of the brim of a cup, with flowers
INT: the work of the brim of a cup flowers of lilies

Psalm 11:6
HEB: זִלְעָפ֗וֹת מְנָ֣ת כּוֹסָֽם׃
NAS: wind will be the portion of their cup.
KJV: [this shall be] the portion of their cup.
INT: and burning will be the portion of their cup

Psalm 16:5
HEB: מְנָת־ חֶלְקִ֥י וְכוֹסִ֑י אַ֝תָּ֗ה תּוֹמִ֥יךְ
NAS: of my inheritance and my cup; You support
KJV: of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest
INT: the portion of my inheritance and my cup You support

Psalm 23:5
HEB: בַשֶּׁ֥מֶן רֹ֝אשִׁ֗י כּוֹסִ֥י רְוָיָֽה׃
NAS: my head with oil; My cup overflows.
KJV: my head with oil; my cup runneth over.
INT: oil my head my cup overflows

Psalm 75:8
HEB: כִּ֤י כ֪וֹס בְּֽיַד־ יְהוָ֡ה
NAS: For a cup is in the hand of the LORD,
KJV: of the LORD [there is] a cup, and the wine
INT: For A cup the hand of the LORD

Psalm 102:6
HEB: מִדְבָּ֑ר הָ֝יִ֗יתִי כְּכ֣וֹס חֳרָבֽוֹת׃
NAS: I have become like an owl of the waste places.
KJV: of the wilderness: I am like an owl of the desert.
INT: of the wilderness have become an owl of the waste

Psalm 116:13
HEB: כּוֹס־ יְשׁוּע֥וֹת אֶשָּׂ֑א
NAS: I shall lift up the cup of salvation
KJV: I will take the cup of salvation,
INT: the cup of salvation shall lift

Isaiah 51:17
HEB: יְהוָ֖ה אֶת־ כּ֣וֹס חֲמָת֑וֹ אֶת־
NAS: hand the cup of His anger;
KJV: of the LORD the cup of his fury;
INT: hand the LORD'S the cup of his anger to the dregs

Isaiah 51:17
HEB: אֶת־ קֻבַּ֜עַת כּ֧וֹס הַתַּרְעֵלָ֛ה שָׁתִ֖ית
NAS: of His anger; The chalice of reeling
KJV: the dregs of the cup of trembling,
INT: of his anger to the dregs the cup of reeling have drunk

Isaiah 51:22
HEB: מִיָּדֵ֖ךְ אֶת־ כּ֣וֹס הַתַּרְעֵלָ֑ה אֶת־
NAS: out of your hand the cup of reeling,
KJV: of thine hand the cup of trembling,
INT: have taken of your hand the cup of reeling the dregs

Isaiah 51:22
HEB: אֶת־ קֻבַּ֙עַת֙ כּ֣וֹס חֲמָתִ֔י לֹא־
NAS: of reeling, The chalice of My anger;
KJV: [even] the dregs of the cup of my fury;
INT: of reeling the dregs the cup of my anger will never

Jeremiah 16:7
HEB: יַשְׁק֤וּ אוֹתָם֙ כּ֣וֹס תַּנְחוּמִ֔ים עַל־
NAS: give them a cup of consolation
KJV: them for the dead; neither shall [men] give them the cup of consolation
INT: nor give A cup of consolation anyone's

Jeremiah 25:15
HEB: קַ֠ח אֶת־ כּ֨וֹס הַיַּ֧יִן הַחֵמָ֛ה
NAS: this cup of the wine
KJV: the wine cup of this fury
INT: to me Take cup of the wine of wrath

Jeremiah 25:17
HEB: וָאֶקַּ֥ח אֶת־ הַכּ֖וֹס מִיַּ֣ד יְהוָ֑ה
NAS: Then I took the cup from the LORD'S
KJV: Then took I the cup at the LORD'S
INT: took the cup hand the LORD'S

Jeremiah 25:28
HEB: יְמָאֲנ֛וּ לָקַֽחַת־ הַכּ֥וֹס מִיָּדְךָ֖ לִשְׁתּ֑וֹת
NAS: to take the cup from your hand
KJV: to take the cup at thine hand
INT: refuse to take the cup your hand to drink

Jeremiah 35:5
HEB: מְלֵאִ֥ים יַ֖יִן וְכֹס֑וֹת וָאֹמַ֥ר אֲלֵיהֶ֖ם
NAS: of wine and cups; and I said
KJV: of wine, and cups, and I said
INT: full of wine and cups said to

33 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 3563
33 Occurrences

ḵō·ws- — 2 Occ.
ḵō·w·sāh — 1 Occ.
hak·kō·ws — 7 Occ.
kə·ḵō·ws — 1 Occ.
kō·ws — 16 Occ.
kō·w·sām — 1 Occ.
kō·w·sî — 1 Occ.
ū·mik·kō·sōw — 1 Occ.
wə·ḵō·ws — 1 Occ.
wə·ḵō·w·sî — 1 Occ.
wə·ḵō·sō·wṯ — 1 Occ.

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