2680. kataskeuazó
Strong's Concordance
kataskeuazó: to prepare
Original Word: κατασκευάζω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: kataskeuazó
Phonetic Spelling: (kat-ask-yoo-ad'-zo)
Definition: to prepare
Usage: I build, construct, prepare, make ready.
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2680 kataskeuázō (from 2596 /katá, "down, exactly according to," intensifying skeuazō, "to prepare exactly, using a vessel, implement, or tool") – properly, prepare (make exactly ready), skillfully using implements according to a tooled-design.

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from kata and skeuazó (to prepare, make ready)
to prepare
NASB Translation
builder (2), built (1), construction (1), prepare (3), prepared (4).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 2680: κατασκευάζω

κατασκευάζω: future κατασκευάσω; 1 aorist κατεσκεύασα; Passive, present κατασκευάζομαι; perfect participle κατεσκευασμενος; 1 aorist κατεσκευασθην; to furnish, equip, prepare, make ready;

a. of one who makes anything ready for a person or thing: τήν ὁδόν, Matthew 11:10; Mark 1:2; Luke 7:27; perfect passive participle prepared in spirit, Luke 1:17 (Xenophon, Cyril 5, 5, 10).

b. of builders, to construct, erect, with the included idea of adoming and equipping with all things necessary (often so in Greek authors; cf. Bleek, Brief a. d. Hebrew ii. 1, p. 398f): οἶκον, Hebrews 3:3f; κιβωτόν, Hebrews 11:7; 1 Peter 3:20; σκηνήν, Hebrews 9:2, 6; the Sept. for בָּרָא, Isaiah 40:28; Isaiah 43:7.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
build, make, ordain, prepare.

From kata and a derivative of skeuos; to prepare thoroughly (properly, by external equipment; whereas hetoimazo refers rather to internal fitness); by implication, to construct, create -- build, make, ordain, prepare.

see GREEK kata

see GREEK skeuos

see GREEK hetoimazo

Forms and Transliterations
κατασκευαζεται κατασκευάζεται κατασκευαζομενης κατασκευαζομένης κατασκευασας κατασκευάσας κατασκευασει κατασκευάσει κατασκευασθή κατασκευή κατασκευήν κατεσκεύασα κατεσκεύασε κατεσκευασεν κατεσκεύασεν κατεσκευασθη κατεσκευάσθη κατεσκευάσθης κατεσκευασμενον κατεσκευασμένον κατεσκευασμενων κατεσκευασμένων κατεσκεύασται kataskeuasas kataskeuásas kataskeuasei kataskeuásei kataskeuazetai kataskeuázetai kataskeuazomenes kataskeuazomenēs kataskeuazoménes kataskeuazoménēs kateskeuasen kateskeúasen kateskeuasmenon kateskeuasmenōn kateskeuasménon kateskeuasménōn kateskeuasthe kateskeuasthē kateskeuásthe kateskeuásthē
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 11:10 V-FIA-3S
GRK: σου ὃς κατασκευάσει τὴν ὁδόν
KJV: face, which shall prepare thy way
INT: of you who will prepare the way

Mark 1:2 V-FIA-3S
GRK: σου ὃς κατασκευάσει τὴν ὁδόν
KJV: face, which shall prepare thy way
INT: of you who will prepare the way

Luke 1:17 V-RPM/P-AMS
GRK: Κυρίῳ λαὸν κατεσκευασμένον
NAS: a people prepared for the Lord.
KJV: a people prepared for the Lord.
INT: for [the] Lord a people prepared

Luke 7:27 V-FIA-3S
GRK: σου ὃς κατασκευάσει τὴν ὁδόν
KJV: face, which shall prepare thy way
INT: of you who will prepare the way

Hebrews 3:3 V-APA-NMS
GRK: οἴκου ὁ κατασκευάσας αὐτόν
NAS: so much as the builder of the house
KJV: inasmuch as he who hath builded the house
INT: house the [one] having built it

Hebrews 3:4 V-PIM/P-3S
GRK: γὰρ οἶκος κατασκευάζεται ὑπό τινος
NAS: house is built by someone,
KJV: every house is builded by some
INT: indeed house is built by someone

Hebrews 3:4 V-APA-NMS
GRK: δὲ πάντα κατασκευάσας θεός
NAS: by someone, but the builder of all things
KJV: [man]; but he that built all things
INT: however everything having built [is] God

Hebrews 9:2 V-AIP-3S
GRK: σκηνὴ γὰρ κατεσκευάσθη ἡ πρώτη
NAS: For there was a tabernacle prepared, the outer
KJV: a tabernacle made; the first,
INT: a tabernacle indeed was prepared the first

Hebrews 9:6 V-RPM/P-GMP
GRK: δὲ οὕτως κατεσκευασμένων εἰς μὲν
NAS: have been so prepared, the priests
KJV: were thus ordained, the priests went
INT: moreover thus having been prepared into indeed

Hebrews 11:7 V-AIA-3S
GRK: βλεπομένων εὐλαβηθεὶς κατεσκεύασεν κιβωτὸν εἰς
NAS: in reverence prepared an ark
KJV: moved with fear, prepared an ark
INT: seen having been moved with fear prepared an ark for

1 Peter 3:20 V-PPM/P-GFS
GRK: ἡμέραις Νῶε κατασκευαζομένης κιβωτοῦ εἰς
NAS: of Noah, during the construction of the ark,
KJV: while the ark was a preparing, wherein
INT: [the] days of Noah [while was] being prepared [the] ark into

Strong's Greek 2680
11 Occurrences

κατασκευάσας — 2 Occ.
κατασκευάσει — 3 Occ.
κατασκευάζεται — 1 Occ.
κατασκευαζομένης — 1 Occ.
κατεσκεύασεν — 1 Occ.
κατεσκευασμένων — 1 Occ.
κατεσκευασμένον — 1 Occ.
κατεσκευάσθη — 1 Occ.

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