Leviticus 10:10
You must distinguish between the holy and the common, between the clean and the unclean,
Cross References
Leviticus 11:47
You must distinguish between the unclean and the clean, between animals that may be eaten and those that may not."

Leviticus 13:43
The priest is to examine him, and if the swelling of the infection on his bald head or forehead is reddish-white like a skin disease,

Leviticus 20:25
You are therefore to distinguish between clean and unclean animals and birds. Do not become contaminated by any animal or bird, or by anything that crawls on the ground; I have set these apart as unclean for you.

Ezekiel 22:26
Her priests do violence to My law and profane My holy things. They make no distinction between the holy and the common, and they fail to distinguish between the clean and the unclean. They disregard My Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them.

Ezekiel 44:23
They are to teach My people the difference between the holy and the common, and show them how to discern between the clean and the unclean.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Deuteronomy 24:8
In cases of infectious skin diseases, be careful to diligently follow everything the Levitical priests instruct you. Be careful to do as I have commanded them.

Deuteronomy 33:10
They will teach Your ordinances to Jacob and Your law to Israel; they will set incense before You and whole burnt offerings on Your altar.

2 Chronicles 17:9
They taught throughout Judah, taking with them the Book of the Law of the LORD. They went throughout the towns of Judah and taught the people.

2 Chronicles 30:22
And Hezekiah encouraged all the Levites who performed skillfully before the LORD. For seven days they ate their assigned portion, sacrificing fellowship offerings and giving thanks to the LORD, the God of their fathers.

Nehemiah 8:2, 8
On the first day of the seventh month, Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly of men and women and all who could listen and understand. . . .

Nehemiah 9:13, 14
You came down on Mount Sinai, and spoke to them from heaven. You gave them just ordinances, true laws, and good statutes and commandments. . . .

Jeremiah 2:8
The priests did not ask, 'Where is the LORD?' The experts in the law no longer knew Me, and the leaders rebelled against Me. The prophets prophesied by Baal and followed useless idols.

Jeremiah 18:18
Then some said, "Come, let us make plans against Jeremiah, for the law will never be lost to the priest, or counsel to the wise, or an oracle to the prophet. Come, let us denounce him and pay no heed to any of his words."

Malachi 2:7
For the lips of a priest should preserve knowledge, and people should seek instruction from his mouth, because he is the messenger of the LORD of Hosts."

Matthew 28:20
and teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

Acts 20:27
For I did not shrink back from declaring to you the whole will of God.

1 Thessalonians 4:2
For you know the instructions we gave you by the authority of the Lord Jesus.

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