Genesis 26:20
But the herdsmen of Gerar quarreled with Isaac's herdsmen and said, "The water is ours!" So he named the well Esek, because they contended with him.
Cross References
Genesis 13:7
And there was discord between the herdsmen of Abram and the herdsmen of Lot. At that time the Canaanites and the Perizzites were also living in the land.

Genesis 21:25
But when Abraham complained to Abimelech about a well that Abimelech's servants had seized,

Genesis 26:19
Then Isaac's servants dug in the valley and found a well of fresh water there.

Genesis 26:21
And they dug another well and quarreled over that one also; so he named it Sitnah.

Genesis 46:34
you are to say, 'Your servants have raised livestock ever since our youth--both we and our fathers.' Then you will be allowed to settle in the land of Goshen, since all shepherds are detestable to the Egyptians."

Genesis 26:19
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