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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Prosecuted with careful attention and effort; careful; painstaking; not careless or negligent.

2. (a.) Interestedly and perseveringly attentive; steady and earnest in application to a subject or pursuit; assiduous; industrious.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

dil'-i-jens, dil'-i-jent-li: This word is used in various senses in our English Bibles.

1. In the Old Testament:

In Ezra 5:8, "with diligence" means "with care"; in Ezra 6:12; Ezra 7:17, "with speed," "speedily"; in Proverbs 4:23 "watchfulness"; in Deuteronomy 4:9; Deuteronomy 6:17; Deuteronomy 19:18 Psalm 77:6 Proverbs 27:23 Isaiah 55:2 Micah 7:3, "with care," "scrupulously," "earnestly." Sometimes it means "early" "with haste" (Job 8:5 Proverbs 8:17). It may mean "industrious," "exacting" (Proverbs 10:4; Proverbs 12:27; Proverbs 22:29).

2. In the New Testament:

The American revisers have rendered "diligence" for various words in the King James Version, e.g. for "business" in Romans 12:11; "giving diligence" for "endeavoring" (Ephesians 4:3); "give diligence" for "study" (2 Timothy 2:15,), for "labor" (Hebrews 4:11); "diligently" for "carefully" (Philippians 2:28 Hebrews 12:17); "be diligent in" for "meditate upon" (1 Timothy 4:15). It is well also to remember that the Old English meaning of diligence is "with love," from diligo, "to love."

G. H. Geberding

4705. spoudaios -- hasty, eager, diligent
... hasty, eager, diligent. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: spoudaios Phonetic
Spelling: (spoo-dah'-yos) Short Definition: diligent, earnest Definition ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4705.htm - 6k

4707. spoudaioteros -- more diligent
... spoudaioteros. 4708 . more diligent. Transliteration: spoudaioteros Phonetic Spelling:
(spoo-dah-yot'-er-os) Short Definition: diligent. ... more diligent ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4707.htm - 6k

4704. spoudazo -- to make haste, hence to give diligence
... Word Origin from spoude Definition to make haste, hence to give diligence NASB Word
Usage diligent (6), eager (2), make every effort (3). be eager, hasten. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4704.htm - 7k

4342. proskartereo -- to attend constantly
... From pros and kartereo; to be earnest towards, ie (to a thing) to persevere, be
constantly diligent, or (in a place) to attend assiduously all the exercises ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4342.htm - 8k

3191. meletao -- to care for, practice, study
... study, ponder. Cognate: 3191 -- properly, to care for, attend to; hence be
diligent, especially to ponder (study). See 3199 (). Word ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/3191.htm - 6k

3907. parateresis -- observation
... watching. Cognate: 3907 -- close, diligent watching as to (control). 3907
("watching like a guard") is only used in Lk 17:20. Word ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/3907.htm - 6k

2145. euprosedros -- attend to
... attend to From eu and the same as prosedreuo; sitting well towards, ie (figuratively)
assiduous (neuter, diligent service) -- X attend upon. see GREEK eu. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/2145.htm - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
2742a. charuts -- sharp, diligent
... 2742, 2742a. charuts. 2742b . sharp, diligent. Transliteration: charuts
Short Definition: diligent. Word Origin pass. part. of charats ...
/hebrew/2742a.htm - 5k

2742. charuwts -- sharp, diligent
... 2741, 2742. charuwts. 2742a . sharp, diligent. Transliteration: charuwts
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-roots') Short Definition: decision. ...
/hebrew/2742.htm - 6k

2664. chaphas -- to search
... change, make diligent search, disguise self, hide, search for, out. A primitive
root; to seek; causatively, to conceal oneself (ie ...
/hebrew/2664.htm - 6k

4106. mahir -- quick, prompt, ready, skilled
... diligent, hasty, ready. Or mahir {maw-here'}; from mahar; quick; hence, skilful --
diligent, hasty, ready. see HEBREW mahar. 4105, 4106. mahir or mahir. 4107 ...
/hebrew/4106.htm - 6k

3045. yada -- to know
... advise, answer, appoint, assuredly, be aware, (un-)awares, can(-not), certainly,
comprehend, consider, X could they, cunning, declare, be diligent, (can, cause ...
/hebrew/3045.htm - 8k

3966. meod -- muchness, force, abundance
... word Definition muchness, force, abundance NASB Word Usage abundantly (1), all
(1), almost (1), badly (3), carefully (1), closely (1), diligent (1), diligently ...
/hebrew/3966.htm - 7k

3190. yatab -- to be good, well, glad, or pleasing
... happy, successful, right) -- be accepted, amend, use aright, benefit, be (make)
better, seem best, make cheerful, be comely, + be content, diligent(-ly), dress ...
/hebrew/3190.htm - 7k


Be Diligent
... II. PETER BE DILIGENT. ... Now these three"a bright hope, a sovereign purpose, and a
diligent earnestness"are the three conditions of all noble life. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture ephesians peter/be diligent.htm

I Would, However, Proceed to a More Searching and Diligent ...
... Section 5. I would, however, proceed to a more searching and diligent
consideration and handling of? 5. I would, however, proceed ...
/.../augustine/of the work of monks /section 5 i would however.htm

That Without the Grace of God we Cannot Make any Diligent Efforts.
... The Conferences of John Cassian. Chapter VI. That without the grace of God
we cannot make any diligent efforts. And therefore though ...
/.../cassian/the conferences of john cassian/chapter vi that without the.htm

A Third Passage with which He Finds Fault is that in which I Gave ...
... and whose opinions I was translating into the Latin tongue. But, I said, the diligent
reader will at once search into these things and form his own opinion. ...
/.../24 a third passage with.htm

... the witness comprehends. Let me ask you, Are you as diligent in every respect
as the Bible commands you to be? Diligence implies ...
/.../orr/food for the lambs or helps for young christians/diligence.htm

The Twenty-Fifth Chapter: Zeal in Amending Our Lives
... BE WATCHFUL and diligent in God's service and often think of why you left the world
and came here. ... A fervent and diligent man is ready for all things. ...
/.../kempis/the imitation of christ/the twenty-fifth chapter zeal in.htm

Of Sloth
... Most solicitous and diligent ought a man to be in acquiring and preserving virtue
and the grace of God by constant faithful co-operation with the grace ...
/.../ugolino/the little flowers of st francis of assisi/chapter vi of sloth.htm

Demonstration x. --Of Pastors.
... went in front of his people that he was leading, and tended them for forty years;
and he was vigilant and toiled on behalf of his sheep, a diligent and good ...
/.../aphrahat/aphrahat select demonstrations/demonstration x of pastors.htm

... He supposes the condition of attaining this state or the way to attain it, is by
a diligent use of the means of grace, and that the saints are sanctified just ...
/.../finney/systematic theology/lecture xxxix sanctification.htm

Of the Zealous Amendment of Our Whole Life
... Be thou watchful and diligent in God's service, and bethink thee often why thou
hast renounced the world. ... A zealous and diligent man is ready for all things. ...
/.../kempis/imitation of christ/chapter xxv of the zealous.htm

Diligent (33 Occurrences)
... industrious. Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. DILIGENCE; DILIGENT; DILIGENTLY.
dil ... Geberding. Multi-Version Concordance Diligent (33 Occurrences). Romans ...
/d/diligent.htm - 18k

Slothful (22 Occurrences)
... (YLT). Proverbs 10:4 Poor 'is' he who is working -- a slothful hand, And the hand
of the diligent maketh rich. ... And the soul of the diligent is made fat. (YLT). ...
/s/slothful.htm - 12k

Diligence (31 Occurrences)
... DILIGENCE; DILIGENT; DILIGENTLY. ... Proverbs 12:27 The slothful man shall not hunt his
prey; but the precious substance of men is to be diligent. (See NAS). ...
/d/diligence.htm - 18k

Diligently (85 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (adv.) In a diligent manner; not carelessly; not negligently;
with industry or assiduity. Int. ... DILIGENCE; DILIGENT; DILIGENTLY. ...
/d/diligently.htm - 34k

Zealous (40 Occurrences)
... is good? (WEY ASV NAS RSV). 2 Peter 1:10 Therefore, brothers, be more diligent
to make your calling and election sure. For if you ...
/z/zealous.htm - 18k

Zeal (45 Occurrences)
... then, if also I wrote to you, it was not for the sake of him that injured, nor for
the sake of him that was injured, but for the sake of our diligent zeal for ...
/z/zeal.htm - 21k

Oftentimes (7 Occurrences)
... 2 Corinthians 8:22 And we have sent with them our brother, whom we have oftentimes
proved diligent in many things, but now much more diligent, upon the great ...
/o/oftentimes.htm - 8k

Winter (22 Occurrences)
... wherever I go. (WEB KJV WEY ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV). 2 Timothy
4:21 Be diligent to come before winter. Eubulus salutes you ...
/w/winter.htm - 14k

Inquisition (5 Occurrences)
... out," "to strive after," "inquire" (Esther 2:23)): The term refers, as indicated
by these passages, first of all to a careful and diligent inquiry necessary to ...
/i/inquisition.htm - 9k

Effort (16 Occurrences)
... (WEY NAS). Titus 3:12 When I send Artemas to you, or Tychicus, be diligent to come
to me to Nicopolis, for I have determined to winter there. (See NAS). ...
/e/effort.htm - 11k

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Diligent (33 Occurrences)

Romans 3:11
There is not one who is really wise, nor one who is a diligent seeker after God.

Romans 12:11
as to diligent zealousness, not slothful; in spirit fervent; serving the Lord.

2 Corinthians 7:12
So then, if also I wrote to you, it was not for the sake of him that injured, nor for the sake of him that was injured, but for the sake of our diligent zeal for you being manifested to you before God.

2 Corinthians 8:16
But thanks be to God, who gives the same diligent zeal for you in the heart of Titus.

2 Corinthians 8:17
because indeed the exhortation he accepted, and being more diligent, of his own accord he went forth unto you,

2 Corinthians 8:22
And we have sent with them our brother, whom we have oftentimes proved diligent in many things, but now much more diligent, upon the great confidence which I have in you.

Galatians 2:10
only that we should remember the poor, which same thing also I was diligent to do.

Ephesians 4:3
being diligent to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of the peace;

1 Timothy 4:15
Be diligent in these things. Give yourself wholly to them, that your progress may be revealed to all.

2 Timothy 2:15
Strive diligently to present thyself approved to God, a workman that has not to be ashamed, cutting in a straight line the word of truth.
(Root in DBY YLT NAS)

2 Timothy 4:9
Be diligent to come to me soon,

2 Timothy 4:21
Be diligent to come before winter. Eubulus salutes you, as do Pudens, Linus, Claudia, and all the brothers.

Titus 2:5
discreet, chaste, diligent in home work, good, subject to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be evil spoken of.

Titus 3:8
The word is faithful, and I desire that thou insist strenuously on these things, that they who have believed God may take care to pay diligent attention to good works. These things are good and profitable to men.

Titus 3:12
When I send Artemas to you, or Tychicus, be diligent to come to me to Nicopolis, for I have determined to winter there.

Hebrews 4:11
May we be diligent, then, to enter into that rest, that no one in the same example of the unbelief may fall,

2 Peter 1:10
Therefore, brothers, be more diligent to make your calling and election sure. For if you do these things, you will never stumble.

2 Peter 1:15
and I will be diligent that also at every time ye have, after my outgoing, power to make to yourselves the remembrance of these things.

2 Peter 3:14
Therefore, beloved, seeing that you look for these things, be diligent to be found in peace, without blemish and blameless in his sight.

Deuteronomy 19:18
and the judges shall make diligent inquisition: and, behold, if the witness is a false witness, and has testified falsely against his brother;

Joshua 22:5
Only take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law which Moses the servant of Yahweh commanded you, to love Yahweh your God, to walk in all his ways, to keep his commandments, to hold fast to him, and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul."

Joshua 23:11
Take good heed therefore to yourselves, that you love Yahweh your God.
(See NAS)

2 Chronicles 24:13
So the workmen worked, and the work of repairing went forward in their hands, and they set up the house of God in its state, and strengthened it.
(See NIV)

Psalms 64:6
They search out iniquities; they accomplish a diligent search: both the inward thought of every one of them, and the heart, is deep.

Psalms 77:6
I remember my song in the night. I consider in my own heart; my spirit diligently inquires:

Proverbs 10:4
He becomes poor who works with a lazy hand, but the hand of the diligent brings wealth.

Proverbs 12:24
The hands of the diligent ones shall rule, but laziness ends in slave labor.

Proverbs 12:27
The slothful man doesn't roast his game, but the possessions of diligent men are prized.

Proverbs 13:4
The soul of the sluggard desires, and has nothing, but the desire of the diligent shall be fully satisfied.

Proverbs 13:24
He who keeps back his rod is unkind to his son: the loving father gives punishment with care.

Proverbs 21:5
The plans of the diligent surely lead to profit; and everyone who is hasty surely rushes to poverty.

Proverbs 22:29
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

Proverbs 27:23
Be thou diligent to know the state of thy flocks, and look well to thy herds.



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