Spiritual InitiativesA.F. Muir Judges 1:1
Transfer of AuthorityA.F. Muir Judges 1:1, 2
Alliances in the Holy WarA.F. Muir Judges 1:3
Correspondence of Crime and RequitalA.F. Muir Judges 1:7
The Public Spirit of CalebA.F. Muir Judges 1:11-15
CompensationsA.F. Muir Judges 1:14, 15
A Title to be Made GoodA.F. Muir Judges 1:19-21
Divine Help Versus Material ObstaclesA.F. Muir Judges 1:19
An Unwilling Helper of the Cause of GodA.F. Muir Judges 1:22-26
Human Wisdom Versus DivineA.F. Muir Judges 1:28
The Failure of Duty of One an Occasion of Inconvenience to AnotherA.F. Muir Judges 1:34, 35
BochimA.F. Muir Judges 2:1-5
The Force of Personal Testimony and InfluenceA.F. Muir Judges 2:6-13
Mercy is the Midst of JudgmentA.F. Muir Judges 2:14-18
The Proving of IsraelA.F. Muir Judges 3:1-4
The Forbidden CovenantA.F. Muir Judges 3:5-7
Idolatry and its NemesisA.F. Muir Judges 3:8
True Deliverance Must Ever Come from GodA.F. Muir Judges 3:9, 10
The Secret of Individual and National GreatnessA.F. Muir Judges 3:10, 11
And the Land Had Rest - the True PeaceA.F. Muir Judges 3:11
Continued and Repeated Offence Entails More Signal PunishmentA.F. Muir Judges 3:12-14
EhudA.F. Muir Judges 3:15-26
ShamgarA.F. Muir Judges 3:31
Temporary Influences and a Permanent TendencyA.F. Muir Judges 4:1-11
The Battle of the Brook Kishon, or Material Force Versus SpiritualA.F. Muir Judges 4:12-17
Self-Sacrifice and its InspirerA.F. Muir Judges 5:2
National Ruin and the True DelivererA.F. Muir Judges 5:6, 7
The Peril of National IrreligionA.F. Muir Judges 5:8
Testimony and Thanksgiving the Duty of the RedeemedA.F. Muir Judges 5:10, 11
National Defence a Common ResponsibilityA.F. Muir Judges 5:14-23
The Hopelessness of Opposition to GodA.F. Muir Judges 5:20
The Curse of Meroz (2)A.F. Muir Judges 5:23
The Conduct of JaelA.F. Muir Judges 5:24
The Sunlike LifeA.F. Muir Judges 5:31
Israel's ExtremityA.F. Muir Judges 6:1-6
Divine Mercy: its Adaptation and SufficiencyA.F. Muir Judges 6:7, 8, 11, 34
Merciful ReproofA.F. Muir Judges 6:7-10
The Call of GideonA.F. Muir Judges 6:11-15
The Paradox of the Divine PresenceA.F. Muir Judges 6:12, 13
The Assuring Thought of God's ServantA.F. Muir Judges 6:14
Asking for a SignA.F. Muir Judges 6:17
The Sign - the Present Turned into a SacrificeA.F. Muir Judges 6:18-21
Jehovah Shalom, or Spiritual Forebodings StilledA.F. Muir Judges 6:22-24
The First WorkA.F. Muir Judges 6:25-30
Who Hath Done This Thing?A.F. Muir Judges 6:29, 30
Jerubbaal, Or, is an Idol Anything?A.F. Muir Judges 6:31, 32
The Crisis and the ConfirmationA.F. Muir Judges 6:33-40
Divinely-Ordained TestsA.F. Muir Judges 7:1-8
Mine Own Hand Hath Saved MeA.F. Muir Judges 7:2
The Crowning SignA.F. Muir Judges 7:9-15
Inspired TacticsA.F. Muir Judges 7:15-22
Following Up AdvantageA.F. Muir Judges 7:22
Dealing with ObstructivesA.F. Muir Judges 8:1-9, 13-17
Faint, Yet PursuingA.F. Muir Judges 8:4
Noble Self-AbnegationA.F. Muir Judges 8:22-27
The Mistake of a Good ManA.F. Muir Judges 8:24-27
The After LifeA.F. Muir Judges 8:29-32
The Consequence of the Imperfect Recognition of JehovahA.F. Muir Judges 8:33-35
Ambitious UsurpationA.F. Muir Judges 9:1-6
Unrighteous Claims of KindredA.F. Muir Judges 9:2, 3
Shortcomings of Unscrupulous SchemesA.F. Muir Judges 9:5
Jotham's Fable; Or, Popular Election, its Dangers and AbusesA.F. Muir Judges 9:7-20
Strength in WeaknessA.F. Muir Judges 9:21
The Nemesis of UsurpationA.F. Muir Judges 9:22-57
A Worthy Servant of a Worthless MasterA.F. Muir Judges 9:30-33, 36-38
Without a LeaderA.F. Muir Judges 9:55
The Calm After the StormA.F. Muir Judges 10:1-5
Recurring Habits of EvilA.F. Muir Judges 10:6
Immediate and Effectual RetributionA.F. Muir Judges 10:7-10
God Answering Hardened TransgressorsA.F. Muir Judges 10:10-14
Works Meet for RepentanceA.F. Muir Judges 10:15, 16
Faith Restoring Courage and MightA.F. Muir Judges 10:17, 18
The Shaping Influences of LifeA.F. Muir Judges 11:1-3
Magnanimity of PatriotismA.F. Muir Judges 11:4-11
The Friend in NeedA.F. Muir Judges 11:7
Recognition of God in Positions of Honour and ResponsibilityA.F. Muir Judges 11:11
The Model DiplomatistA.F. Muir Judges 11:12-28
The Spirit of Sacred WarfareA.F. Muir Judges 11:29-33
Jephthah's VowA.F. Muir Judges 11:30, 31, 34-40
Vaulting Ambition, Which O'Erleaps ItselfA.F. Muir Judges 12:1-6
Ingratitude the Frequent Reward of BenefactorsA.F. Muir Judges 12:1-3
The Reproach of the RighteousA.F. Muir Judges 12:4
Shibboleth: - the Importance of Little Defects, Faults, EtcA.F. Muir Judges 12:5, 6
Divine Punishment and Preparation of Deliverance SimultaneousA.F. Muir Judges 13:1-5
A Natural Desire and its Gracious FulfilmentA.F. Muir Judges 13:2-5
God's Use of Unlikely Means for Gracious EndsA.F. Muir Judges 13:2-5
The Difficulty of SalvationA.F. Muir Judges 13:5
Repetition of Divine FavoursA.F. Muir Judges 13:8-11
Parental Anxiety and its SatisfyingA.F. Muir Judges 13:12-14
The Wonderful NameA.F. Muir Judges 13:17, 18
Reassurance of Divine FavourA.F. Muir Judges 13:22, 23
Fulfilment of PromiseA.F. Muir Judges 13:24, 25
Human Desire Overruled for Divine EndsA.F. Muir Judges 14:1-4
The Lion in the WayA.F. Muir Judges 14:5, 6
The Mystery of Spiritual MightA.F. Muir Judges 14:6
Recalling Past DeliverancesA.F. Muir Judges 14:8, 9
Samson's RiddleA.F. Muir Judges 14:14
Unlawful Methods of Interpreting Divine MysteriesA.F. Muir Judges 14:15-20
Ploughing with Another's HeiferA.F. Muir Judges 14:18
How Confidence in Wicked Men is RewardedA.F. Muir Judges 14:20
Atonements of the UnrighteousA.F. Muir Judges 15:1-3
God's Servant Set Free by the Providences of LifeA.F. Muir Judges 15:1-5
Foxes Arid FirebrandsA.F. Muir Judges 15:4, 5
Those Who have Occasioned Evil Punished for Those Who Caused itA.F. Muir Judges 15:6-8
Requiting Evil for Good, and Good for EvilA.F. Muir Judges 15:8-16
Imperfect Means Made Effectual by Divine InspirationA.F. Muir Judges 15:14-16
The Self-Refreshment of Divine ServiceA.F. Muir Judges 15:17-19
God Redeeming the Error of His ServantA.F. Muir Judges 16:1-3
Samson's Betrayal and FallA.F. Muir Judges 16:4-21
And He Wist not that the Lord (Jehovah)Was Departed from HimA.F. Muir Judges 16:20
A Hero's ExodusA.F. Muir Judges 16:21-31
Samson's Heroic DeathA.F. Muir Judges 16:28-30
The History of a Man-Made MinistryA.F. Muir Judges 17:1-13
The History of a Man-Made Ministry: 2. its AbuseA.F. Muir Judges 18:1-13
Its Transfer and Establishment in a Lawless CommunityA.F. Muir Judges 18:14-31
The Idolater's DistressA.F. Muir Judges 18:23, 24
Troublesome HospitalityA.F. Muir Judges 19:1-10
Exceptional Hospitality. How Welcome!A.F. Muir Judges 19:14-21
Unparalleled CrimeA.F. Muir Judges 19:30
National AtonementA.F. Muir Judges 20:1
The Difficulty of Punishing Evil-DoersA.F. Muir Judges 20:26-28
They Knew not that Evil was Near ThemA.F. Muir Judges 20:34
There Shall not Any of Us Give His Daughter unto Benjamin to WifeA.F. Muir Judges 21:1
In Those Days There was no King in IsraelA.F. Muir Judges 21:25
God's SilenceA. F. Muir, M. A.1 Samuel 28:6
The Finding of the BookA. F. Muir, M. A.2 Kings 22:8
Hearsay and ConvictionF. M'Adam Muir.Job 42:5-6
The Secret of Faith's VictoryRobert R. Muir.Psalm 11:1-7
The Earth and its FulnessP. M'Adam Muir, D. D.Psalm 24:1-2
The Instruction of Wisdom (To the Young)J. Stirling Muir.Proverbs 15:33
Bowing on the WatersA. F. Muir, M. A.Ecclesiastes 11:1
The Character, Privilege, and Duty of the People of GodJ. Muir, D. D.Isaiah 12:6
Hezekiah's Return to HealthP. M. Muir.Isaiah 38:9-20
The Fear of DeathP. M. Muir.Isaiah 38:9-20
The Prayer of HezekiahP. M. Muir.Isaiah 38:9-20
A Protracted MinistryA.F. Muir Jeremiah 1:1-3
The Call of the ProphetA.F. Muir Jeremiah 1:4-10
What Seest Thou?A.F. Muir Jeremiah 1:11
Hastening IllsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 1:12-16
First Love to GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:2, 3
God's Estimation of His People's LoveA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:2
Guilty Instruments of Divine JudgmentA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:3
The Indictment of IsraelA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:4-9
The Marvel of UnbeliefA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:10-13
The Unreasonableness of Appealing to Worldly Assistance in Spiritual EnterprisesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:18
God's Method of Punishing ApostasyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:19
The Shameless Shame of IdolatryA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:26-28
Lords Many and Gods ManyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:28
Rejecting the Chastisements of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:30
The Plea of Innocence a Culminating SinA.F. Muir Jeremiah 2:35
Supercession of External Religious Ordinances and InstitutionsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 3:16
Put Among the ChildrenA.F. Muir Jeremiah 3:19
Typical PenitenceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 3:21-25
The Duty of Reality in Religious ProfessionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 4:1-4
Human Uncertainty Coexisting with Divine IlluminationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 4:10
The Wisdom of This WorldA.F. Muir Jeremiah 4:22
A Wicked City Spared for the Sake of One SaintA.F. Muir Jeremiah 5:1
What God Requires of ManA.F. Muir Jeremiah 5:3
Sparing MercyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 5:18
God's Power in Restraining the Forces of NatureA.F. Muir Jeremiah 5:22
The Apostate City that Cannot be Let AloneA.F. Muir Jeremiah 6:4-8
The Impediments to the Right Celebration of Religious OrdinancesW. Muir, D. D.Jeremiah 6:10
The Ministry of DeceitA.F. Muir Jeremiah 6:13
The Old PathsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 6:16
The Reasonableness of the Divine JudgmentsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 6:18-20
The Prophet a Spiritual AssayerA.F. Muir Jeremiah 6:27-30
Keeping the Temple GateA.F. Muir Jeremiah 7:1-3
Who Shall Dwell in the House of the Lord?A.F. Muir Jeremiah 7:4-7
Rising Up EarlyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 7:13, 25
Idolatry a Detailed Insult to JehovahA.F. Muir Jeremiah 7:17-20
The Desecration of TophetA.F. Muir Jeremiah 7:31-33
Apostasy an Anomalous and Incalculable ThingA.F. Muir Jeremiah 8:4-7
Peace, Peace; When There is no PeaceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 8:8-12
False Hopes Ministering DespairA.F. Muir Jeremiah 8:13-15
Occasions of Hoped-For Salvation that have not AvailedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 8:20
Physician, Heal ThyselfA.F. Muir Jeremiah 8:22
Vicarious GriefA.F. Muir Jeremiah 9:1
The Man of God's Longing for SeclusionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 9:2, 3
The Self-Opposition and Futility of the Sinner's LifeA.F. Muir Jeremiah 9:2-6
The Affliction of God's Professed People an Enigma to be ExplainedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 9:12-16
The Death of the Wicked Contrary to NatureA.F. Muir Jeremiah 9:21
The Knowledge of God the Only Real Glory of ManA.F. Muir Jeremiah 9:22-24
The Helplessness of Heathen Gods a Conclusive Argument Against ThemA.F. Muir Jeremiah 10:2-5
The Uniqueness of JehovahA.F. Muir Jeremiah 10:6, 7
Grief Borne that Cannot be CuredA.F. Muir Jeremiah 10:19
The Response of the Spiritual Conscience to the Words of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 11:5
Spiritual Atavism; Or, the Sins of the FathersA.F. Muir Jeremiah 11:10
The Staying of IntercessionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 11:14
Perils of ProphesyingA.F. Muir Jeremiah 11:18-23
Moral Difficulties with the Providence of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 12:1-4
A Prophet's Foes They of His Own HouseholdA.F. Muir Jeremiah 12:5, 6
Leaving All for GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 12:7, 8
Mercy and JudgmentA.F. Muir Jeremiah 12:14-17
The Marred GirdleA.F. Muir Jeremiah 13:1-11
Broken Pitchers; Or, Worldly Sufficiency and its PunishmentA.F. Muir Jeremiah 13:12, 15
Days of Grace and How They Should be SpentA.F. Muir Jeremiah 13:16
Moral Helplessness: How InducedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 13:23
A Prayer for God's People in Time of His JudgmentsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 14:7, 9
Prayer a Fruit of ChastisementA.F. Muir Jeremiah 14:19, 22
Invoking the Honor of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 14:21
Sins for Which Saintly Intercession Cannot AvailA.F. Muir Jeremiah 15:1
The Offense of Faithful PreachingA.F. Muir Jeremiah 15:10
Thou Knowest ItA.F. Muir Jeremiah 15:15
God's Words a Heartfelt JoyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 15:16
The Preacher's Weakness and StrengthA.F. Muir Jeremiah 15:19-21
Celibacy as an Obligation of the Minister of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 16:1-4
The Destiny of Sinners a Self-Created OneA.F. Muir Jeremiah 16:10-13
Sin a Tyrannous and Exhaustive ServiceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 16:13
The Old Deliverance Forgotten in the NewA.F. Muir Jeremiah 16:14, 15
The Heathen Turning to the True GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 16:19-21
Sin's RecordA.F. Muir Jeremiah 17:1, 2
Heart Mysteries and Their InterpreterA.F. Muir Jeremiah 17:9, 10
The Saint's RefugeA.F. Muir Jeremiah 17:12, 13
Divine Prophecy and Human ImpatienceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 17:14-18
The Sabbath and its ObligationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 17:19-27
The Potter and the ClayA.F. Muir Jeremiah 18:1-10
The Fatalism of the WickedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 18:11, 12
Jehovah an Unfailing Help to His People; Or, the Snow of LebanonA.F. Muir Jeremiah 18:14, 15
Ecclesiastical Succession Versus Individual MinistryA.F. Muir Jeremiah 18:18
The Preacher's Foes; Or, False Tongues and Deaf EarsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 18:18, 19
The Breaking of the Potter's VesselA.F. Muir Jeremiah 19:1, 2, 10, 11
The Behavior of the Wicked Towards the TruthA.F. Muir Jeremiah 20:1-3
Magor-Missabib; Or, the Fate of a False ProphetA.F. Muir Jeremiah 20:3-6
The Sorrow and Joy of God's ServantA.F. Muir Jeremiah 20:7-18
Zedekiah's Message; Or, the Prayer of the UngodlyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 21:1, 2
God's Answer to Earthly PresumptionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 21:13, 14
Truth-Speaking Under DifficultiesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 22:1-23
Building in UnrighteousnessA.F. Muir Jeremiah 22:5, 7, 13, 14
Monumental JudgmentsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 22:8, 9
Fates Worse than DeathA.F. Muir Jeremiah 22:10-12
True RoyaltyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 22:15, 16
False Shepherds and the TrueA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:1-4
The Lord Our RighteousnessA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:5, 6
Trying the SpiritsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:16-18, 22
Unauthorized MinistryA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:21
The Omnipresence of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:23, 24
Dreams that Make the Name of God to be ForgottenA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:25-27
The Faithful Utterance of Divine RevelationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:28, 29
Despising ProphesyingsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 23:33-40
Calamity with God and Without HimA.F. Muir Jeremiah 24:1-10
Punished for Salvation; Left Alone for DestructionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 24:1-10
The Two Baskets of Figs; Or, Predetermining InfluencesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 24:1-10
I Will Set Mine Eyes Upon Them for GoodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 24:6
The Conditions and Relations of SalvationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 24:7
Messages RecapitulatedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 25:1-7
Judgment Plainly DeclaredA.F. Muir Jeremiah 25:7-11
Judgment Beginning At the House of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 25:29
The Vision of Final JudgmentA.F. Muir Jeremiah 25:30-38
God's Mercy Shown in His MessagesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 26:1-3
The Prophet of God Arraigned by the NationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 26:1-17, 24
Spiritual Prerogative not InalienableA.F. Muir Jeremiah 26:6
The Perils of ProphesyingA.F. Muir Jeremiah 26:8, 9
The Defense of the Witness for the TruthA.F. Muir Jeremiah 26:12-15
Help Raised Up for God's Servants in Times of PerilA.F. Muir Jeremiah 26:24
Divine Judgments not to be ResistedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 27:1-22
Prophets Tested by PrayerA.F. Muir Jeremiah 27:18
How to Answer Those Who Oppose the TruthA.F. Muir Jeremiah 28:1-17
Presumption Increasing with ImpunityA.F. Muir Jeremiah 28:10, 11
Duties and Consolations of God's CaptivityA.F. Muir Jeremiah 29:1-14
Signs that God's Favor is RestoredA.F. Muir Jeremiah 29:12-14
The Punishment of False ProphetsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 29:20-32
Written in a Book; Or, Words Held OverA.F. Muir Jeremiah 30:1-3
The Twofold Wonder of Israel's SalvationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 30:16
The Multitude of God's MerciesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 30:18-22
The Ideal RulerA.F. Muir Jeremiah 30:21
Grace Preparing for GraceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:2
The Character of the Divine Love Inferred from its HistoryA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:3
The Unity of the ChurchA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:6
The Redemption of Israel a Great and Notable EventA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:10-14
Rahel Weeping for Her ChildrenA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:15-17
Ephraim Bemoaning Himself; Or, the Penitent's RestorationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:18-21
The New CovenantA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:31-34
Missions Put an End toA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:34
The New JerusalemA.F. Muir Jeremiah 31:38-40
Silencing a ProphetA.F. Muir Jeremiah 32:1-5
Purchasing by Divine CommandA.F. Muir Jeremiah 32:6-15
The Prayer of JeremiahA.F. Muir Jeremiah 32:16-25
The Unities of the Divine KingdomA.F. Muir Jeremiah 32:37-40
Revelation of God's Purpose to Him Who Performs His WillA.F. Muir Jeremiah 33:1-3
Perpetuation of the Kingly and Priestly StockA.F. Muir Jeremiah 33:17, 18
The Covenant of God Permanent as the Laws of NatureA.F. Muir Jeremiah 33:19-22
False ObedienceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 34:8-22
Termination by Divine CommandA.F. Muir Jeremiah 35:1-6
Fathers of TemperanceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 35:5, 6
The Filial Obedience of the RechabitesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 35:6-10
The Children Put to Shame by the StrangerA.F. Muir Jeremiah 35:14
Rewards of Filial PietyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 35:18, 19
The Blessing of the RechabitesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 35:18, 19
Vicarious Ministry in Holy ThingsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 36:1-8
Free Course of the Word of GodA.F. Muir Jeremiah 36:9-16
The Mystery of InspirationA.F. Muir Jeremiah 36:16-18
Jehoiakim's PenknifeA.F. Muir Jeremiah 36:20-26
The Lord Hid ThemA.F. Muir Jeremiah 36:26
The Word of God: Wherein it Can and Wherein it Cannot be DestroyedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 36:27-32
Hopes that BetrayA.F. Muir Jeremiah 37:5-10
God's Purpose Independent of MeansA.F. Muir Jeremiah 37:10
The Servant of God Accused of TreasonA.F. Muir Jeremiah 37:11-16
Foreshadowings and Analogies of the CrossA.F. Muir Jeremiah 38:4-13
Ebed-Melech; Or, Unlooked for Sympathy and HelpA.F. Muir Jeremiah 38:7-13
Old Cast CloutsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 38:11, 12
God's Terms of Salvation HardA.F. Muir Jeremiah 38:17-23
The Poor Better Off than the RichA.F. Muir Jeremiah 39:9, 10
God's Servant Delivered from the Judgment of TransgressorsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 39:11-14
So He Dwelt Among the PeopleA.F. Muir Jeremiah 39:14
Faith's RewardA.F. Muir Jeremiah 39:15-18
The Murder of GedaliahA.F. Muir Jeremiah 40:13-41:4
Inquiring of God is Great CrisesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 42:1-6
Carnal PredispositionsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 42:19-22
The Stones of TahpanhesA.F. Muir Jeremiah 43:8-13
The Condition of Hardened Sinners DesperateA.F. Muir Jeremiah 44:1-14
Credentials of ReligionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 44:15-23
The Danger of Corrupting True ReligionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 44:26-28
Baruch's Message; Or, God's Consideration for His ServantA.F. Muir Jeremiah 45:1-5
The Judgment of the NationsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 46:1
The Sorrow of the UngodlyA.F. Muir Jeremiah 47:5
The Sword of JehovahA.F. Muir Jeremiah 47:6, 7
Cursed LazinessJoseph Muir.Jeremiah 48:10
The Ease of MoabA.F. Muir Jeremiah 48:11-13
Betrayed by Their GodsA.F. Muir Jeremiah 48:13
The Paradox of Israel's InheritanceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 49:1, 2
Where is the Wise?A.F. Muir Jeremiah 49:7
Israel's Judgment an Argument for Edom'sA.F. Muir Jeremiah 49:12
The Unrest of the WickedA.F. Muir Jeremiah 49:23
Israel's DeliveranceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 50:2-5
To Zion, with Their Faces ThitherwardA.F. Muir Jeremiah 50:4, 5
Israel as Lost SheepA.F. Muir Jeremiah 50:6, 7, 17-20
Divine Forgiveness an Absolute OblivionA.F. Muir Jeremiah 50:20
The Hammer BrokenA.F. Muir Jeremiah 50:21-23
Divine Love not to be Severed from its ObjectA.F. Muir Jeremiah 51:5
The Duty of Separating from the WorldA.F. Muir Jeremiah 51:6, 50
Praise the Outcome of Saintly ExperienceA.F. Muir Jeremiah 51:10
The Promise of the SpiritJames Stirling Muir.Joel 2:28
The Beginning of the GospelA.F. Muir Mark 1:1
The Ministry of JohnA.F. Muir Mark 1:4-8
John's Baptism and Christ'sA.F. Muir Mark 1:8
The Baptism of JesusA.F. Muir Mark 1:9-11
The TemptationA.F. Muir Mark 1:12, 13
The Call of the Disciples; Or, Work and Higher WorkA.F. Muir Mark 1:16-20
The Authority of JesusA.F. Muir Mark 1:21-28
Christ and the DemonsA.F. Muir Mark 1:24
The Region... Round AboutA.F. Muir Mark 1:28
The History Era Prayer of ChristA.F. Muir Mark 1:35
The Leper's PetitionA.F. Muir Mark 1:40-45
Cure of the ParalyticA.F. Muir Mark 2:1-12
Levi's Feast: the Moral Questions it Occasioned. 1A.F. Muir Mark 2:13-22
Levi's Feast: the Moral Questions it Occasioned. 2A.F. Muir Mark 2:13-22
The Sabbath Made for ManA.F. Muir Mark 2:23-28
Stretch Forth Thine HandA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 3:1-5
The Man with the Withered Hand; Or, Keeping the SabbathA.F. Muir Mark 3:1-6
But They Held Their PeaceA.F. Muir Mark 3:4
Stretch Forth Thy Hand!A.F. Muir Mark 3:5
The Choosing of the ApostlesA.F. Muir Mark 3:13-19
Christ Hindered by His FriendsA.F. Muir Mark 3:20, 21
The Saviour Judged by the WorldA.F. Muir Mark 3:20-22
How Can Satan Cast Out Satan? Or, the Logic of Spiritual ForcesA.F. Muir Mark 3:23-27
The Unforgivable SinA.F. Muir Mark 3:28-30
The Mother and the Brethren of JesusA.F. Muir Mark 3:31-35
Divine RelationshipsA.F. Muir Mark 3:35
The Nature-Preaching of ChristA.F. Muir Mark 4:1, 2
Christ's Claim Upon the Attention of MenA.F. Muir Mark 4:3, 9
The Parable of the SowerA.F. Muir Mark 4:3-9, 18-23
The Parable of the SowerA.F. Muir Mark 4:3-9, 18-23
The Parable of the SowerA.F. Muir Mark 4:3-9, 18-23
The Reward of DiscipleshipA.F. Muir Mark 4:11
From One Learn AllA.F. Muir Mark 4:13
Revelation and not Concealment the Final Purpose of the TruthA.F. Muir Mark 4:21, 22
Measure for MeasureA.F. Muir Mark 4:24, 25
Man Used and Then Dispensed withA.F. Muir Mark 4:26-29
The Seed Cast Upon the EarthA.F. Muir Mark 4:26-29
Whereunto Shall We Liken It?A.F. Muir Mark 4:30, 31
The Grain of Mustard SeedA.F. Muir Mark 4:30-32
The Parable an Instrument of Mercy and JudgmentA.F. Muir Mark 4:33, 34
Without a Parable Spake He not unto ThemA.F. Muir Mark 4:34
Christ and His Disciples in the StormA.F. Muir Mark 4:35-41
The Church in the WorldA.F. Muir Mark 4:35-41
The Christian's Extremity Christ's OpportunityA.F. Muir Mark 4:37-39
Human and Divine RemonstrancesA.F. Muir Mark 4:38, 40
LegionA.F. Muir Mark 5:1-20
Satanic Possession a Destruction of Personal IdentityA.F. Muir Mark 5:9, 10
Prayers Granted and DeniedA.F. Muir Mark 5:10, 12, 13, 17-19
Unfriendly Heralds of ChristA.F. Muir Mark 5:14
Monumental MiraclesA.F. Muir Mark 5:15
Jairus's Daughter; Or, the Uses of BereavementA.F. Muir Mark 5:21-43
Jarius's Daughter; Or, the Course of a True FaithA.F. Muir Mark 5:21-43
Ministries Broken in UponA.F. Muir Mark 5:21-34
Salvation Without Money and Without PriceA.F. Muir Mark 5:25-34
The Healing of the Issue of BloodA.F. Muir Mark 5:25-34
The Little of Things of Christ Great Things for MenA.F. Muir Mark 5:25-34
Who Touched Me?A.F. Muir Mark 5:30-33
Why Troublest Thou the Master Any Further?A.F. Muir Mark 5:35
Detracting from the Divine Greatness of ChristA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 6:1-6
Jesus Visiting His Own CountryA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 6:1-6
Jesus Visiting His Own CountryA.F. Muir Mark 6:1-6
Detracting from the Divine Greatness of ChristA.F. Muir Mark 6:2, 3
The Twofold Wonder Awakened by the GospelA.F. Muir Mark 6:2, 6
Christ Ministering to the VillagesA.F. Muir Mark 6:6
The Mission of the TwelveA.F. Muir Mark 6:7-13
Accounting for ChristA.F. Muir Mark 6:14-16
A Soul's TragedyA.F. Muir Mark 6:17-29
Telling JesusA.F. Muir Mark 6:30, 31
Coming and GoingA.F. Muir Mark 6:31
Christ's Offer of RestA.F. Muir Mark 6:31
The Christian Worker's RestA.F. Muir Mark 6:31
Christ's Sympathy for MenA.F. Muir Mark 6:32-34
The Shepherdly Emotion of ChristA.F. Muir Mark 6:34
A Parable in a MiracleA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 6:35-44
Feeding the Five Thousand: a MiracleA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 6:35-44
Feeding the Five Thousand: a MiracleA.F. Muir Mark 6:35-44
Feeding the Five Thousand: a ParableA.F. Muir Mark 6:35-44
Spiritual EconomyA.F. Muir Mark 6:43
Christ's RetirementA.F. Muir Mark 6:45-52
Jesus Walking on the SeaA.F. Muir Mark 6:45-52
Jesus Walking on the Sea: Interpreted of the ChurchA.F. Muir Mark 6:45-52
Secondary Benefits of the GospelA.F. Muir Mark 6:53-56
Externalism Versus RighteousnessA.F. Muir Mark 7:1-23
The Prayer of the Syro-Phoenician WomanA.F. Muir Mark 7:24-30
EphphathaA.F. Muir Mark 7:31-37
Seeking for a SignA.F. Muir Mark 8:11-13
The Leaven of the Pharisees and of HerodA.F. Muir Mark 8:14-21
Do Ye not Understand?A.F. Muir Mark 8:21
Christ's Method of Dealing with Individual SoulsA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 8:22-26
Curing Spiritual BlindnessA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 8:22-26
Curing Spiritual BlindnessA.F. Muir Mark 8:22-26
Restoring the Blind to SightA.F. Muir Mark 8:22-26
The Saviour's Method in Dealing with Individual SoulsA.F. Muir Mark 8:22-26
Peter's Good ConfessionA.F. Muir Mark 8:27-30
Peter's Self-ContradictionA.F. Muir Mark 8:29, 32, 33
The Christ Foretelling His Own CareerA.F. Muir Mark 8:31-33
Covert TemptationA.F. Muir Mark 8:32, 33
The Master's Summons to His DisciplesA. F. Muir, M. A.Mark 8:34
The Master's Summons to His DisciplesA.F. Muir Mark 8:34-9:1
Ashamed of Jesus and His WordsA.F. Muir Mark 8:38
The TransfigurationA.F. Muir Mark 9:2-8
Jesus OnlyA.F. Muir Mark 9:8
The Saying that was KeptA.F. Muir Mark 9:9-13
The Cure of the Demoniac ChildA.F. Muir Mark 9:14-29
The Omnipotence of FaithA.F. Muir Mark 9:23
And He Said unto Them, This Kind Can Come Out by Nothing, Save by PrayerA.F. Muir Mark 9:29
The Gospel a Source of Sorrow and PerplexityA.F. Muir Mark 9:30-32
Who Shall be Greatest?A.F. Muir Mark 9:33-37
The Comprehensiveness of Christ's ServiceA.F. Muir Mark 9:38-42
The Value of Deliverance from Spiritual SnaresA.F. Muir Mark 9:43-49
Christian Purity - its Origin and InfluenceA.F. Muir Mark 9:49, 50
Christ's Statement of the Divine Law of MarriageA.F. Muir Mark 10:1-12
Jesus Blessing the Little Children: a Children's SermonA.F. Muir Mark 10:13-16
The Great InquiryA.F. Muir Mark 10:17-22
Riches a Spiritual DrawbackA.F. Muir Mark 10:23-27
The HundredfoldA.F. Muir Mark 10:28-31
The Kingdom of God a Revolution of the World-OrderA.F. Muir Mark 10:31
The Greatness of the Son of ManA.F. Muir Mark 10:45
Blind BartimaeusA.F. Muir Mark 10:46-52
Saving FaithA.F. Muir Mark 10:52
The Triumphal Entry into JerusalemA.F. Muir Mark 11:1-11
The Lord Hath Need of HimA.F. Muir Mark 11:3
Jesus Surveying the TempleA.F. Muir Mark 11:11
The Destruction of the Fig TreeA.F. Muir Mark 11:12-14, 20 -25
Jesus Cleansing the TempleA.F. Muir Mark 11:15-19
The Church - Ideal and ActualA.F. Muir Mark 11:17
Christ's Authority Challenged Add DefendedA.F. Muir Mark 11:27-33
The Parable of the VineyardA.F. Muir Mark 12:1-12
The Politics of ChristianityA.F. Muir Mark 12:13-17
Bring Me a PennyA.F. Muir Mark 12:15
The Puzzle of the SadduceesA.F. Muir Mark 12:18-27
Sorces of HeresyA.F. Muir Mark 12:24
The Law Akin to the Gospel, But Inferior to itA.F. Muir Mark 12:28-34
Not Far from the Kingdom of GodA.F. Muir Mark 12:34
Great David's Greater SonA.F. Muir Mark 12:35-37
The Common People Heard Him GladlyA.F. Muir Mark 12:37
The Widow's Two MitesA.F. Muir Mark 12:41-44
Temple AdmirationA.F. Muir Mark 13:1, 2
The Signs of the Coming of the Son of ManA.F. Muir Mark 13:3-5
The Fulfilments of the Kingdom of God an Evidence of the Truth of ChristianityA.F. Muir Mark 13:30, 31
The Words of Christ and the World-Revolution with Which They Were AssociatedA.F. Muir Mark 13:31
The Element of Uncertainty in the Christian RevelationA.F. Muir Mark 13:32-37
The Precious Spikenard; Or, the Impulse of the AbsoluteA.F. Muir Mark 14:3-9
The Spirit that BetraysA.F. Muir Mark 14:4, 5
Volunteering to BetrayA.F. Muir Mark 14:10, 11
Preparing for the PassoverA.F. Muir Mark 14:12-16
The Betrayer DenouncedA.F. Muir Mark 14:17-21
The Lord's SupperA.F. Muir Mark 14:22-25
The Lord's Supper a Celebration of DeathA.F. Muir Mark 14:22-25
Peter's Denial ForetoldA.F. Muir Mark 14:27-31
The Agony in the GardenA.F. Muir Mark 14:32-42
The BetrayalA.F. Muir Mark 14:43-50
The BetrayalA.F. Muir Mark 14:43-50
Jesus At the Bar of JudaismA.F. Muir Mark 14:53-65
Peter Denying ChristA.F. Muir Mark 14:54, 66-72
Jesus At the Bar of the Roman PowerA.F. Muir Mark 15:1-5
Christ or BarabbasA.F. Muir Mark 15:6-15
The Mockery of JesusA.F. Muir Mark 15:16-20, 29-32
The Savior's HelplessnessA.F. Muir Mark 15:31, 32
Women Watching the CrossA.F. Muir Mark 15:40, 41
The Burial of the CrucifiedA.F. Muir Mark 15:42-47
Resurrection ProofsA.F. Muir Mark 16:1-14
Who Shall Roll Us Away the Stone?A.F. Muir Mark 16:3, 4
He is not HereA.F. Muir Mark 16:6
The Gospel the Word of the Ascended LordA.F. Muir Mark 16:19, 20
Tarrying for FitnessA. F. Muir, M. A.Luke 24:36-49
Christ's Distrust of ManA. F. Muir, M. A.John 2:24-25
Utilizing Disagreeable NecessitiesA. F. Muir, M. A.John 4:1-42
The UndyingA. F. Muir, M. A.John 8:51
The Familiar Side of Christ's LifeA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 1:21-22
Man or AngelA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 6:15
The Outward Expression of the InwardA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 6:15
Hand LedA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 9:8-9
Humiliating DeliveranceA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 9:23-25
Paul in the TempleA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 21:27-40
Paul and the Bigoted JewsA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 22:1-21
Paul's Defence Before FelixA. F. Muir, M. A.Acts 24:10-21
Humiliating DeliveranceA. F. Muir, M. A.2 Corinthians 11:30-33
An Idyll of the Divine LifeA. J. Muir, M. A.Galatians 2:20-21
The World's MajorityA. F. Muir, M. A.Galatians 4:4-5
The Children of PromiseA. F. Muir, M. A.Galatians 4:27-28
The Electing Love of GodA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:4
The Saving Purpose of God in Earthly RealizationA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:4
Provision for EternityJ. S. Muir.Ephesians 1:6
All Things in ChristA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:10
The Holy Spirit an Earnest of Our InheritanceA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:14
Faith a Chief Characteristic of the ChristianA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:15-16
What Young Believers Require to ReceiveA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:17-19
Resurrection PowerA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:19-20
The Glorious Analogy of Spiritual Life in BelieversA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 1:19-20
The Quickening Power of the GospelA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 2:1
Satanic InfluencesA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 2:2
DeliveranceJ. S. Muir.Ephesians 2:5-6
Heavenly PlacesJ. S. Muir.Ephesians 2:5-6
The Great PreacherR. S. Muir.Ephesians 2:17
StA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:1
The Reserve of God in Relation to His GraceA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:4-6
God's Purpose in the Ultimate Revelation of His GraceA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:10-11
Confidence Towards God Realized in ChristA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:12-13
St. Paul's Prayer for Gentile ChristiansA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:14-21
The Spirit's Gift of StrengthA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:16
The Paradox of Christ's LoveA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 3:19
Calling and ConductA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 4:1
The Obligations of the Christian CallingA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 4:1
The Universal Fatherhood of BelieversA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 4:6
Grace Determining FunctionA. F. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 4:7
The Glory of the Ascended ChristA. E. Muir, M. A.Ephesians 4:8
The Perfect LifeA. F. Muir, M. A.Philippians 3:20-21
The Word of God Commended to the Man of God in the Perilous Times of the Last DaysR. H. Muir.2 Timothy 3:16-17
Spontaneity in GoodnessA. F. Muir, M. A.Philemon 1:14
The Progressiveness of RevelationP. M. Muir.Hebrews 1:1-3
The Apostolic BenedictionW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:1-2
Aversion to Religion and its SourceW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:9-10
Responsibility for Irreligious Speculations and Sinful PracticesW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:11
SeparatistsW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:19
The Means of Preserving Us from SinW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:20
Discrimination in the Exercise of Religious ReformationW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:22-23
Sin to be Carefully ShunnedW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:23
Religious PerseveranceW. Muir, D. D.Jude 1:24-25

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