Exodus 22
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1And when a man will steal an ox or a ewe and he will kill them or he will sell them, he will give five oxen in exchange for an ox and four ewes he will give in exchange for a ewe.

2And if a thief will be found breaking in and he is wounded and dies, there is no vengeance for him. 3And if the sun has risen upon him there is vengeance for him, and paying he will pay, and if he has nothing, he shall be sold for his theft. 4And if when he is caught, the theft of an ox or a donkey and unto a ewe shall be found in his hands still alive, he shall restore each by two.

5And when a man will consume a field or a vineyard and will loose his cattle and will consume in another field, he shall pay from the good of his field and from the good of his vineyard.

6And when fire goes forth and it will find the thorns and will devour the shocks or the standing grain or the field, he who kindled the fire shall certainly restore.

7And when a man will give his neighbor money or a garment to keep and it is stolen from the house of the man, if the thief be found he will restore each thing double. 8And if the thief will not be found, let the owner of the house approach to the Judge, if he did not reach his hand into the property of his neighbor 9Concerning every matter of sin about an ox or about a donkey or about a sheep or about clothing or about every loss of which one says, “This is it” before the Judges, the words of both shall enter and he whom the Judges convict will restore each thing double to his neighbor.

10And when a man will give his neighbor a donkey or an ox or a sheep or any animal to keep and it will die or will be injured or will be stolen and there is not a man who sees 11An oath of LORD JEHOVAH will be between both: “Surely he did not stretch his hand into the property of his neighbor” and their owner would take the oaths and will not restore 12And if it will be certainly stolen from him, he will restore to its owner. 13And if it will be certainly injured and he shall bring it for a witness that it is injured, he will not restore it.

14And when a man will ask an animal from his neighbor and it will be injured or it would die and its owner was not with it, he shall surely restore it. 15And if its owner was with it, he shall not restore it, and if it was hired he will eat its hire.

16And when a man will seduce a virgin that was not engaged and he shall have sexual intercourse with her, he shall surely take her to him as a wife. 17And if her father does not choose to give her to him, he shall weigh out money as a marriage dowry of the virgin.

18You shall not let a sorcerer live.

19And everyone whoever will have sexual intercourse with an animal shall surely be killed.

20He who will sacrifice to objects of worship, if not to LORD JEHOVAH alone, shall be destroyed.

21And do not harm, neither distress settlers, because you were settlers in the land of Egypt. 22And do not harm any widow or orphan. 23And if you trouble them and they pray before me, I shall certainly hear their prayers; 24And my anger will be kindled and I shall kill you with sword and your wives shall be widowed and your children shall be orphaned.

25And if you lend money to my people, the poor of your people, you will not be as a creditor to him and do not take interest from him. 26And if you take the garment of your neighbor as a pledge, at the setting the sun, give it to him: 27Because that is his garment alone and it is his covering for his body. With what will he sleep? And if he will pray before me I shall hear him, because I am compassionate.

28Do not vilify the Judge and do not curse the Ruler of your people.

29You shall not delay the beginning of the harvests of your threshing floor or the first of your wine press; the firstborn of your sons you shall give to me. 30And thus you shall do to your oxen and to your sheep: seven days he shall be with his mother, and on the eighth day you give him to me.

31And you shall be holy people to me and the flesh that is torn apart by living animals you shall not eat; you shall cast it to the dogs.

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