Exodus 23
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1You shall not confirm a false report; you shall not stretch your hand with the guilty to be a lying witness for him. 2You shall not go after many to do evil and do not answer against judgment to turn away after many who do turn away: 3And you shall not favor the poor in his judgment.

4And when you will come upon the ox of your enemy or upon his donkey when going astray, be sure to return them to him. 5And when you shall see the donkey of your enemy that is lying under his burden and you do not want to lift it up, surely lift it up.

6You shall not decline the justice of the poor in his judgment. 7And keep far away from a lying word, and you shall not kill the innocent ones and the righteous ones, because I do not justify the guilty.

8Do not take a bribe because a bribe puts out the eyes of the wise in judgment and subverts the words of the innocent.

9And do not distress foreigners, for you know the soul of foreigners, because you were strangers in the land of Egypt.

10Six years you shall sow your land and you shall gather in its harvests: 11And in the seventh you shall plough it and you shall leave it and the poor of your people shall eat and the animals of the wilderness will devour their remainder and thus you shall do to your vineyards and to your olive yards.

12In six days you shall do your work and in the seventh day you shall rest, so that your ox and your donkey will rest, and the son of your maid Servant will be refreshed, and the stranger that is in your towns. 13And pay attention to everything that I said to you and you shall not call to mind the name of other objects of worship and it shall not come up on your heart.

14Make to me a feast three times in a year. 15You shall keep the feast of unleavened bread seven days; you shall eat unleavened bread as I ordered you in the month of Habiba, because in the month of Habiba you went out from Egypt, and you shall not appear before me empty. 16And the feast of beginning harvest of your crops that you will sow in a field, and the feast of ingathering in the outgoing of the year when you have gathered your increase from the field. 17Three times in a year all your commemorations shall appear before LORD JEHOVAH your God.

18You shall not offer blood of sacrifice with leaven and the fat of feasts will not remain until the morning.

19The beginning of the harvests of your land you shall bring to the house of LORD JEHOVAH your God; you shall not boil a goat in the milk of its mother.

20Behold, I am sending a Messenger before you, for he will keep you on the path and he will bring you to the land that I have prepared. 21Beware of him and listen to his voice; do not contend against him, lest he will not forgive your sins, because my Name is upon him. 22And if you will listen to hear his voice and you will do everything that he says to you, I shall hate those hating you and I shall distress your enemies. 23Because My Messenger will go before you and he will bring you against the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, and the Canaanites, and the Khivites and the Yebusites, and I shall destroy them. 24You shall not worship their gods and you shall not serve them, neither shall you do according to their works, but certainly cast them down and certainly break their monuments. 25And you shall serve LORD JEHOVAH your God, and he shall bless your bread and your water, and plagues shall pass by from your houses. 26And there will be no one sterile and no one barren in your land, and I shall fulfill the number of your days. 27And I shall send my awe before you and I shall destroy all the nations where you go against them and I shall cause your enemies to turn their back before you. 28And I shall send bees before you and I shall destroy the Canaanites and the Khethites from before you. 29I shall not destroy them from before you in one year, that the land will not be a desolation, and wild animals multiply upon you. 30Little by little I shall destroy them from before you, until you will prevail and you will inherit the land. 31And I shall make your borders from the Sea of Reeds and unto the Sea of the Philistines, and from the wilderness and unto the river, because I deliver the dwellers of the land into your hands and you will destroy them. 32You shall not cause a covenant to stand with them and with their idols. 33And they shall not dwell in your land, lest they cause you to sin before me, and you shall not serve their gods, that they will not be a stumbling block to you.

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