5142. trephó
Strong's Concordance
trephó: to make to grow, to nourish, feed
Original Word: τρέφω
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: trephó
Phonetic Spelling: (tref'-o)
Definition: to make to grow, to nourish, feed
Usage: I feed, nourish; I bring up, rear, provide for.
HELPS Word-studies

5142 tréphō (from 5160 /trophḗ, "food") – properly, enlarge, fully develop because adequately nourished (fed); (figuratively) to bring (or experience) "personal enlargement," i.e. spiritual development from being properly fed (nourished, taken care of).

NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. verb
to make to grow, to nourish, feed
NASB Translation
brought (1), fattened (1), fed (1), feed (1), feeds (2), nourished (2), nursed (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5142: τρέφω

τρέφω; 1 aorist ἔθρεψα; passive, present τρέφομαι; perfect participle τεθραμμένος; from Homer down; to nourish, support; to feed: τινα, Matthew 6:26; Matthew 25:37; Luke 12:24; Acts 12:20; Revelation 12:6, 14; to give suck, Luke 23:29 L T Tr WH; to fatten, James 5:5 (here A. V. nourish). to bring up, nurture, Luke 4:16 (here T WH marginal reading ἀνατρέφω) (1 Macc. 3:33 1 Macc. 11:39, and often in secular authors). (Compare: ἀνατρέφω, ἐκτρέφω, ἐντρέφω.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
bring up, feed, nourish.

A primary verb (properly, threpho; but perhaps strengthened from the base of trope through the idea of convolution); properly, to stiffen, i.e. Fatten (by implication, to cherish (with food, etc.), pamper, rear) -- bring up, feed, nourish.

see GREEK trope

Forms and Transliterations
έθρεψα εθρεψαμεν εθρέψαμεν ἐθρέψαμεν εθρεψαν ἔθρεψαν εθρεψατε εθρέψατε ἐθρέψατε ετράφης ετρέφετο θρέψαι θρέψει τεθραμμενος τεθραμμένος τρέφε τρεφει τρέφει τρεφεσθαι τρέφεσθαι τρεφεται τρέφεται τρέφης τρεφηται τρεφόμενοι τρέφοντός τρέφων τρεφωσιν τρέφωσιν ethrepsamen ethrépsamen ethrepsan éthrepsan ethrepsate ethrépsate tethrammenos tethramménos trephei tréphei trephesthai tréphesthai trephetai tréphetai trephosin trephōsin tréphosin tréphōsin
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Englishman's Concordance
Matthew 6:26 V-PIA-3S
GRK: ὁ οὐράνιος τρέφει αὐτά οὐχ
NAS: Father feeds them. Are you not worth
KJV: heavenly Father feedeth them. Are
INT: Heavenly feeds them not

Matthew 25:37 V-AIA-1P
GRK: πεινῶντα καὶ ἐθρέψαμεν ἢ διψῶντα
NAS: You hungry, and feed You, or
KJV: and fed [thee]? or
INT: hungering and fed [you] or thirsting

Luke 4:16 V-RPM/P-NMS
GRK: οὗ ἦν τεθραμμένος καὶ εἰσῆλθεν
NAS: He had been brought up; and as was His custom,
KJV: where he had been brought up: and, as
INT: where he was brought up and he entered

Luke 12:24 V-PIA-3S
GRK: ὁ θεὸς τρέφει αὐτούς πόσῳ
NAS: and [yet] God feeds them; how much
KJV: and God feedeth them: how much
INT: God feeds them How much

Luke 23:29 V-AIA-3P
GRK: οἳ οὐκ ἔθρεψαν
NAS: and the breasts that never nursed.'
INT: which never nursed

Acts 12:20 V-PNM/P
GRK: διὰ τὸ τρέφεσθαι αὐτῶν τὴν
NAS: their country was fed by the king's
KJV: country was nourished by
INT: because was nourished their

James 5:5 V-AIA-2P
GRK: καὶ ἐσπαταλήσατε ἐθρέψατε τὰς καρδίας
NAS: and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts
KJV: been wanton; ye have nourished your
INT: and lived in self-indulgence you nourished the hearts

Revelation 12:6 V-PSA-3P
GRK: ἵνα ἐκεῖ τρέφωσιν αὐτὴν ἡμέρας
NAS: that there she would be nourished for one thousand
KJV: God, that they should feed her there
INT: that there they should nourish her days

Revelation 12:14 V-PIM/P-3S
GRK: αὐτῆς ὅπου τρέφεται ἐκεῖ καιρὸν
NAS: where she was nourished for a time
KJV: where she is nourished for a time,
INT: of her where she is nourished there a time

Strong's Greek 5142
9 Occurrences

ἐθρέψαμεν — 1 Occ.
ἔθρεψαν — 1 Occ.
ἐθρέψατε — 1 Occ.
τεθραμμένος — 1 Occ.
τρέφει — 2 Occ.
τρέφεσθαι — 1 Occ.
τρέφεται — 1 Occ.
τρέφωσιν — 1 Occ.

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