Leviticus 26:37
They will stumble over one another as before the sword, though no one is behind them. So you will not be able to stand against your enemies.
Cross References
Leviticus 26:17
And I will set My face against you, so that you will be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee when no one pursues you.

Jeremiah 6:21
Therefore, this is what the LORD says: "I will lay stumbling blocks before this people; fathers and sons alike will be staggered; friends and neighbors will perish."

Jeremiah 46:16
They continue to stumble. Indeed, they have fallen over one another. They say, 'Get up! Let us return to our people and to the land of our birth, away from the sword of the oppressor.'

Nahum 3:3
Charging horseman, flashing sword, shining spear; heaps of slain, mounds of corpses, dead bodies without end--they stumble over their dead--

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

they shall

Judges 7:22
And when the three hundred trumpets sounded, the LORD set the swords of every man in the camp against each other. The army fled to Beth-shittah toward Zererah as far as the border of Abel-meholah near Tabbath.

1 Samuel 14:15, 16
Terror struck the Philistines in the camp, in the field, and among all the people. Even those in the outposts and raiding parties trembled. Indeed, the earth quaked and panic spread from God. . . .

Isaiah 10:4
Nothing will remain but to crouch among the captives or fall among the slain. Despite all this, His anger is not turned away; His hand is still upraised.

Jeremiah 37:10
Indeed, if you were to strike down the entire army of the Chaldeans that is fighting against you and only wounded men remained in their tents, they would still get up and burn this city down."

and ye shall

Numbers 14:42
Do not go up, lest you be struck down by your enemies, because the LORD is not among you.

Joshua 7:12, 13
This is why the Israelites cannot stand against their enemies. They will turn their backs and run from their enemies, because they have been set apart for destruction. I will no longer be with you unless you remove from among you whatever is devoted to destruction. . . .

Judges 2:14
Then the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and He handed them over to raiders who plundered them. He sold them into the hands of their enemies all around, whom they were no longer able to resist.

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