2 Chronicles 18:7
The king of Israel answered, "There is still one man who can ask the LORD, but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good for me, but only bad. He is Micaiah son of Imlah." "The king should not say that!" Jehoshaphat replied.
Cross References
1 Kings 22:8
The king of Israel answered, "There is still one man who can ask the LORD, but I hate him because he never prophesies anything good for me, but only bad. He is Micaiah son of Imlah." "The king should not say that!" Jehoshaphat replied.

2 Chronicles 18:6
But Jehoshaphat asked, "Is there not still a prophet of the LORD here of whom we can inquire?"

2 Chronicles 18:8
So the king of Israel called one of his officials and said, "Bring Micaiah the son of Imlah at once."

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

one man

1 Kings 18:4
for when Jezebel had slaughtered the prophets of the LORD, Obadiah had taken a hundred prophets and hidden them, fifty men per cave, providing them with food and water.)

1 Kings 19:10
"I have been very zealous for the LORD, the God of Hosts, " he replied, "but the Israelites have forsaken Your covenant, torn down Your altars, and killed Your prophets with the sword. I am the only one left, and they are seeking my life as well."

I hate him

1 Kings 18:17
When Ahab saw Elijah, he said to him, "Is that you, O troubler of Israel?"

1 Kings 20:42, 43
And the prophet said to the king, "This is what the LORD says: 'Because you have let slip from your hand the man I had set apart for destruction, your life will be exchanged for his life, and your people for his people.'" . . .

1 Kings 21:20
When Elijah arrived, Ahab said to him, "So you have found me out, my enemy." He replied, "I have found you out because you have sold yourself to do evil in the sight of the LORD.

Psalm 34:21
Evil will slay the wicked, and the haters of the righteous will be condemned.

Psalm 55:3
at the voice of the enemy, at the pressure of the wicked. For they release disaster upon me and revile me in their anger.

Psalm 69:14
Rescue me from the mire and do not let me sink; deliver me from my foes and out of the deep waters.

Proverbs 9:8
Do not rebuke a mocker or he will hate you; rebuke a wise man, and he will love you.

Proverbs 29:10
Men of bloodshed hate a blameless man, but the upright care for his life.

Jeremiah 18:18
Then some said, "Come, let us make plans against Jeremiah, for the law will never be lost to the priest, or counsel to the wise, or an oracle to the prophet. Come, let us denounce him and pay no heed to any of his words."

Amos 5:10
you hate the one who reproves in the gate and despise him who speaks with integrity.

Mark 6:18, 19, 27
For John had been telling Herod, "It is not lawful for you to have your brother's wife!" . . .

Luke 6:22
Blessed are you when people hate you, and when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil because of the Son of Man.

John 7:7
The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me, because I testify that its works are evil.

John 15:18
If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first.

John 19:24
So they said to one another, "Let us not tear it. Instead, let us cast lots to see who will get it." This was to fulfill the Scripture: "They divided My garments among them, and cast lots for My clothing." So that is what the soldiers did.

Galatians 4:16
Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?


Isaiah 30:10
They say to the seers, "No more visions, " and to the prophets, "Do not prophesy to us the truth. Speak to us pleasant words; prophesy illusions.

Jeremiah 38:4
Then the officials said to the king, "This man ought to die, for he is discouraging the warriors who remain in this city, as well as all the people, by speaking such words to them; this man is not seeking the well-being of these people, but their ruin."


2 Chronicles 18:13
But Micaiah said, "As surely as the LORD lives, I will speak whatever my God tells me."

2 Kings 9:22
When Joram saw Jehu, he asked, "Have you come in peace, Jehu?" "How can there be peace, " he replied, "as long as the idolatry and witchcraft of your mother Jezebel abound?"

Ezekiel 3:17-19
"Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel. Whenever you hear a word from My mouth, give them a warning from Me. . . .

Acts 20:26, 27
Therefore I testify to you this day that I am innocent of the blood of all men. . . .

Let not the

Proverbs 25:12
Like an earring of gold or an ornament of fine gold is a wise man's rebuke to a listening ear.

Micah 2:7
Should it be said, O house of Jacob, "Is the Spirit of the LORD impatient? Are these the things He does?" Do not My words bring good to him who walks uprightly?

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