Exodus 38:3
And he made all the vessels of the altar, the pots, and the shovels, and the basins, and the meat hooks, and the fire pans: all the vessels thereof made he of brass.
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(3) The pots.—Exodus 27 has “his pans”; but the word used in the original is the same. It designates probably the scuttles in which the ashes were placed for removal from the sanctuary. (See Note 1 on Exodus 27:3.)

38:1-8 In all ages of the church there have been some persons more devoted to God, more constant in their attendance upon his ordinances, and more willing to part even with lawful things, for his sake, than others. Some women, devoted to God and zealous for the tabernacle worship, expressed zeal by parting with their mirrors, which were polished plates of brass. Before the invention of looking-glasses, these served the same purposes.See the notes to Exodus 26.

See the notes to Exodus 25.

For Exodus 38:1-7 and Exodus 38:9-20 see the notes to Exodus 27.


Ex 38:1-31. Furniture of the Tabernacle.

1. the altar of burnt offering—The repetitions are continued, in which may be traced the exact conformity of the execution to the order.

No text from Poole on this verse. And he made the altar of burnt offering,.... That is, Bezaleel made it, or it was made by his direction, he having the care and oversight of it, wherefore the making of it is ascribed to him, 2 Chronicles 1:5 the account of this, its horns, vessels, rings, and staves, is carried on to Exodus 38:2 of which See Gill on Exodus 27:1, Exodus 27:2, Exodus 27:3, Exodus 27:4, Exodus 27:5, Exodus 27:6, Exodus 27:7, Exodus 27:8. And he made all the vessels of the altar, the pots, and the shovels, and the basins, and the fleshhooks, and the firepans: all the vessels thereof made he of brass.
Verse 3. - The pots. This translation is better than that of Exodus 27:3, which is "pans." Buckets or scuttles to convey the ashes from the altar to the ash-heap (Leviticus 1:16) are intended. Preparation of the vessels of the dwelling: viz., the ark of the covenant (Exodus 37:1-9, as in Exodus 25:10-22); the table of shew-bread and its vessels (Exodus 37:10-16, as in Exodus 25:23-30); the candlestick (Exodus 37:17-24, as in Exodus 25:31-40); the altar of incense (Exodus 37:25-28, as in Exodus 30:1-10); the anointing oil and incense (Exodus 37:29), directions for the preparation of which are given in Exodus 30:22-38; the altar of burnt-offering (Exodus 38:1-7, as in Exodus 27:1-8); the laver (Exodus 37:8, as in Exodus 30:17-21); and the court (Exodus 37:9-20, as in Exodus 27:9-19). The order corresponds on the whole to the list of the separate articles in Exodus 35:11-19, and to the construction of the entire sanctuary; but the holy chest (the ark), as being the most holy thing of all, is distinguished above all the rest, by being expressly mentioned as the work of Bezaleel, the chief architect of the whole.
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