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3006. leios -- smooth
... smooth. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: leios Phonetic Spelling:
(li'-os) Short Definition: smooth, level Definition: smooth, level, plain. ...
// - 6k

5542. chrestologia -- smooth speech
... smooth speech. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: chrestologia Phonetic
Spelling: (khrase-tol-og-ee'-ah) Short Definition: a kind address Definition ...
// - 6k

5586. psephos -- a small smooth stone, a pebble
... a small smooth stone, a pebble. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration:
psephos Phonetic Spelling: (psay'-fos) Short Definition: a pebble, a vote ...
// - 7k

3582. xestes -- a sextarius (about a pint), a pitcher (of wood or ...
... As if from xeo (properly, to smooth; by implication, (of friction) to boil or heat);
a vessel (as fashioned or for cooking) (or perhaps by corruption from the ...
// - 6k

5259. hupo -- by, under
... subordinate ( someone/something else). [5259 (), before a smooth breathing mark
becomes .]. Word Origin a prim. preposition Definition by ...
// - 7k

1813. exaleipho -- to wipe out, erase, obliterate
... [1813 () originally meant, "to plaster, rub smooth, or whitewash." Later it referred
to "wiping out" in the sense of "to " (rubbing out a writing or seal ...
// - 7k

858. aphelotes -- simplicity
... Word Origin from apheles (without a stone, even, smooth) Definition simplicity
NASB Word Usage sincerity (1). singleness, simplicity. ...
// - 7k

3756. ou, ouk, ouch -- not, no
... 3756 -- ("not"). 3756 () negates a statement, " as .". [3756 () is written before
smooth breathings and before a rough breathing.]. Word Origin a prim. ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
2512. challuq -- smooth
... smooth. Transliteration: challuq Phonetic Spelling: (khal-look') Short Definition:
smooth. Word Origin from chalaq Definition smooth NASB Word Usage smooth (1). ...
/hebrew/2512.htm - 6k

3474. yashar -- to be smooth, straight, or right
... yashar. 3475 . to be smooth, straight, or right. Transliteration: yashar Phonetic
Spelling: (yaw-shar') Short Definition: pleased. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/3474.htm - 6k

2509. chalaq -- smooth
... 2508, 2509. chalaq. 2510 . smooth. Transliteration: chalaq Phonetic Spelling:
(khaw-lawk') Short Definition: flattering. ... flattering, smooth. ...
/hebrew/2509.htm - 6k

2511. challaq -- smooth
... 2510, 2511. challaq. 2512 . smooth. Transliteration: challaq Phonetic Spelling:
(khal-lawk') Short Definition: smooth. ... smooth From chalaq; smooth -- smooth. ...
/hebrew/2511.htm - 5k

2513b. chelqah -- smooth part, smoothness, flattery
... 2513a, 2513b. chelqah. 2514 . smooth part, smoothness, flattery.
Transliteration: chelqah Short Definition: flattering. Word Origin ...
/hebrew/2513b.htm - 5k

4452. malats -- probably to be smooth or slippery
... malats. 4453 . probably to be smooth or slippery. Transliteration: malats Phonetic
Spelling: (maw-lats') Short Definition: sweet. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/4452.htm - 6k

4803. marat -- to make smooth, bare or bald, to scour, polish
... 4802, 4803. marat. 4804 . to make smooth, bare or bald, to scour, polish.
Transliteration: marat Phonetic Spelling: (maw-rat') Short Definition: polished. ...
/hebrew/4803.htm - 6k

2510. Chalaq -- "smooth," a mountain South of the Dead Sea
... 2509, 2510. Chalaq. 2511 . "smooth," a mountain South of the Dead Sea.
Transliteration: Chalaq Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-lawk') Short Definition: Halak. ...
/hebrew/2510.htm - 6k

8205. shephi -- bareness, a smooth or bare height
... 8204, 8205. shephi. 8206 . bareness, a smooth or bare height. Transliteration:
shephi Phonetic Spelling: (shef-ee') Short Definition: heights. ...
/hebrew/8205.htm - 6k

6245a. ashath -- to be smooth or shiny
... ashath. 6245b . to be smooth or shiny. Transliteration: ashath Short Definition:
sleek. ... root Definition to be smooth or shiny NASB Word Usage sleek (1). ...
/hebrew/6245a.htm - 5k


Against Men who Embellish Themselves.
... being men. Such are those addicted to base passions, whose whole body is
made smooth by the violent tuggings of pitch-plasters. It ...
/.../clement/the instructor paedagogus/chapter iii against men who embellish.htm

Of the Sparkling Stone, and of the New Name Written in the Book of ...
... it. This stone is shining white and red like a flame of fire; and it is
small and round, and smooth all over, and very light. By ...
/.../john/the adornment of the spritual marriage/chapter iv of the sparkling.htm

The Song of Two Cities
... upon the crash, and in verse 7 gathers its lessons into a kind of proverbial saying,
which is perhaps best translated 'The path of the just is smooth (or "plain ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture h/the song of two cities.htm

The victory of Unarmed Faith
... And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones out of the brook,
and put them in a shepherd's bag which he had, even in a scrip; and his ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/the victory of unarmed faith.htm

The Two Sons.
... This son, rebellious in heart, and not trained to cover his disobedience under a
smooth profession, meets his father's command with a rude, blunt refusal. ...
// parables of our lord/x the two sons.htm

Practical Hints for Speakers
... concise, trenchant, vigorous, impressive, lively, figurative, polished, graceful,
fluent, rhythmical, copious, elevated, flexible, smooth, dignified, terse ...
/.../kleiser/talks on talking/practical hints for speakers.htm

Transcriber's Note
... Chapter I. "Under the smoothe" corrected to "Under the smooth". Chapter II. ... "to smoothe
those English" corrected to "to smooth those English". Chapter VI. ...
// bishop of lincoln/transcribers note.htm

What Yokes are For
... He knew the difference between a smooth yoke and a rough one, a bad fit and a good
fit;the difference also it made tothe patient animal which had to wear it. ...
/.../the greatest thing in the world and other addresses/what yokes are for.htm

On Sleep.
... Magnificence of bed-clothes, gold-embroidered carpets, and smooth carpets worked
with gold, and long fine robes of purple, and costly fleecy cloaks, and ...
// instructor paedagogus/chap ix on sleep.htm

Argument: Octavius, Displeased at the Act of this Superstitious ...
... This play is: To choose a shell from the shore, rubbed and made smooth by the tossing
of the waves; to take hold of the shell in a horizontal position with the ...
/.../the octavius of minucius felix/chapter iii argument octavius displeased at.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (superl.) Having an even surface, or a surface so even that no roughness or points can be perceived by the touch; not rough; as, smooth glass; smooth porcelain.

2. (superl.) Evenly spread or arranged; sleek; as, smooth hair.

3. (superl.) Gently flowing; moving equably; not ruffled or obstructed; as, a smooth stream.

4. (superl.) Flowing or uttered without check, obstruction, or hesitation; not harsh; voluble; even; fluent.

5. (superl.) Bland; mild; smoothing.

6. (superl.) Causing no resistance to a body sliding along its surface; frictionless.

7. (adv.) Smoothly.

8. (n.) The act of making smooth; a stroke which smoothes.

9. (n.) That which is smooth; the smooth part of anything.

10. (v.) To make smooth; to make even on the surface by any means; as, to smooth a board with a plane; to smooth cloth with an iron.

11. (v.) To free from obstruction; to make easy.

12. (v.) To free from harshness; to make flowing.

13. (v.) To palliate; to gloze; as, to smooth over a fault.

14. (v.) To give a smooth or calm appearance to.

15. (v.) To ease; to regulate.

16. (v. i.) To flatter; to use blandishment.

Smooth (39 Occurrences)
... 1. (superl.) Having an even surface, or a surface so even that no roughness or points
can be perceived by the touch; not rough; as, smooth glass; smooth...
/s/smooth.htm - 18k

Smooth-skinned (2 Occurrences)
Smooth-skinned. Smooths, Smooth-skinned. Smooth-sounding .
Multi-Version Concordance Smooth-skinned (2 Occurrences). ...
/s/smooth-skinned.htm - 7k

Smooth-sounding (1 Occurrence)
Smooth-sounding. Smooth-skinned, Smooth-sounding. Smote .
Multi-Version Concordance Smooth-sounding (1 Occurrence). ...
/s/smooth-sounding.htm - 6k

Sleek (7 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (superl.) Having an even, smooth surface; smooth; hence,
glossy; as, sleek hair. ... 4. (n.) That which makes smooth; varnish. ...
/s/sleek.htm - 8k

Glossy (2 Occurrences)
... 1. (superl.) Smooth and shining; reflecting luster from a smooth surface; highly
polished; lustrous; as, glossy silk; a glossy surface. ...
/g/glossy.htm - 7k

Table (125 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) A smooth, flat surface, like the side
of a board; a thin, flat, smooth piece of anything; a slab. ...
/t/table.htm - 62k

Polish (1 Occurrence)
... 3. (vt) To make smooth and glossy, usually by friction; to burnish; to overspread
with luster; as, to polish glass, marble, metals, etc. ...
/p/polish.htm - 7k

Halak (2 Occurrences)
... Easton's Bible Dictionary Smooth; bald, a hill at the southern extremity
of Canaan (Joshua 11:17). It is referred to as if it were ...
/h/halak.htm - 8k

Lizard (3 Occurrences)
... By means of adhesive disks on the under sides of its toes, it clings with
ease to smooth walls which other lizards cannot scale. ...
/l/lizard.htm - 16k

File (1 Occurrence)
... 12. (n.) Anything employed to smooth, polish, or rasp, literally or figuratively.
13. ... 15. (vt) To smooth or polish as with a file. 16. ...
/f/file.htm - 9k

Bible Concordance
Smooth (39 Occurrences)

Luke 3:5 Every valley will be filled. Every mountain and hill will be brought low. The crooked will become straight, and the rough ways smooth.

Romans 16:18 For those who are such don't serve our Lord, Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by their smooth and flattering speech, they deceive the hearts of the innocent. things of iron, and wood for the things of wood; onyx stones, and stones

Genesis 27:11 Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, "Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man.

Genesis 27:16 She put the skins of the young goats on his hands, and on the smooth of his neck.

Joshua 11:17 from the smooth mountain, which rises toward Seir, as far as Baal-Gad in the valley of Lebanon, at the foot of mount Hermon; and he took all their kings, and smote them, and put them to death.

Joshua 12:7 And these are the kings of the land whom Joshua and the children of Israel smote on this side the Jordan on the west, from Baal-Gad in the valley of Lebanon as far as the smooth mountain, which rises toward Seir. And Joshua gave it to the tribes of Israel for a possession according to their divisions,

1 Samuel 17:40 He took his staff in his hand, and chose for himself five smooth stones out of the brook, and put them in the shepherd's bag which he had, even in his wallet. His sling was in his hand; and he drew near to the Philistine.

2 Samuel 22:33 ?God is my strong fortress, And he maketh my way perfectly smooth.

Job 37:18 Will you, with him, make the skies smooth, and strong as a polished looking-glass?

Psalms 5:9 For there is no faithfulness in their mouth; Their inward part is very wickedness; Their throat is an open sepulchre; They flatter with their tongue.

Psalms 12:2 Everyone says false words to his neighbour: their tongues are smooth in their talk, and their hearts are full of deceit.

Psalms 12:3 The smooth lips and the tongue of pride will be cut off by the Lord.

Psalms 36:2 For he made 'it' smooth to himself in his eyes, To find his iniquity to be hated.

Psalms 55:21 His mouth was smooth as butter, but his heart was war. His words were softer than oil, yet they were drawn swords.

Psalms 65:10 You make the ploughed lands full of water; you make smooth the slopes: you make the earth soft with showers, sending your blessing on its growth.

Proverbs 2:16 To deliver thee from the strange woman, Even from the foreigner that flattereth with her words;

Proverbs 6:24 To keep thee from the evil woman, from the smoothness of the alien tongue.

Proverbs 7:5 That they may keep thee from the strange woman, From the foreigner that flattereth with her words.

Proverbs 7:21 With her fair words she overcame him, forcing him with her smooth lips.

Proverbs 11:5 The righteousness of the good man will make his way straight, but the sin of the evil-doer will be the cause of his fall.
(See NAS)

Proverbs 26:23 Smooth lips and an evil heart are like a vessel of earth plated with silver waste.

Proverbs 26:28 A false tongue has hate for those who have clean hearts, and a smooth mouth is a cause of falling.

Proverbs 28:23 He who says words of protest to a man will later have more approval than one who says smooth words with his tongue.

Proverbs 29:5 A man who says smooth things to his neighbour is stretching out a net for his steps.

Song of Songs 5:14 His hands are as rings of gold ornamented with beryl-stones; his body is as a smooth plate of ivory covered with sapphires.

Isaiah 9:10 The bricks have come down, but we will put up buildings of cut stone in their place: the sycamores are cut down, but they will be changed to cedars.
(See NAS)

Isaiah 18:2 that sends ambassadors by the sea, even in vessels of papyrus on the waters, saying, "Go, you swift messengers, to a nation tall and smooth, to a people awesome from their beginning onward, a nation that measures out and treads down, whose land the rivers divide!"

Isaiah 26:7 The way of the good man is straight; the road of the upright is made smooth by you.

Isaiah 30:10 Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits:

Isaiah 40:3 A voice of one crying, Make ready in the waste land the way of the Lord, make level in the lowland a highway for our God.
(See NAS)

Isaiah 41:7 So the carpenter encourages the goldsmith. He who smoothes with the hammer encourages him who strikes the anvil, saying of the soldering, "It is good;" and he fastens it with nails, that it might not totter.

Isaiah 42:16 And I will take the blind by a way of which they had no knowledge, guiding them by roads strange to them: I will make the dark places light before them, and the rough places level. These things will I do and will not give them up.
(See NIV)

Isaiah 45:2 "I will go before you, and make the rough places smooth. I will break the doors of brass in pieces, and cut apart the bars of iron.

Isaiah 45:13 I have sent him out to overcome the nations, and I will make all his ways straight: I will give him the work of building my town, and he will let my prisoners go free, without price or reward, says the Lord of armies.
(See NAS)

Isaiah 57:6 Among the smooth stones of the valley is your portion; they, they are your lot; you have even poured a drink offering to them. You have offered an offering. Shall I be appeased for these things?

Jeremiah 23:31 Lo, I 'am' against the prophets, An affirmation of Jehovah, Who are making smooth their tongue, And they affirm -- an affirmation.

Ezekiel 12:24 For there shall be no more any false vision nor flattering divination within the house of Israel.

Ezekiel 29:18 Son of man, Nebuchadrezzar, king of Babylon, made his army do hard work against Tyre, and the hair came off every head and every arm was rubbed smooth: but he and his army got no payment out of Tyre for the hard work which he had done against it.

Daniel 11:32 Such as do wickedly against the covenant shall he pervert by flatteries; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.
(See NAS)



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