Romans 15
Wycliffe's Bible
1But we firmer men owe to sustain, (or to bear up), the feeblenesses of sick men, (or those unfirm in the faith) (But we firmer men ought to bear up the weakness of frail men, or those unstable in the faith), and not [to] please to ourselves. 2Each of us please to his neighbour in[to] good, to edification. 3For Christ pleased not to himself (For the Messiah did not please himself), [but], as it is written, The reproofs of men despising thee, felled on me [The reproofs of men, or the shames of men, despising thee fell on me]. 4For whatever things be written, those be written to our teaching, (so) that by (the) patience and (the) comfort of (the) scriptures we have hope. 5But (the) God of patience and of solace give to you to understand the same thing, each into (the) other, after (the example of) Jesus Christ, (And may the God of patience and of solace help you to agree on matters, with one another, after the example of Jesus Christ,) 6(so) that ye of one will with one mouth worship God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

7For which thing take ye together, as also Christ took you into the honour of God. (For which thing accept one another, as also the Messiah hath accepted you, for the honour, or for the glory, of God.) 8For I say, that Jesus Christ was a minister, (or a servant), of (the) circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises of (the) fathers.

9And (the) heathen men owe to honour God for mercy (And the Gentiles ought to honour God for his mercy); as it is written, Therefore, Lord, I shall acknowledge to thee among (the) heathen men, and I shall sing to thy name.

10And again he saith, Ye heathen men, be ye glad, (or joy), with his people. (And again it saith, Ye Gentiles, rejoice with his people!)

11And again, All heathen men, praise ye the Lord; and all peoples, magnify ye him. (And again, All the Gentiles, praise the Lord; yea, all the peoples, praise him.)

12And again Esaias saith, There shall be a root of Jesse, that shall rise up to govern heathen men, and heathen men shall (have) hope in him. (And again, Isaiah saith, There shall be a root of Jesse, that shall rise up to govern the Gentiles, and the Gentiles shall have hope in him.)

13And God of hope full-fill you in all joy and peace in believing, that ye increase, (or ye abound), in hope and virtue of the Holy Ghost. (And may the God of hope fill you full with all joy and peace by your believing, or by your faith in him, so that ye increase, or ye abound, in the hope and the power, of the Holy Spirit.)

14And, brethren, I myself am certain of you, that also ye be full of love, and ye be [full-]filled with all knowing, (or with all science), so that ye may admonish each other. (And, brothers, I myself am certain about you, that ye also be full of love, and that ye be filled full with all knowledge, so that ye can admonish one another.) 15And, brethren, more boldly I wrote to you a part, as bringing you into mind, for the grace that is given to me of God, (And, brothers, more boldly I wrote to you in part, as bringing you into remembrance, of the gift that is given to me by God,) 16that I be the minister of Christ Jesus among heathen men. And I hallow the gospel of God, that the offering of heathen men be accepted, (or be made acceptable), and hallowed in the Holy Ghost. (that I be the servant of the Messiah Jesus among the Gentiles. And I consecrate the Gospel, or the Good News, of God, so that the offering of the Gentiles be made acceptable, and consecrated by the Holy Spirit.) 17Therefore I have glory in Christ Jesus to God. (And so I have glory in the Messiah Jesus to God.) 18For I dare not speak anything of those things, which Christ doeth not be me, into obedience of (the) heathen men, in word and deeds, (For I dare to speak about those things, which the Messiah doeth by me, yea, to bring the Gentiles into obedience to God, by words and deeds,) 19in virtue of tokens and great wonders, in virtue of the Holy Ghost, so that from Jerusalem by compass, to the Illyricum sea [till unto Illyricum], I have [full-]filled the gospel of Christ. (by the power of miracles, or of signs, and great wonders, by the power of the Holy Spirit, so that from Jerusalem all around unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the Gospel, or the Good News, of the Messiah.) 20And so I have preached this gospel, not where Christ was named (not where the Messiah hath already been spoken of/not where the Messiah hath already been heard of), lest I build upon another’s ground,

21but as it is written, For to whom it is not told of him, they shall see, and they that heard not, shall understand.

22For which thing I was hindered full much to come to you, and I am hindered till [to] this time. 23And now I have not further place, (or cause of longer dwelling), in these countries (in these regions), but I have (a) desire to come to you, of many years that [now] be passed. 24When I begin to pass into Spain (When I go forth to Spain), I hope that in my going I shall see you, and of you I shall be led thither, if I [shall] use you first in part. 25Therefore now I shall pass forth to Jerusalem, to minister to (the) saints. (But now I shall go forth to Jerusalem, to serve God’s people.) 26For Macedonia and Achaia have assayed to make some gift, (or some collection, or a gathering of money), to (the) poor men of (the) saints, that be in Jerusalem. (For the churches in Macedonia and in Achaia have decided to make a gift of some money, for those of God’s people in Jerusalem who be poor.) 27For it pleased to them, and they be debtors of them; for if heathen men be made partners of their ghostly things, they owe also in fleshly things to minister to them. (For it pleased them to do this, and they be their debtors; for if the Gentiles be made the partners of their spiritual things, then they, the Gentiles, ought also to serve them with fleshly things.) 28Therefore when I have ended this thing, and have assigned to them this fruit, I shall pass by you into Spain (I shall pass by you as I go to Spain). 29And I know, that I coming to you, shall come in the abundance, (or in the plenty), of the blessing of Christ. (And I know, that when I come, I shall come with a full measure of the Messiah’s blessing.)

30Therefore, brethren, I beseech you by our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the charity of the Holy Ghost, that ye help me in your prayers [for me] to the Lord, (And so, brothers, I beseech you by our Lord Jesus Christ, and by the love of the Holy Spirit, that ye help me by your prayers for me to the Lord,) 31that I be delivered from the unfaithful men, that be in Judaea, and that the offering of my service be accepted in Jerusalem to (the) saints; (so that I be delivered from the unfaithful men, who be in Judaea, and that the offering of my service be accepted by God’s people in Jerusalem/and that the offering of my service be acceptable to God’s people in Jerusalem;) 32(so) that I come to you in joy, by the will of God, and that I be refreshed with you. 33And (may the) God of peace be with you all. Amen.


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