Acts 20
Wycliffe's Bible
1And after [that] the noise (had) ceased, Paul called the disciples, and admonished them, and said farewell; and he went forth, to go into Macedonia. 2And when he had walked by those coasts, (or those parts), and had admonished them by many words, he came to Greece. 3Where when he had been (there) three months, the Jews laid ambush for him, that was to sail into Syria; and he had counsel to turn again by Macedonia. (And when he had been there for three months, the Jews laid ambush for him, as he was about to sail to Syria; and so he made plans to return by way of Macedonia.) 4And Sopater of Pyrri Berea (pur)sued him (And Sopater the son of Pyrrhus, from Berea, followed him); of (the) Thessalonians, Aristarchus, and Secundus, and Gaius Derbeus, and Timothy; and (the) Asians, Tychicus and Trophimus. 5These for they went before, abode us at Troas. (And because these men all went ahead of us, they waited for us at Troas.) 6For we shipped after the days of therf loaves from Philippi (For we set sail after the Feast of Unleavened Bread from Philippi), and came to them at Troas in five days, where we dwelt seven days.

7And in the first day of the week (And on the first day of the week), when we came to break bread, Paul disputed with them, and should go forth in the morrow; and he drew along the sermon till into midnight. 8And many lamps were in the solar (And there were many lamps in the upper room), where we were gathered together. 9And a young man, Eutychus by name, sat on the window, (and) when he was fallen into an heavy sleep, while Paul disputed long, all sleeping he fell down from the third stage; and he was taken up, and was brought (in) dead. 10To whom when Paul came down, he lay on him, and embraced (him), and said, Do not ye be troubled; for his soul is in him. 11And he went up, and brake bread, and ate, and spake enough unto the day [till into the light]; and so he went forth. 12And they brought the child alive, and they were comforted greatly. (And they brought the young man home alive, and they were greatly comforted.)

13And we went up into a ship, and shipped into Assos, to take Paul from thence; for so he had assigned, (or he had disposed), to make (the) journey by land. 14And when he found us in Assos, we took him, and came to Mitylene. 15And from thence we shipped in the day (pur)suing, and we came against Chios, and another day we havened at Samos, and in the day (pur)suing, we came to Miletus. (And we sailed from there on the following day, and we came opposite Chios, and the next day we havened at Samos, and on the following day, we came to Miletus.) 16And Paul purposed to ship over to Ephesus, lest any tarrying were made to him in Asia; for he hied, if it were possible to him, that he should be in the day of Pentecost at Jerusalem (for he made haste, so that if it was possible for him, he would be in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost).

17From Miletus he sent to Ephesus, and called the greatest men of birth, (or the more through birth, either the elder men), of the church. 18And when they came to him, and were together, he said to them, Ye know from the first day, in which I came into Asia, how with you by each time I was, 19serving to the Lord with all meekness, and mildness, and tears, and temptations, that felled to me of (the) ambushings of (the) Jews; (serving the Lord with all humility, amid the tears, and tests, that came to me from the ambushing of the Jews;) 20 how I withdrew not, (or nought), of profitable things to you, that I told not to you, and taught you openly, and by houses; (how I kept nothing profitable from you, yea, that I did not tell you, but rather, I taught you openly, or in public, and also in your homes;) 21and I witnessed to Jews and to heathen men penance into God, and faith into our Lord Jesus Christ. (and I testified to Jews and to Gentiles the need for repentance unto God, and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.) 22And now lo! I am bound in spirit, and go into Jerusalem; and I know not what things shall come to me in it, 23[no] but that the Holy Ghost by all cities witnesseth to me, and saith, that bonds and tribulations at Jerusalem abide me. (except that the Holy Spirit in every city testifieth to me, that bondage, or imprisonment, and troubles await me in Jerusalem.) 24But I dread nothing of these, neither I make my life preciouser than myself, so that I end, (or that I fulfill), my course, and the ministry of the word, which I received of the Lord Jesus, to witness the gospel of the grace of God. (But I fear none of that, nor do I make my life of any great value, I only desire that I fulfill my course, and the ministry of the word, which I received from the Lord Jesus, yea, to testify to the Gospel, or the Good News, of the grace of God.)

25And now lo! I know, that ye shall no more see my face, all ye by which I passed (all ye of whom I have been among), preaching the kingdom of God. 26Wherefore I witness to you this day (And so I testify to you this day), that I am clean of the blood of all men. 27For I fled not away [For I flew not away], that I told not to you all the counsel of God (For I did not fly away, or hold anything back, so that I did not tell you all of God’s plans.) 28Take ye attention to you(rselves), and to all (of) the flock, in which the Holy Ghost hath set you, (or hath put you), (as) bishops (among whom the Holy Spirit hath made you overseers), to rule the church of God, which he purchased with his blood. 29I know, that after my departing, ravening, (or snatching,) wolves shall enter into you, not sparing the flock; 30and men speaking shrewd, (or wayward), things shall rise (up out) of yourselves (and men speaking depraved things shall rise up from among you), (so) that they lead away (the) disciples after them. 31For which thing wake ye, holding in mind (For which thing be on watch, keeping in mind), that by three years night and day I ceased not with tears admonishing each of you. 32And now I betake you to God and to the word of his grace, that is mighty to edify and give heritage in all that be made holy. (And now I deliver you unto God and unto the word of his grace, that is mighty to edify and to give an inheritance to all who be made holy.) 33And of no man I coveted silver, and gold, either cloth (or cloak), 34as [ye] yourselves know; for to those things that were needful to me, and to these that be with me, these hands ministered. (as you yourselves know; for my own hands served, or worked, to acquire those things that were needed by me, and by those who were with me.) 35All these things I showed to you, for so it behooveth men travailing to receive sick men, and to have mind of the word of the Lord Jesus; for he said, It is more blessful to give, than to receive [It is more blessed to give, more than to receive]. (I showed all of these things to you, because it behooveth all of us who labour to receive frail, or weak, men, and to remember the word of the Lord Jesus; for he said, It is more blessed to give, than to receive.)

36And when he had said these things, he kneeled, and prayed with all (of) them. 37And great weeping of all men was made; and they felled on the neck of Paul, and kissed him, 38and sorrowed most(ly) in the word that he said, for they shall no more see his face. And (then) they led him to the ship.


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