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Despite some shortcomings as a husband and father, his obedience, faith, hospitality and effective intercession were exemplary. Such qualities led to his being called “friend of God”.

Abraham, the friend of God

He was blessed by God

Genesis 14:18-19 See also Genesis 21:22; Genesis 24:1,35

He worshipped God

Genesis 21:33 See also Genesis 12:8; Genesis 13:4,18

He had faith in God

Genesis 15:6 See also Romans 4:18-22; Hebrews 6:15 Abraham's faith is seen in the length of time (25 years) that he waited for the realisation of the promise; Hebrews 11:8-12,17-19

He was obedient

Genesis 22:1-19 See also Genesis 12:4; Genesis 26:5; James 2:20-22

He was a prophet and intercessor

Genesis 20:7 See also Genesis 18:16-33 As a prophet, God reveals his will to Abraham; as an intercessor, Abraham brings the revelation back to God and pleads for him to change his mind.

He was called the friend of God

James 2:23 See also Genesis 15:6; 2 Chronicles 20:7; Isaiah 41:8

Abraham's weaknesses as head of his household

He was held responsible by God for his family

Genesis 18:19 As the following references show, Abraham did not discharge this responsibility well.

He exploited his wife in a cowardly way

See also Genesis 12:10-20; Genesis 20:1-18

He fathered Ishmael as a result of wavering faith

Genesis 16:1-4

He allowed Sarah to mistreat Hagar

Genesis 16:4-6; Genesis 21:9-14

Abraham's strengths as a member of society

He was well-respected outside his household

Genesis 21:22; Genesis 23:6

He sought to resolve disputes amicably

Genesis 13:5-12; Genesis 21:25-31

His wealth was a source of prestige

Genesis 24:35 See also Genesis 13:2; Genesis 24:1

He was honoured for his military prowess

Genesis 14:13-21

He was concerned to maintain his independence from the Canaanites

Genesis 14:22-24 See also Genesis 23:7-16; Genesis 24:1-4

He showed hospitality to strangers

Genesis 18:1-8

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