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1139. daimonizomai -- to be possessed by a demon
... by a demon. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: daimonizomai Phonetic Spelling:
(dahee-mon-id'-zom-ahee) Short Definition: I am demon-possessed Definition: I ...
// - 7k

... is also careful to tell us in the opening verse of his Gospel that Jesus Christ
was "the Son of God," as he also informs us that the demon-possessed man from ...
// four gospels/conclusion.htm

Healing a Phoenician Woman's Daughter.
... faint (Luke 18:1-8). The woman's experience has been often repeated by other parents
who have prayed for children which, if not demon-possessed, was certainly ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/lxvii healing a phoenician womans.htm

The Powers of Darkness
... About six months later we were fetched by special messenger from a village where
we were staying, to see this girl who was said to be demon possessed. ...
/.../cable/the fulfilment of a dream of pastor hsis/chapter xii the powers of.htm

Healing Peter's Mother-In-Law and Many Others.
... 10). The Sabbath closed at sundown ( Leviticus 23:32). The distinction is
drawn between the sick and the demon-possessed. Lightfoot ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/xxxii healing peters mother-in-law and.htm

Dissolving views.
... spent in His adopted home-town Capernaum, had been a very busy day for Him, teaching
in the synagogue service, the interruption by a demon-possessed man, the ...
// talks on prayer/dissolving views.htm

The Manner in which Christ Served.
... In Luke 9 we read of the father who sought out the Lord Jesus on behalf of his
demon-possessed son, and in healing him we read, "And Jesus rebuked the unclean ...
// four gospels/iii the manner in which.htm

"Art Thou He?"
... He bestowed sight." Through the long hours of the day, the disciples stood in the
crowd, while the pitiable train of sick and demon-possessed passed before the ...
// the baptist/xi art thou he.htm

Paul and his Praying
... they were going to that protracted prayer meeting that Paul performed the miracle
of casting the devil of divination out of a poor demon-possessed girl, who ...
/.../bounds/prayer and praying men/xiii paul and his praying.htm

... (6) List all references to demons and to demon possessed people and study their
nature, the nature of their work, their power, wisdom, etc. ...
/.../gerberding/the way of salvation in the lutheran church/chapter xxv mark.htm

Various Experiences in Gospel Work
... into my soul. The demon-possessed man came along with us, growling and whining
like a dog, and making other strange noises. He kept ...
/.../cole/trials and triumphs of faith/chapter xiv various experiences in.htm

Demon-possessed (16 Occurrences)
Demon-possessed. Demonology, Demon-possessed. Demon-possession .
Multi-Version Concordance Demon-possessed (16 Occurrences). ...
/d/demon-possessed.htm - 10k

Sceva (1 Occurrence)
... But (Acts 19:16) the demon-possessed man over-powered "both of them." Textus Receptus
of the New Testament gets over the difficulty by omitting "both," but ...
/s/sceva.htm - 9k

Demon-possession (1 Occurrence)
Demon-possession. Demon-possessed, Demon-possession. Demons . Multi-Version
Concordance ... Demon-possessed, Demon-possession. Demons . Reference Bible.
/d/demon-possession.htm - 6k

Mute (29 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Mute (29 Occurrences). Matthew 9:32 As they went out,
behold, a mute man who was demonpossessed was brought to him. (WEB NAS). ...
/m/mute.htm - 16k

Possessed (100 Occurrences)
... (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS NIV). Matthew 9:32 As they went out, behold, a mute man who
was demonpossessed was brought to him. (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS NAS NIV). ...
/p/possessed.htm - 37k

Behold (1513 Occurrences)
... RSV). Matthew 9:32 As they went out, behold, a mute man who was demonpossessed
was brought to him. (WEB KJV ASV DBY WBS RSV). Matthew ...
/b/behold.htm - 35k


/d/demonology.htm - 24k

Demon (26 Occurrences)
... Demon (26 Occurrences). Matthew 9:32 As they went out, behold, a mute man who was
demonpossessed was brought to him. (WEB WEY ASV DBY WBS YLT NAS RSV NIV). ...
/d/demon.htm - 32k

Demon-possessed (16 Occurrences)

Matthew 4:24
and his fame went forth to all Syria, and they brought to him all having ailments, pressed with manifold sicknesses and pains, and demoniacs, and lunatics, and paralytics, and he healed them.
(See NIV)

Matthew 8:16
And evening having come, they brought to him many demoniacs, and he did cast out the spirits with a word, and did heal all who were ill,

Matthew 8:28
And he having come to the other side, to the region of the Gergesenes, there met him two demoniacs, coming forth out of the tombs, very fierce, so that no one was able to pass over by that way,

Matthew 8:33
and those feeding did flee, and, having gone to the city, they declared all, and the matter of the demoniacs.
(See NIV)

Matthew 9:32
And as they are coming forth, lo, they brought to him a man dumb, a demoniac,

Matthew 12:22
Then was brought to him a demoniac, blind and dumb, and he healed him, so that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

Matthew 15:22
and lo, a woman, a Canaanitess, from those borders having come forth, did call to him, saying, 'Deal kindly with me, Sir -- Son of David; my daughter is miserably demonized.'
(See NAS)

Mark 1:32
And evening having come, when the sun did set, they brought unto him all who were ill, and who were demoniacs,

Mark 5:15
and they come unto Jesus, and see the demoniac, sitting, and clothed, and right-minded -- him having had the legion -- and they were afraid;
(See NAS)

Mark 5:16
and those having seen 'it', declared to them how it had come to pass to the demoniac, and about the swine;

Mark 5:18
And he having gone into the boat, the demoniac was calling on him that he may be with him,
(See NAS)

Luke 8:27
and he having gone forth upon the land, there met him a certain man, out of the city, who had demons for a long time, and with a garment was not clothed, and in a house was not abiding, but in the tombs,
(See NIV)

Luke 8:36
and those also having seen 'it', told them how the demoniac was saved.

John 8:48
The Jews, therefore, answered and said to him, 'Do we not say well, that thou art a Samaritan, and hast a demon?'
(See NIV)

John 10:21
others said, 'These sayings are not those of a demoniac; is a demon able blind men's eyes to open?'
(See NAS)

Acts 19:13
But some of the itinerant Jews, exorcists, took on themselves to invoke over those who had the evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, "We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preaches."
(See NIV)



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