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589. apodemeo -- to be or go abroad
... to be or go abroad. Part of Speech: Verb Transliteration: apodemeo Phonetic Spelling:
(ap-od-ay-meh'-o) Short Definition: I go into another country Definition ...
// - 6k

4147. plouteo -- to be rich
... be rich. From ploutizo; to be (or become) wealthy (literally or figuratively) --
be increased with goods, (be made, wax) rich. see GREEK ploutizo. ...
// - 7k

4391. prouparcho -- to exist beforehand
... exist beforehand. From pro and huparcho; to exist before, ie (adverbially) to be
or do something previously -- + be before(-time). see GREEK pro. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
4591. maat -- to be or become small, diminished, or few
... maat. 4592 . to be or become small, diminished, or few. Transliteration: maat
Phonetic Spelling: (maw-at') Short Definition: decrease. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/4591.htm - 6k

2388. chazaq -- to be or grow firm or strong, strengthen
... chazaq. 2389 . to be or grow firm or strong, strengthen. Transliteration: chazaq
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-zak') Short Definition: strong. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/2388.htm - 8k

7937. shakar -- to be or become drunk or drunken
... shakar. 7938 . to be or become drunk or drunken. Transliteration: shakar Phonetic
Spelling: (shaw-kar') Short Definition: drunk. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/7937.htm - 6k

7368. rachaq -- to be or become far or distant
... 7367, 7368. rachaq. 7369 . to be or become far or distant. Transliteration:
rachaq Phonetic Spelling: (raw-khak') Short Definition: far. Word Origin a prim ...
/hebrew/7368.htm - 6k

3648. kamar -- to grow warm and tender, to be or grow hot
... kamar. 3649 . to grow warm and tender, to be or grow hot. Transliteration: kamar
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-mar') Short Definition: stirred. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/3648.htm - 6k

7231. rabab -- to be or become many or much
... 7230, 7231. rabab. 7232 . to be or become many or much. Transliteration: rabab
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-bab') Short Definition: many. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/7231.htm - 6k

8213. shaphel -- to be or become low, to be abased
... shaphel. 8214 . to be or become low, to be abased. Transliteration: shaphel Phonetic
Spelling: (shaw-fale') Short Definition: abased. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/8213.htm - 6k

215. or -- to be or become light
... 214, 215. or. 216 . to be or become light. Transliteration: or Phonetic
Spelling: (ore) Short Definition: shine. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/215.htm - 6k

2552. chamam -- to be or become warm
... 2551, 2552. chamam. 2553 . to be or become warm. Transliteration: chamam Phonetic
Spelling: (khaw-mam') Short Definition: hot. Word Origin a prim. ...
/hebrew/2552.htm - 6k

7337. rachab -- to be or grow wide or large
... 7336, 7337. rachab. 7338 . to be or grow wide or large. Transliteration: rachab
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-khab') Short Definition: enlarge. Word Origin a prim ...
/hebrew/7337.htm - 6k


How Great is the Unlikeness Between Our Word and the Divine Word. ...
... Book XV. Chapter 15."How Great is the Unlikeness Between Our Word and
the Divine Word. Our Word Cannot Be or Be Called Eternal. ...
/.../augustine/on the holy trinity/chapter 15 how great is the.htm

Naught among Things Contingent Can be Said to be Necessarily done ...
... For that is necessary which cannot possibly not be or not be done. And that
is contingent which is possible not to be or to be done. ...
/.../arminius/the works of james arminius vol 1/article v naught among things.htm

How God May be Known to be the Chief Good. The Mind Does not ...
... And herein is our [supreme] good, when we see whether the thing ought to be or to
have been, respecting which we comprehend that it ought to be or to have been ...
/.../augustine/on the holy trinity/chapter 3 how god may be.htm

All Things are done Contingently.
... I have both declared and taught that "necessity, in reference to its being said
to be or to happen necessarily, is either absolute or relative." It is an ...
/.../arminius/the works of james arminius vol 1/article vi all things are.htm

Whence a Bad Measure, a Bad Form, a Bad Order May Sometimes be ...
... Therefore a bad measure, a bad form, a bad order, are either so called because they
are less than they should be, or because they are not adapted to those ...
/.../chapter 23 name a bad.htm

Whether God Wills Evils?
... Reply to Objection 1: Some have said that although God does not will evil, yet He
wills that evil should be or be done, because, although evil is not a good ...
// theologica/whether god wills evils.htm

Whether Grace is a Quality of the Soul
... as is said in 7 Metaph., text 2. Now since coming to be and passing away are affirmed
of what exists, properly speaking no accident comes to be or passes away. ...
/.../aquinas/nature and grace/article two whether grace is.htm

He Then Discusses the "Willing" of the Father Concerning the ...
... principle, nor capable of being conceived apart from the object of will: for it
is not possible that with God either the good will should not be, or the object ...
/.../gregory/gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/section 2 he then discusses.htm

Whether the Grace of Christ could Increase?
... the Only-begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." But nothing can be or
can be thought greater than that anyone should be the Only-begotten of the ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether the grace of christ 2.htm

Whether a Vow Should Always be About a Better Good?
... But as a vow denotes a voluntary promise, while necessity excludes voluntariness,
whatever is absolutely necessary, whether to be or not to be, can nowise be ...
/.../ theologica/whether a vow should always.htm

Be'or (11 Occurrences)
Be'or. Beor, Be'or. Bequeath . Multi-Version Concordance Be'or (11
Occurrences). 2 Peter 2:15 forsaking the right way, they went ...
/b/be'or.htm - 9k

Answer (2099 Occurrences)
... 4. (n.) To beor act in return or response to. 5. (n.) To beor act in
compliance with, in fulfillment or satisfaction of, as an ...
/a/answer.htm - 10k

Make (12882 Occurrences)
... 10. (vt) To cause to beor become; to put into a given state verb, or adjective;
to constitute; as, to make known; to make public; to make fast. 11. ...
/m/make.htm - 22k

Beor (11 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. BEOR. be'-or (be`or, "destroyer"(?)) 1) Father
of Bela, the first king of Edom (Genesis 36:32 1 Chronicles 1:43). ...
/b/beor.htm - 11k

Range (9 Occurrences)
... 11. (vi) To have a certain direction; to correspond in direction; to beor keep
in a corresponding line; to trend or run; -- often followed by with; as, the ...
/r/range.htm - 13k

Rust (7 Occurrences)
... salted meat. 6. (n.) Corrosive or injurious accretion or influence. 7.
(vi) To contract rust; to beor become oxidized. 8. (vi) To ...
/r/rust.htm - 11k

Live (3203 Occurrences)
... 4. (vi) To beor continue in existence; to exist; to remain; to be permanent;
to last; -- said of inanimate objects, ideas, etc. ...
/l/live.htm - 8k

Ambitious (6 Occurrences)
... or distinction. 2. (a.) Strongly desirous; -- followed by of or the infinitive;
as, ambitious to beor to do something. 3. (a.) Springing ...
/a/ambitious.htm - 9k

Presume (10 Occurrences)
... 3. (vi) To suppose or assume something to be, or to be true, on grounds deemed valid,
though not amounting to proof; to believe by anticipation; to infer; as ...
/p/presume.htm - 11k

Chargeable (5 Occurrences)
... the charge of the tabernacle" (Numbers 1:53); "the charge of the sons of Getshon"
(Numbers 3:25); (2) of the burden of expense (kabhedh, "to be, or make heavy ...
/c/chargeable.htm - 11k

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Be'or (11 Occurrences)

2 Peter 2:15
forsaking the right way, they went astray, having followed the way of Balaam the son of Beor, who loved the wages of wrongdoing;
(See RSV)

Genesis 36:32
Bela, the son of Beor, reigned in Edom. The name of his city was Dinhabah.
(See RSV)

Numbers 22:5
He sent messengers to Balaam the son of Beor, to Pethor, which is by the River, to the land of the children of his people, to call him, saying, "Behold, there is a people who came out from Egypt. Behold, they cover the surface of the earth, and they are staying opposite me.
(See RSV)

Numbers 24:3
He took up his parable, and said, "Balaam the son of Beor says, the man whose eye was closed says;
(See RSV)

Numbers 24:15
He took up his parable, and said, "Balaam the son of Beor says, the man whose eye was closed says;
(See RSV)

Numbers 31:8
They killed the kings of Midian with the rest of their slain: Evi, and Rekem, and Zur, and Hur, and Reba, the five kings of Midian: Balaam also the son of Beor they killed with the sword.
(See RSV)

Deuteronomy 23:4
because they didn't meet you with bread and with water in the way, when you came forth out of Egypt, and because they hired against you Balaam the son of Beor from Pethor of Mesopotamia, to curse you.
(See RSV)

Joshua 13:22
The children of Israel alse killed Balaam also the son of Beor, the soothsayer, with the sword, among the rest of their slain.
(See RSV)

Joshua 24:9
Then Balak the son of Zippor, king of Moab, arose and fought against Israel. He sent and called Balaam the son of Beor to curse you;
(See RSV)

1 Chronicles 1:43
Now these are the kings who reigned in the land of Edom, before there resigned any king over the children of Israel: Bela the son of Beor; and the name of his city was Dinhabah.
(See RSV)

Micah 6:5
My people, remember now what Balak king of Moab devised, and what Balaam the son of Beor answered him from Shittim to Gilgal, that you may know the righteous acts of Yahweh."
(See RSV)



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