1 Samuel 5:6
Text Analysis
3513 [e]וַתִּכְבַּ֧ד
But was heavyConj-w | V-Qal-ConsecImperf-3fs
3027 [e]יַד־
the handN-fsc
3068 [e]יְהוָ֛ה
of YahwehN-proper-ms
413 [e]אֶל־
796 [e]הָאַשְׁדּוֹדִ֖ים
the AshdoditesArt | N-proper-mp
8074 [e]וַיְשִׁמֵּ֑ם
and He ravaged themConj-w | V-Hifil-ConsecImperf-3ms | 3mp
5221 [e]וַיַּ֤ךְ
and struckConj-w | V-Hifil-ConsecImperf-3ms
853 [e]אֹתָם֙
themDirObjM | 3mp
-Preposition-b :: Noun - masculine plural Prep-b | N-mp
6076 [e](בַּטְּחֹרִ֔ים‪‬)
with tumorsPrep-b, Art | N-mp
853 [e]אֶת־
795 [e]אַשְׁדּ֖וֹד
[both] AshdodN-proper-fs
853 [e]וְאֶת־
andConj-w | DirObjM
1366 [e]גְּבוּלֶֽיהָ׃
its territoryN-mpc | 3fs

Hebrew Texts
שמואל א 5:6 Hebrew OT: Westminster Leningrad Codex
וַתִּכְבַּ֧ד יַד־יְהוָ֛ה אֶל־הָאַשְׁדֹּודִ֖ים וַיְשִׁמֵּ֑ם וַיַּ֤ךְ אֹתָם֙ [בָּעֳפָלִים כ] (בַּטְּחֹרִ֔ים ק) אֶת־אַשְׁדֹּ֖וד וְאֶת־גְּבוּלֶֽיהָ׃

שמואל א 5:6 Hebrew OT: WLC (Consonants Only)
ותכבד יד־יהוה אל־האשדודים וישמם ויך אתם [בעפלים כ] (בטחרים ק) את־אשדוד ואת־גבוליה׃

שמואל א 5:6 Paleo-Hebrew OT: WLC (Font Required)
ותכבד יד־יהוה אל־האשדודים וישמם ויך אתם [בעפלים כ] (בטחרים ק) את־אשדוד ואת־גבוליה׃

שמואל א 5:6 Hebrew Bible
ותכבד יד יהוה אל האשדודים וישמם ויך אתם בעפלים את אשדוד ואת גבוליה׃

Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
Now the hand of the LORD was heavy on the Ashdodites, and He ravaged them and smote them with tumors, both Ashdod and its territories.

King James Bible
But the hand of the LORD was heavy upon them of Ashdod, and he destroyed them, and smote them with emerods, even Ashdod and the coasts thereof.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
The LORD's hand was heavy on the people of Ashdod, terrorizing and afflicting the people of Ashdod and its territory with tumors.
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1 Samuel 5:5
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