Job 7
New Living TranslationHolman Christian Standard Bible
1“Is not all human life a struggle? Our lives are like that of a hired hand,1Isn't mankind consigned to forced labor on earth? Are not his days like those of a hired hand?
2like a worker who longs for the shade, like a servant waiting to be paid.2Like a slave he longs for shade; like a hired man he waits for his pay.
3I, too, have been assigned months of futility, long and weary nights of misery.3So I have been made to inherit months of futility, and troubled nights have been assigned to me.
4Lying in bed, I think, ‘When will it be morning?’ But the night drags on, and I toss till dawn.4When I lie down I think: When will I get up? But the evening drags on endlessly, and I toss and turn until dawn.
5My body is covered with maggots and scabs. My skin breaks open, oozing with pus. Job Cries Out to God5My flesh is clothed with maggots and encrusted with dirt. My skin forms scabs and then oozes.
6“My days fly faster than a weaver’s shuttle. They end without hope.6My days pass more swiftly than a weaver's shuttle; they come to an end without hope.
7O God, remember that my life is but a breath, and I will never again feel happiness.7Remember that my life is but a breath. My eye will never again see anything good.
8You see me now, but not for long. You will look for me, but I will be gone.8The eye of anyone who looks on me will no longer see me. Your eyes will look for me, but I will be gone.
9Just as a cloud dissipates and vanishes, those who die will not come back.9As a cloud fades away and vanishes, so the one who goes down to Sheol will never rise again.
10They are gone forever from their home— never to be seen again.10He will never return to his house; his hometown will no longer remember him.
11“I cannot keep from speaking. I must express my anguish. My bitter soul must complain.11Therefore I will not restrain my mouth. I will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.
12Am I a sea monster or a dragon that you must place me under guard?12Am I the sea or a sea monster, that You keep me under guard?
13I think, ‘My bed will comfort me, and sleep will ease my misery,’13When I say: My bed will comfort me, and my couch will ease my complaint,
14but then you shatter me with dreams and terrify me with visions.14then You frighten me with dreams, and terrify me with visions,
15I would rather be strangled— rather die than suffer like this.15so that I prefer strangling-- death rather than life in this body.
16I hate my life and don’t want to go on living. Oh, leave me alone for my few remaining days.16I give up! I will not live forever. Leave me alone, for my days are a breath.
17“What are people, that you should make so much of us, that you should think of us so often?17What is man, that You think so highly of him and pay so much attention to him?
18For you examine us every morning and test us every moment.18You inspect him every morning, and put him to the test every moment.
19Why won’t you leave me alone, at least long enough for me to swallow!19Will You ever look away from me, or leave me alone long enough to swallow?
20If I have sinned, what have I done to you, O watcher of all humanity? Why make me your target? Am I a burden to you?20If I have sinned, what have I done to You, Watcher of mankind? Why have You made me Your target, so that I have become a burden to You?
21Why not just forgive my sin and take away my guilt? For soon I will lie down in the dust and die. When you look for me, I will be gone.”21Why not forgive my sin and pardon my transgression? For soon I will lie down in the grave. You will eagerly seek me, but I will be gone.
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