1 Chronicles 4
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1Sons of Judah: Perez, Hezron, and Carmi, and Hur, and Shobal. 2And Reaiah son of Shobal begot Jahath, and Jahath begot Ahumai and Lahad; these [are] families of the Zorathite. 3And these [are] of the father of Etam: Jezreel, and Ishma, and Idbash; and the name of their sister [is] Hazzelelponi; 4and Penuel [is] father of Gedor, and Ezer father of Hushah. These [are] sons of Hur, firstborn of Ephratah, father of Beth-Lehem. 5And to Ashhur father of Tekoa were two wives, Helah and Naarah; 6and Naarah bears to him Ahuzzam, and Hepher, and Temeni, and Haahashtari: these [are] sons of Naarah. 7And sons of Helah: Zereth, and Zohar, and Ethnan. 8And Coz begot Anub, and Zobebah, and the families of Aharhel son of Harum. 9And Jabez is honored above his brothers, and his mother called his name Jabez, saying, “Because I have brought forth with grief.” 10And Jabez calls to the God of Israel, saying, “If blessing You bless me, then You have made my border great, and Your hand has been with me, and You have kept [me] from evil—not to grieve me”; and God brings in that which he asked.

11And Chelub brother of Shuah begot Mehir; he [is] father of Eshton. 12And Eshton begot Beth-Rapha, and Paseah, and Tehinnah father of Ir-Nahash; these [are] men of Rechah.

And sons of Kenaz: Othniel and Seraiah; and sons of Othniel: Hathath. And Meonothai begot Ophrah, and Seraiah begot Joab father of the Valley of the Craftsmen, for they were craftsmen. 15And sons of Caleb son of Jephunneh: Iru, Elah, and Naam; and sons of Elah: even Kenaz. And sons of Jehaleleel: Ziph and Ziphah, Tiria, and Asareel. And sons of Ezra: Jether, and Mered, and Epher, and Jalon. And she bears Miriam, and Shammai, and Ishbah father of Eshtemoa. And his wife Jehudijah bore Jered father of Gedor, and Heber father of Socho, and Jekuthiel father of Zanoah. And these [are] sons of Bithiah daughter of Pharaoh, whom Mered took, 19and sons of the wife of Hodiah sister of Nahom: Abi-Keilah the Garmite, and Eshtemoa the Maachathite. 20And sons of Shimon: Amnon, and Rinnah, Ben-Hanon, and Tilon; and sons of Ishi: Zoheth, and Ben-Zoheth.

Sons of Shelah son of Judah: Er father of Lecah, and Laadah father of Mareshah, and the families of the house of the service of fine linen, of the house of Ashbea; and Jokim, and the men of Chozeba, and Joash, and Saraph, who ruled over Moab and Jashubi-Lehem; and these things [are] ancient. They [are] the potters and inhabitants of Netaim and Gedera; they dwelt there with the king in his work.

24Sons of Simeon: Nemuel, and Jamin, Jarib, Zerah, Shaul; 25Shallum his son, Mibsam his son, Mishma his son. 26And sons of Mishma: Hammuel his son, Zacchur his son, Shimei his son. 27And to Shimei [are] sixteen sons and six daughters, and to his brothers there are not many sons, and none of their families have multiplied as much as the sons of Judah. 28And they dwell in Beer-Sheba, and Moladah, and Hazar-Shaul, and in Bilhah, and in Ezem, and in Tolad, and in Bethuel, and in Hormah, and in Ziklag, and in Beth-Marcaboth, and in Hazar-Susim, and in Beth-Birei, and in Shaarim; these [are] their cities until the reigning of David. 32And their villages [are] Etam, and Ain, Rimmon, and Tochen, and Ashan—five cities, 33and all their villages that [are] around these cities to Ba‘al; these [are] their dwellings, and they have their genealogy:

34even Meshobab, and Jamlech, and Joshah son of Amaziah, 35and Joel, and Jehu son of Josibiah, son of Seraiah, son of Asiel, 36and Elioenai, and Jaakobah, and Jeshohaiah, and Asaiah, and Adiel, and Jesimiel, and Benaiah, and Ziza son of Shiphi, son of Allon, son of Jedaiah, son of Shimri, son of Shemaiah. 38These who are coming in by name [are] princes in their families, and the house of their fathers has broken forth into a multitude;

39and they go to the entrance of Gedor, to the east of the valley, to seek pasture for their flock, 40and they find pasture, fat and good, and the land broad of sides, and quiet, and safe, for those dwelling there before are of Ham. 41And these who are written by name come in the days of Hezekiah king of Judah, and strike their tents, and the habitations that have been found there, and devote them to destruction to this day, and dwell in their stead, because pasture for their flock [is] there. 42And of them, of the sons of Simeon, five hundred men have gone to Mount Seir, and Pelatiah, and Neariah, and Rephaiah, and Uzziel, sons of Ishi, at their head, 43and they strike the remnant of those escaped of Amalek, and dwell there to this day.

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