Hebrews 7
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1This Melchizedek is The King of Shalim, Priest of The Most High God, and he met Abraham when he returned from the massacre of Kings and blessed him. 2And Abraham distributed to him a tenth of everything that he had with him; but his name is interpreted, “King of Righteousness” and again “King of Shalim”, which is, “King of Peace”, 3Without his father and his mother being written in the genealogies, neither having beginning of his days nor end of his life, but in the likeness of The Son of God, his Priesthood remains for eternity.

4But how much greater is This One than the man Abraham, Chief of The fathers, to whom he gave the tithe of the best? 5For those of the sons of Levi who received Priesthood had a commandment of The Written Law to take a tenth part from those people of their brethren, as also they had come forth from the loins of Abraham. 6But This Man who is not written in their genealogies received the tithe from Abraham and blessed him who had received The Promise. 7But without dispute, he who is lesser is blessed by him who is greater than he. 8And here the children of men who die receive tithes, but there, he about whom the Scriptures testify that he lives. 9And as a man, let us say about him that by Abraham, Levi, who receives tithes, was caused to tithe. 10For he was yet in the loins of his father when he met Melchizedek.

11If perfection therefore is by Priesthood of Levi, ( for by it The Written Law was established to the people ), why was another Priest needed to arise in the image of Melchizedek? But does it say that he would be in the image of Aaron? 12But just as there was a change in The Priesthood, in this way there was also a change in The Law. 13For he about whom these things were said was born from another tribe, from which a man never ministered at the altar. 14For it is revealed that our Lord arose from Judah, about which tribe Moses never said anything concerning Priesthood. 15And moreover, again, it is apparent by this that he said that another Priest arises in the image of Melchizedek, 16He who was not by the law of carnal commandments, but by the power of an indestructible life.

17For he testified about him, “You are The Priest for eternity in the image of Melchizedek.”

18But there was a change in the first testament because of its impotence, and there was no benefit in it. 19For The Written Law perfects nothing, but hope, which is greater than it, entered in its place, by which we approach God. 20And he confirmed it to us by an oath.

21For they were Priests without an oath, but this one, with an oath, as he said to him by David: “THE LORD JEHOVAH has sworn and will not lie, that you are The Priest for eternity in the image of Melchizedek.”

22This Covenant, of which Yeshua is The Guarantor, is entirely better.

23And there were many Priests because they were dying and were not permitted to continue. 24But This One's Priesthood, because he is Eternal, does not pass away. 25And he can give life for eternity to those who come near to God by him, for he lives always and offers prayers for our sakes.

26For because this Priest also was right for us: pure, without malice and without defilement, who is separate from sin and exalted higher than Heaven, 27And he has no compulsion every day as The Chief Priests to offer sacrifice, first for his sins and then for the people, for This One did it one time by his Life which he offered. 28For The Law establishes weak men as Priests, but the word of the oath which was after The Law, The Son, who is perfect for eternity.

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