6872. tsrowr
Strong's Concordance
tsrowr: bag
Original Word: צְרוֹר
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Transliteration: tsrowr
Phonetic Spelling: (tser-ore')
Definition: a bundle, parcel, pouch, bag
I. צְרוֺר noun masculineHaggai 1:6 bundle, parcel, pouch, bag (properly a binding, i.e. something bound up); — ׳צ absolute Amos 9:9 +, construct Genesis 42:35 +; plural construct צְרֹרוֺת Genesis 42:35; — bundle or pouch (purse) of money Genesis 42:35 (twice in verse) (E), Proverbs 7:20; הַמֹּר ׳צ Songs 1:13 (figurative of lover); ׳צְרוּרָה בִּצ הַחַיִּים 1 Samuel 25:29 (figurative; see I. צרר); מִּשְׁעִי ׳חָתֻם בִּצ Job 14:17 (i.e. hidden, forgotten Hi Bu and others; > al. treasured up), נָקוּב ׳צ Haggai 1:6 (see I. נקב).

II. צְרוֺר noun masculine pebble; — ׳צ 2 Samuel 17:13; also Amos 9:9 (where perhaps figurative for grain of wheat, in metaphor of winnowed Israel, compare Dr Now and others; > pebble retained in sieve PreuschemZAW xv (1895), 24, compare on custom WetzstZPV xiv (1891), f.).

III. צְרוֺר proper name, masculine grandfather of Kish 1 Samuel 9:1, Αρεδ, ᵐ5 of L Σαρα.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
bag, bendeth, bundle, least grain, small stone

Or (shorter) tsror {tser-ore'}; from tsarar; a parcel (as packed up); also a kernel or particle (as if a package) -- bag, X bendeth, bundle, least grain, small stone.

see HEBREW tsarar

Forms and Transliterations
בִּצְר֣וֹר בצרור צְֽרוֹר־ צְר֖וֹר צְר֥וֹר צְר֧וֹר צְר֨וֹר צְרֹר֧וֹת צְרֽוֹר׃ צְרוֹר־ צרור צרור־ צרור׃ צררות biṣ·rō·wr biṣrōwr bitzRor ṣə·rō·rō·wṯ ṣə·rō·wr ṣə·rō·wr- ṣərōrōwṯ ṣərōwr ṣərōwr- tzeror tzeroRot
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 42:35
HEB: וְהִנֵּה־ אִ֥ישׁ צְרוֹר־ כַּסְפּ֖וֹ בְּשַׂקּ֑וֹ
NAS: every man's bundle of money
KJV: that, behold, every man's bundle of money
INT: behold every bundle of money his sack

Genesis 42:35
HEB: וַיִּרְא֞וּ אֶת־ צְרֹר֧וֹת כַּסְפֵּיהֶ֛ם הֵ֥מָּה
NAS: saw their bundles of money,
KJV: saw the bundles of money,
INT: his sack saw their bundles of money they

1 Samuel 9:1
HEB: אֲבִיאֵ֞ל בֶּן־ צְר֧וֹר בֶּן־ בְּכוֹרַ֛ת
NAS: the son of Zeror, the son
KJV: the son of Zeror, the son
INT: of Abiel the son of Zeror the son of Becorath

1 Samuel 25:29
HEB: אֲדֹנִ֜י צְרוּרָ֣ה ׀ בִּצְר֣וֹר הַחַיִּ֗ים אֵ֚ת
NAS: shall be bound in the bundle of the living
KJV: shall be bound in the bundle of life
INT: of my lord shall be bound the bundle of the living with

2 Samuel 17:13
HEB: שָׁ֖ם גַּם־ צְרֽוֹר׃ פ
NAS: not even a small stone is found
KJV: until there be not one small stone found
INT: there even A small

Job 14:17
HEB: חָתֻ֣ם בִּצְר֣וֹר פִּשְׁעִ֑י וַ֝תִּטְפֹּ֗ל
NAS: is sealed up in a bag, And You wrap
KJV: [is] sealed up in a bag, and thou sewest up
INT: is sealed A bag my transgression wrap

Proverbs 7:20
HEB: צְֽרוֹר־ הַ֭כֶּסֶף לָקַ֣ח
NAS: He has taken a bag of money
KJV: He hath taken a bag of money with him,
INT: A bag of money has taken

Songs 1:13
HEB: צְר֨וֹר הַמֹּ֤ר ׀ דּוֹדִי֙
NAS: My beloved is to me a pouch of myrrh
KJV: A bundle of myrrh [is] my wellbeloved
INT: A pouch of myrrh my beloved

Amos 9:9
HEB: וְלֹֽא־ יִפּ֥וֹל צְר֖וֹר אָֽרֶץ׃
NAS: in a sieve, But not a kernel will fall
KJV: in a sieve, yet shall not the least grain fall
INT: not will fall A kernel to the ground

Haggai 1:6
HEB: מִשְׂתַּכֵּ֖ר אֶל־ צְר֥וֹר נָקֽוּב׃ פ
NAS: wages [to put] into a purse with holes.
KJV: earneth wages [to put it] into a bag with holes.
INT: earns into A purse holes

10 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 6872
10 Occurrences

biṣ·rō·wr — 2 Occ.
ṣə·rō·wr- — 7 Occ.
ṣə·rō·rō·wṯ — 1 Occ.

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