Zephaniah 3
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Woe to Oppressive Jerusalem

1Woe to the city that is rebelliousa, b and defiled,c

the oppressive city!

2She has not obeyed;d

she has not accepted discipline.e

She has not trustedf in Yahweh;

she has not drawn near to her God.

3Theg princes within her are roaring lions;h

her judges are wolves of the night,i

which leave nothing forj the morning.

4Her prophets are recklessk —

treacherous men.

Her priests profane the sanctuary;

they do violence to instruction.l

5The righteous LORD is in her;m

He does no wrong.n

He applies His justice morning by morning;

He does not fail at dawn,

yet the one who does wrong knows no shame.o

6I have cut off nations;

their corner towersp are destroyed.

I have laid waste their streets,

with no one to pass through.

Their cities lie devastated,

without a person, without an inhabitant.q

7I thought: You will certainly fear Me

and accept correction.

Then her dwelling placer

would not be cut off

based on all that I had allocated to her.

However, they became more corrupt

in all their actions.

8Therefore, wait for Mes —

this is the LORD’s declaration —

until the day I rise up for plunder.t

For My decision is to gather nations,

to assemble kingdoms,

in order to pour out My indignationu on them,

all My burning anger;

for the whole earth will be consumed

by the fire of My jealousy.v

Final Restoration Promised

9For I will then restore

purew speech to the peoples

so that all of them may call

on the name of Yahweh

and serve Him with a single purpose.x

10From beyond the rivers of Cushy

My supplicants, My dispersed people,

will bring an offering to Me.

11On that day youz will not be put to shameaa

because of everything you have done

in rebellingab against Me.

For then I will remove

your proud,ac arrogant people from among you,

and you will never again be haughty

on My holy mountain.ad

12I will leave

a meek and humble peopleae among you,

and they will take refuge in the name of Yahweh.

13The remnantaf of Israel will no longer

do wrong or tell lies;

a deceitful tongue will not be found

in their mouths.

But they will pasture and lie down,

with nothing to make them afraid.ag

14Sing for joy, Daughter Zion;

shout loudly, Israel!

Be glad and rejoice with all your heart,

Daughter Jerusalem!

15The LORD has removed your punishment;

He has turned back your enemy.

The King of Israel, Yahweh, is among you;

you need no longer fear harm.

16On that day it will be said to Jerusalem:

Do not fear;

Zion, do not let your hands grow weak.ah

17Yahweh your God is among you,

a warriorai who saves.

He will rejoice over youaj with gladness.

He will bring you quietnessak with His love.

He will delight in you with shouts of joy.”al

18I will gather those who have been drivenam

from the appointed festivals;

they will be a tribute from youan

and a reproach on her.ao

19Yes, at that time

I will deal with all who afflict you.

I will save the lameap and gather the scattered;aq

I will make those who were disgraced

throughout the earth

receive praise and fame.

20At that time I will bring youar back,

yes, at the time I will gather you.

I will give you fame and praise

among all the peoples of the earth,

when I restore your fortunesas before your eyes.

Yahweh has spoken.

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