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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(adv.) More than once; again and again; indefinitely.
5179. tupos -- typically
... 5179 (from 5180 , "strike repeatedly") -- properly, a forged by ; (figuratively)
the correct , based on for others to then , (ie the right , a proper ). ...
// - 7k

4319. prosaiteo -- to ask besides
... beg. From pros and aiteo; to ask repeatedly (importune), ie Solicit -- beg. see
GREEK pros. see GREEK aiteo. (prosaiton) -- 1 Occurrence. 4318, 4319. ...
// - 5k

4238. prasso -- to do, practice
... A primary verb; to "practise", ie Perform repeatedly or habitually (thus differing
from poieo, which properly refers to a single act); by implication, to ...
// - 9k

Strong's Hebrew
7235a. rabah -- to be or become much, many or great
... 5), multiply (45), numerous (3), often (2), outnumber (1), pay more (1), plenty
(1), profited (1), provided in abundance (1), reared (2), repeatedly (1), risen ...
/hebrew/7235a.htm - 6k

7725. shub -- to turn back, return
... 4), recovered (4), refreshes (1), refund (3), refuse (4), refute (1), regain (1),
remade* (1), render (8), repaid (1), repay (5), repeatedly (2), repeats (1 ...
/hebrew/7725.htm - 9k

5750. od -- a going around, continuance, still, yet, again, beside
... Or rod {ode}; from uwd; properly, iteration or continuance; used only adverbially
(with or without preposition), again, repeatedly, still, more -- again, X all ...
/hebrew/5750.htm - 7k


The Scriptures Repeatedly Teach us that all Sin in One.
... Book II. Chapter 47."The Scriptures Repeatedly Teach Us that All Sin in
One. Still let him ply his question: "By what means may ...
/.../augustine/anti-pelagian writings/chapter 47 the scriptures repeatedly teach.htm

But what Shall we Say of Jove Himself, whom the Wise have ...
... Book III. 30 But what shall we say of Jove himself, whom the wise have
repeatedly asserted to? But what shall we say of Jove himself ...
/.../the seven books of arnobius against the heathen/30 but what shall we.htm

The Aggravated Guilt of Him who Delivered Christ to Pilate.
... He wished, therefore, to release him; repeatedly declared him not guilty;
and would have set him at liberty, but the Jews opposed. ...
/.../lee/sermons on various important subjects/sermon xii the aggravated guilt.htm

Chapter xlv
... incongruous and unnecessary. For their previous words had just referred
to the father repeatedly as still living. However, upon ...
// of genesis volume 1/chapter xlv.htm

His Past Work.
... He appeared unto Jacob and was the mysterious man who wrestled with him at Peniel;
later Jacob called Him "The Angel, the Redeemer." Repeatedly we hear of Him ...
// work of christ/i his past work.htm

Evidences of Regeneration.
... him, though he felt deeply concerned for others. Such like cases have
repeatedly been witnessed. The case of the rich man in hell ...
/.../finney/systematic theology/lecture xxix evidences of regeneration.htm

Attributes of Love.
... Now, inasmuch as the love required by the moral law consists in choice, willing,
intention, as before repeatedly shown; and inasmuch as choice, willing ...
/.../finney/systematic theology/lecture xii attributes of love.htm

Christ's Own Testimony Concerning Himself.
... horror: "Thou hast spoken blasphemy!". Jesus, moreover, repeatedly represents
himself as the Lawgiver of. the new and last dispensation ...
/.../schaff/the person of christ/christs own testimony concerning himself.htm

Objections Considered.
... permission. This sentiment is repeatedly set forth in the Essais de Theodicee
of Leibnitz; and it is also repeatedly avowed by Edwards. ...
/.../chapter vii objections considered.htm

Vehicles of Revelation; Scripture, the Church, Tradition.
... In practice, however, he quotes several of the latter as Scripture' (Wisdom repeatedly
so, see index to this vol.); The Shepherd' is most profitable,' and ...
/.../select works and letters or athanasius/section 4 vehicles of revelation.htm

Repeatedly (28 Occurrences)
...Repeatedly (28 Occurrences). Matthew 27:30 Then they spat upon Him, and taking
the cane they repeatedly struck Him on the head with it. (WEY). ...
/r/repeatedly.htm - 14k

... 1. Immersion: The meaning of the word baptizo, is "to dip repeatedly,"
"to sub-merge" (Thayer, Greek Lexicon of the New Testament). ...
/i/immersion.htm - 14k

... 1. Immersion: The meaning of the word baptizo, is "to dip repeatedly,"
"to sub-merge" (Thayer, Greek Lexicon of the New Testament). ...
/t/trine.htm - 14k

... 1. Immersion: The meaning of the word baptizo, is "to dip repeatedly,"
"to sub-merge" (Thayer, Greek Lexicon of the New Testament). ...
/t/triune.htm - 13k

Turn (963 Occurrences)
... a center, or as if upon a center; to give circular motion to; to cause to revolve;
to cause to move round, either partially, wholly, or repeatedly; to make to ...
/t/turn.htm - 41k

Beat (85 Occurrences)
... 3. (vt) To strike repeatedly; to lay repeated blows upon; as, to beat one's breast;
to beat iron so as to shape it; to beat grain, in order to force out the ...
/b/beat.htm - 35k

... This conclusion is supported by the fact that no use is made afterward of the
chronology, whereas the line of descent is repeatedly emphasized. ...
/a/antediluvians.htm - 11k

... the masonry was smooth-faced: "no sign of any hammer" (Ant., VIII, iii, 2). Windows
were "narrow" (1 Kings 6:4 the King James Version), repeatedly referred to ...
/a/architecture.htm - 28k

Repeated (16 Occurrences)

/r/repeated.htm - 11k

Taught (134 Occurrences)
... Acts 21:4 Having searched for the disciples and found them, we stayed at Tyre for
seven days; and, taught by the Spirit, they repeatedly urged Paul not to ...
/t/taught.htm - 36k

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Repeatedly (28 Occurrences)

Matthew 27:30
Then they spat upon Him, and taking the cane they repeatedly struck Him on the head with it.

Mark 6:18
For John had repeatedly told Herod, "You have no right to be living with your brother's wife."

Mark 14:35
Going forward a short distance He threw Himself upon His face and prayed repeatedly that, if it was possible, He might be spared that time of agony;

Mark 14:70
A second time he repeatedly denied it. Soon afterwards the bystanders again accused Peter, saying, "You are surely one of them, for you too are a Galilaean."

Luke 3:10
The crowds repeatedly asked him, "What then are we to do?"

Luke 3:19
But Herod the Tetrarch, being repeatedly rebuked by him about Herodias his brother's wife, and about all the wicked deeds that he had done,

Luke 7:36
Now one of the Pharisees repeatedly invited Him to a meal at his house; so He entered the house and reclined at the table.

Luke 8:31
They begged him that he would not command them to go into the abyss.
(See NIV)

Luke 18:3
And in the same town was a widow who repeatedly came and entreated him, saying, "'Give me justice and stop my oppressor.'

Luke 22:41
But He Himself withdrew from them about a stone's throw, and knelt down and prayed repeatedly, saying,

Luke 22:63
Meanwhile the men who held Jesus in custody repeatedly beat Him in cruel sport,

Luke 23:35
and the people stood looking on. The Rulers, too, repeatedly uttered their bitter taunts. "This fellow," they said, "saved others: let him save himself, if he is God's Anointed, the Chosen One."

John 16:18
So they asked one another repeatedly, "What can that 'little while' mean which He speaks of? We do not understand His words."

Acts 13:25
But John, towards the end of his career, repeatedly asked the people, "'What do you suppose me to be? I am not the Christ. But there is One coming after me whose sandal I am not worthy to unfasten.'

Acts 19:31
Certain also of the Asiarchs, being his friends, sent to him and begged him not to venture into the theater.
(See NAS)

Acts 20:37
They all wept a lot, and fell on Paul's neck and kissed him,
(See NAS)

Acts 21:4
Having searched for the disciples and found them, we stayed at Tyre for seven days; and, taught by the Spirit, they repeatedly urged Paul not to proceed to Jerusalem.

Acts 21:21
Now what they have been repeatedly told about you is that you teach all the Jews among the Gentiles to abandon Moses, and that you forbid them to circumcise their children or observe old-established customs.

Romans 7:7
What follows? Is the Law itself a sinful thing? No, indeed; on the contrary, unless I had been taught by the Law, I should have known nothing of sin as sin. For instance, I should not have known what covetousness is, if the Law had not repeatedly said, "Thou shalt not covet."

1 Corinthians 16:12
As for our brother Apollos, I have repeatedly urged him to accompany the brethren who are coming to you: but he is quite resolved not to do so at present. He will come, however, when he has a good opportunity.

Hebrews 6:6
it is impossible, I say, to keep bringing them back to a new repentance, for, to their own undoing, they are repeatedly crucifying the Son of God afresh and exposing Him to open shame.

Hebrews 9:25
nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest enters into the holy place year by year with blood not his own,
(See RSV)

Hebrews 9:26
or else he must have suffered often since the foundation of the world. But now once at the end of the ages, he has been revealed to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.
(See RSV)

Hebrews 10:11
Every priest indeed stands day by day serving and often offering the same sacrifices, which can never take away sins,
(See RSV)

Ecclesiastes 7:28
For which my soul is still searching, but I have it not; one man among a thousand have I seen; but a woman among all these I have not seen.
(See RSV)

Jeremiah 46:16
He made many to stumble, yes, they fell one on another: and they said, Arise, and let us go again to our own people, and to the land of our birth, from the oppressing sword.

Lamentations 3:3
Surely against me he turns his hand again and again all the day.
(See NAS)

Ezekiel 8:17
Then he said to me, Have you seen this, son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have turned again to provoke me to anger: and behold, they put the branch to their nose.
(See NAS)



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