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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Being a single unit, or entire being or thing, and no more; not multifold; single; individual.

2. (a.) Denoting a person or thing conceived or spoken of indefinitely; a certain. I am the sister of one Claudio [Shak.], that is, of a certain man named Claudio.

3. (a.) Pointing out a contrast, or denoting a particular thing or person different from some other specified; -- used as a correlative adjective, with or without the.

4. (a.) Closely bound together; undivided; united; constituting a whole.

5. (a.) Single in kind; the same; a common.

6. (a.) Single; unmarried.

7. (n.) A single unit; as, one is the base of all numbers.

8. (n.) A symbol representing a unit, as 1, or i.

9. (n.) A single person or thing.

10. (indef. pron.) Any person, indefinitely; a person or body; as, what one would have well done, one should do one's self.

11. (v. t.) To cause to become one; to gather into a single whole; to unite; to assimilate.

12. (n.) A suffix indicating that the substance, in the name of which it appears, is a ketone; as, acetone.

13. (n.) A termination indicating that the hydrocarbon to the name of which it is affixed belongs to the fourth series of hydrocarbons, or the third series of unsaturated hydrocarbons as, nonone.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

eis eirenen, "at one," ("at peace"): "Set them at one again" (Acts 7:26), the reconciliation of persons at variance. From this adverb we have the words "atone" and "atonement."


(ho poneros):

Nearly all peoples who have expressed their religious thought and feeling believe in a spirit that presides over the destinies of men for their good. They believe that there is also a spirit, a person, whose work it is to lead men into temptation: a spirit of light and a spirit of darkness. Feelings and preferences may have much to do with the conclusions. In Matthew 5:37, 39, 45; Matthew 6:13, the King James Version gives "evil," the Revised Version (British and American) "the evil one," margin, "evil," the personal form referring to the enemy of the race known by various terms: Satan, "the adversary" or "the accuser," occurs 50 times; Beelzebub is found 7 times; devil, 35 times; it means "accuser," "calumniator."


David Roberts Duncan






3762. oudeis and outheis, oudemia, ouden and outhen -- no one ...
... no one, none. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: oudeis and outheis, oudemia,
ouden and outhen Phonetic Spelling: (oo-dice') Short Definition: no one ...
// - 8k

1520. heis -- one
... 1519, 1520. heis. 1521 . one. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: heis
Phonetic Spelling: (hice) Short Definition: one Definition: one. ...
// - 7k

3661. homothumadon -- with one mind
... with one mind. Part of Speech: Adverb Transliteration: homothumadon Phonetic Spelling:
(hom-oth-oo-mad-on') Short Definition: with one mind, unanimously ...
// - 7k

2398. idios -- one's own, distinct
... one's own, distinct. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: idios Phonetic Spelling:
(id'-ee-os) Short Definition: one's own, private, personal Definition ...
// - 8k

5100. tis -- a certain one, someone, anyone
... a certain one, someone, anyone. Part of Speech: Indefinite Pronoun Transliteration:
tis Phonetic Spelling: (tis) Short Definition: any one, some one Definition ...
// - 7k

240. allelon -- of one another
... of one another. Part of Speech: Reciprocal Pronoun Transliteration: allelon Phonetic
Spelling: (al-lay'-lone) Short Definition: one another Definition: one ...
// - 6k

3367. medeis, medemia, meden -- no one, nothing
... no one, nothing. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: medeis, medemia, meden
Phonetic Spelling: (may-dice') Short Definition: no one, nothing Definition ...
// - 7k

3442. monophthalmos -- having one eye
... having one eye. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: monophthalmos Phonetic
Spelling: (mon-of'-thal-mos) Short Definition: one-eyed Definition: one-eyed ...
// - 6k

1527. heis kath heis -- one by one.
... 1526, 1527. heis kath heis. 1528 . one by one. Transliteration: heis kath heis
Phonetic Spelling: (hice kath hice) Short Definition: one. ... one by one. ...
// - 6k

5224. huparchonta -- goods, that which one has, things which one ...
... goods, that which one has, things which one possesseth, substance, that hast. ... goods,
that which one has, things which one possesseth, substance, that hast. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
259. echad -- one
... 258, 259. echad. 260 . one. Transliteration: echad Phonetic Spelling:
(ekh-awd') Short Definition: one. Word Origin a prim. card. ...
/hebrew/259.htm - 7k

2298. chad -- one
... 2297, 2298. chad. 2299 . one. Transliteration: chad Phonetic Spelling: (khad)
Short Definition: one. Word Origin (Aramaic) corresponding ...
/hebrew/2298.htm - 6k

2297. chad -- one
... chad. 2298 . one. Transliteration: chad Phonetic Spelling: (khad) Short Definition:
one. Word Origin short form of echad Definition one NASB Word Usage one (1 ...
/hebrew/2297.htm - 5k

1435. Giddel -- "very great," one of the Nethinim, also one of ...
... "very great," one of the Nethinim, also one of Solomon's servants. Transliteration:
Giddel Phonetic Spelling: (ghid-dale') Short Definition: Giddel. ...
/hebrew/1435.htm - 6k

492. almoni -- someone, a certain (one)
... 491, 492. almoni. 493 . someone, a certain (one). Transliteration: almoni Phonetic
Spelling: (al-mo-nee') Short Definition: certain. ... one, and such. ...
/hebrew/492.htm - 6k

2540. Chammon -- "hot (spring)," two cities, one in Asher and one ...
... Chammon. 2541 . "hot (spring)," two cities, one in Asher and one in Naphtali.
Transliteration: Chammon Phonetic Spelling: (kham-mone') Short Definition: Hammon ...
/hebrew/2540.htm - 6k

258. achad -- go one way or other
... 257, 258. achad. 259 . go one way or other. Transliteration: achad Phonetic
Spelling: (aw-khad') Short Definition: collect. ... go one way or other ...
/hebrew/258.htm - 5k

5303. Nephilim -- "giants," name of two peoples, one before the ...
Nephilim or Nephilim. 5302, 5303. Nephilim or Nephilim. 5304 . "giants," name
of two peoples, one before the flood and one after the flood. Transliteration ...
/hebrew/5303.htm - 6k

6423. peloni -- a certain one
... a certain one. Transliteration: peloni Phonetic Spelling: (pel-o-nee') Short Definition:
certain. ... such. From palah; such a one, ie A specified peccrson -- such. ...
/hebrew/6423.htm - 6k

667. ephroach -- a young one
... 666, 667. ephroach. 668 . a young one. Transliteration: ephroach Phonetic
Spelling: (ef-ro'-akh) Short Definition: young. ... young one. ...
/hebrew/667.htm - 6k


The Exalted One.
... The Exalted One. Hebrews i. SOME ... 1. He is the Son of God in eternity; One
with the Father, essentially and absolutely God. This ...
// lord of glory/the exalted one.htm

Many and One
... ROMANS MANY AND ONE. 'For we have many members in one body, and all members
have not the same office: 5. So we, being many, are one ...
/.../maclaren/romans corinthians to ii corinthians chap v/many and one.htm

The Wicked One
... Names And Titles of the Antichrist 6. The Wicked One. "The Wicked (One) in
his pride doth persecute the poor: the Wicked (One), through ...
// antichrist/6 the wicked one.htm

The Living One
... THE LIVING ONE. "I am He that liveth, and was dead" (i.18). (.. ho zon),
THE LIVING ONE. Like the previous title, it is used ...
// on revelation/the living one.htm

Love one Another
... LOVE ONE ANOTHER. This is My Commandment, That Ye Love One Another"John
15..12. God is love. His whole nature and perfection is ...
/.../the true vine meditations for a month on john 151-16/love one another.htm

The Lawless One
... Names And Titles of the Antichrist 3. The Lawless One. ... The Lord Jesus was
the Righteous One; the Man of Sin will be the Lawless One. ...
// antichrist/3 the lawless one.htm

Chapter twenty-one
... Chapter Twenty-one. "Master, I will follow Thee whithersoever Thou goest.".
The Saturday afternoon matinee at the Auditorium in Chicago ...
// his steps/chapter twenty-one.htm

Made One
... HYMNS MADE ONE. "He that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit.""1 Corinthians
6:17. Mechthild of Hellfde, 1277. tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899. ...
/.../bevan/hymns of ter steegen and others second series/made one.htm

Chapter thirty-one
... Chapter Thirty-one. He had planned ... Divine Power. Every one expected the preacher
to call for volunteers who would do as Jesus would do. But ...
// his steps/chapter thirty-one.htm

Only one Vote
... ONLY ONE VOTE. ... The next day it was found that the contest was so close that
it needed but one vote to carry the town for prohibition. ...
/.../shaw/touching incidents and remarkable answers to prayer/only one vote.htm

One (26466 Occurrences)
... I am the sister of one Claudio [Shak.], that is, of a certain man named Claudio. ...
7. (n.) A single unit; as, one is the base of all numbers. ...
/o/one.htm - 9k

One-tenth (9 Occurrences)
One-tenth. Onesiph'orus, One-tenth. One-third . Multi-Version
Concordance One-tenth (9 Occurrences). Exodus 29:40 And ...
/o/one-tenth.htm - 8k

Twenty-one (7 Occurrences)
Twenty-one. Twenty-nine, Twenty-one. Twenty's . Multi-Version
Concordance Twenty-one (7 Occurrences). 2 Kings 24:18 ...
/t/twenty-one.htm - 8k

Forty-one (6 Occurrences)
Forty-one. Forty-nine, Forty-one. Forty's . Multi-Version
Concordance Forty-one (6 Occurrences). Numbers 1:41 those ...
/f/forty-one.htm - 8k

One-god (2 Occurrences)
One-god. One-fourth, One-god. One-half . Multi-Version Concordance One-god
(2 Occurrences). Mark 10:18 Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? ...
/o/one-god.htm - 6k

One's (59 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance One's (59 Occurrences). Matthew 19:3 Pharisees
came to him, testing him, and saying, "Is it lawful for ...
/o/one's.htm - 22k

Thirty-one (3 Occurrences)
Thirty-one. Thirty-ninth, Thirty-one. Thirty-second . Multi-Version
Concordance Thirty-one (3 Occurrences). Joshua 12 ...
/t/thirty-one.htm - 7k

One-eyed (2 Occurrences)
One-eyed. One-and-fortieth, One-eyed. One-fifth . Multi-Version Concordance
One-eyed (2 Occurrences). Matthew 18:9 And if thine ...
/o/one-eyed.htm - 7k

One-fifth (7 Occurrences)
One-fifth. One-eyed, One-fifth. One-fourth . Multi-Version Concordance
One-fifth (7 Occurrences). Leviticus 6:5 or any thing about ...
/o/one-fifth.htm - 8k

One-fourth (3 Occurrences)
One-fourth. One-fifth, One-fourth. One-god . Multi-Version Concordance
One-fourth (3 Occurrences). Exodus 29:40 And with the one...
/o/one-fourth.htm - 7k

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