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An ornament or a status symbol, sometimes used in sacred furnishings or as a charm.

Rings worn as jewellery

Gold nose rings, worn especially by women

These were often given by a suitor as a symbol of betrothal:

Genesis 24:22,30,47; Proverbs 11:22; Isaiah 3:21; Ezekiel 16:12

The signet ring as a sign of authority

Genesis 41:42; Numbers 31:50; Esther 3:10,12; Esther 8:8; Daniel 6:17

People are sometimes symbolically referred to as God's signet ring, having his seal of ownership and authority:

Jeremiah 22:24; Haggai 2:23

Gold ear-rings, worn by men and women

Ear-rings were sometimes used as charms or amulets:

Genesis 35:4; Exodus 32:2-3; Exodus 35:22; Judges 8:24-25

Rings as indications of wealth or status

Job 42:11; Hosea 2:13; Luke 15:22; James 2:2

Rings used in sacred furnishings

On the ark of the covenant

Exodus 25:12-15

On the table

Exodus 25:26-27

In the tabernacle

Exodus 26:24-29

On priestly garments

Exodus 28:23-24

For carrying altars

Exodus 27:4-7; Exodus 30:4; Exodus 37:27

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