1 Kings 4
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 So HaMelech Sh'lomo was Melech over kol Yisroel. 2 And these were the sarim which he had; Azaryah Ben Tzadok HaKohen, 3 Elichoreph and Achiyah, the Bnei Shisha, Sofrim (scribes); Yehoshaphat Ben Achilud, the Mazkir (secretary). 4 And Benayah Ben Yehoyada was over the Tzava (army); and Tzadok and Evyatar (Abiathar) were the Kohanim; 5 And Azaryah Ben Natan was over the Nitzavim (commissioners) and Zavud Ben Natan kohen re'eh HaMelech; 6 And Achishar was over the Bais (palace); and Adoniram Ben Avda was over the forced labor.

7 And Sh'lomo had twelve Nitzavim (commissioners) over kol Yisroel, which provided provision for HaMelech and his Bais (palace); each man his month in a shanah (year) made provision. 8 And these are their shemot; Ben Hur, in har Ephrayim; 9 The Ben Deker, in Makatz, and in Sha’alvim, and Beit Shemesh, and Elon Beit Chanan; 10 Ben Chesed, in Arubot; to him pertained Sochoh, and kol Eretz Chepher; 11 Ben Avinadav, in kol Naphat Dor; which had Taphat Bat Sh'lomo as his isha; 12 Ba’ana Ben Achilud; Ta’nach and Megiddo, and kol Beit She'an, which is near Zartanah below Yizre'el (Jezreel), from Beit She'an to Avel Mecholah, even unto beyond Yokme'am; 13 Ben Gever, in Ramot Gil`ad; to him pertained the towns of Yair Ben Menasheh, which are in Gil`ad; to him also pertained the region of Argov, which is in Bashan, threescore arim gedolim with chomah and gate bars of nechoshet; 14 Achinadav Ben Iddo had Machanayim; 15 Achima’atz was in Naphtali; he also took Ba’smat Bat Sh'lomo as his isha; 16 Ba’anah Ben Chushai was in Asher and in Alot; 17 Yehoshaphat Ben Paruach, in Yissakhar; 18 Shimei Ben Elah, in Binyamin; 19 Gever Ben Uri was in Eretz Gil`ad, in Eretz Sichon Melech Emori, and of Og Melech HaBashan; and he was the only Netziv (commissioner) which was in the land.

20 Yehudah and Yisroel were many, as the chol (sand) which is by the yam in multitude, eating and drinking, and rejoicing.

1 And Sh'lomo reigned as Melech over kol hamamlechot (all the kingdoms) from the Nahar [Euphrates] River) unto Eretz Pelishtim (Philistines), and unto the border of Mitzrayim: they brought minchah (tribute), and served Sh'lomo all the days of his life.

2 (4:22) And Lechem Sh'lomo for one day was thirty kor of solet (fine flour), and threescore kor of flour, 3 (4:23) Ten stall fed bakar, and twenty bakar out of the pastures, and a hundred tzon, beside deer, and gazelle, and roebuck, and choice fowl. 4 (4:24) For he had dominion over all the region beyond the Nahar, from Tiphsach even to Azzah (Gaza), over all the melachim beyond the Nahar [T.N. i.e., west of the Euphrates]; and he had shalom on all sides around him. 5 (4:25) And Yehudah and Yisroel dwelt securely, every ish under his gefen and under his te'enah (fig tree), from Dan even to Be'er Sheva, all the days of Sh'lomo. 6 (4:26) And Sh'lomo had forty thousand stalls of susim for his merkavot, and twelve thousand parashim. 7 (4:27) And these Nitzavim [al kol Yisroel, T.N. see 4:7-19] provided for HaMelech Sh'lomo, and for all that came near unto Shulchan HaMelech Sh'lomo, every ish in his chodesh; they lacked nothing. 8 (4:28) Se'orim (barley) also and straw for the susim and swift steeds brought they unto the makom (place) where it should be, each according to his mishpat (charge, quota, duty, responsibility).

9 (4:29) And Elohim gave Sh'lomo chochmah and tevunah (understanding, insight) exceeding much, and rochav lev (largeness of heart), even as the chol (sand) that is on the seashore. 10 (4:30) And the chochmah Sh'lomo excelled the chochmat kol Bnei Kedem and kol chochmat Mitzrayim. 11 (4:31) For he was wiser than kol Adam; than Eitan the Ezrachi, and Heman, and Calkol, and Darda, the Bnei Machol; and shmo was in kol HaGoyim all around. 12 (4:32) And he uttered three thousand mashal; and his shir (songs) were one thousand and five. 13 (4:33) And he spoke of etzim (trees), from the erez (cedar tree) that is in the Levanon even unto the ezov (hyssop) which grows out of the wall; he spoke also of behemah (animal), and of oph (fowl, bird), and of remes (crawling creature), and of dagim (fish). 14 (4:34) And there came of kol Amim to hear the chochmat Sh'lomo, from kol Malkhei Ha'Aretz, which had heard of his chochmah.

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