1 Kings 14
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 At that time Aviyah Ben Yarov`am fell sick. 2 And Yarov`am said to his isha, Arise, now, and disguise thyself, that thou be not recognized to be eshet Yarov`am; and get thee to Shiloh; hinei, there is Achiyah HaNavi, which told me that I should be melech over this people. 3 And take with thee asarah lechem, and nikkudim (wafers), and a bakbuk (bottle) of devash, and go to him; he shall tell thee what shall become of the na'ar.

4 And eshet Yarov'am did so, and arose, and went to Shiloh, and came to the bais Achiyah. But Achiyah could not see; for his eyes had ceased by reason of his seiv (old age). 5 And Hashem said unto Achiyah, Hinei, the eshet Yarov`am cometh to seek davar from thee for her ben; for he is choleh (ill); thus and thus shalt thou give davar unto her; for it shall be, when she cometh in, that she shall feign to be a stranger woman.

6 And it was so, when Achiyah heard the sound of her raglayim, as she came to the petach, that he said, Come in, thou eshet Yarov`am; why feignest thou to be a stranger woman? For I am sent to thee with kashah (a harsh prophetic foresight). 7 Go, tell Yarov`am, Thus saith Hashem Elohei Yisroel, Forasmuch as I exalted thee from among the people, and made thee nagid over My people Yisroel, 8 And tore the Kingdom from the Bais Dovid, and gave it thee; and yet thou hast not been as Avdi Dovid, who was shomer over My mitzvot, and who followed after Me with all his lev, to do only yashar in Mine eyes; 9 But hast done rah more than all that were before thee; for thou hast gone and made for thee elohim acherim, and massekhot (metal idols), to provoke Me to anger, and hast thrust Me behind thy gav (back); 10 Therefore, hineni, I will bring ra'ah upon the Bais Yarov`am, and will cut off from Yarov`am mashtin b'kir (him that urinates against the wall, T.N. i.e., every male), atzur (bond) or azuv (free) in Yisroel, and I will sweep out after the Bais Yarov'am just as one sweepeth out the dung, till it be all gone. 11 Him that dieth of Yarov`am in the Ir shall the kelavim (dogs) eat; and him that dieth in the sadeh shall the oph haShomayim eat; for Hashem hath spoken. 12 Arise thou therefore, get thee to thine own bais; and when thy raglayim enter into the Ir (city, i.e. Tirtzah), the yeled shall die. 13 And kol Yisroel shall mourn for him, and bury him; for he only of Yarov`am shall come to the kever (grave), because in him there is found some davar tov (good thing) toward Hashem Elohei Yisroel in the Bais Yarov`am. 14 Moreover Hashem shall raise Him up a Melech over Yisroel, who shall cut off the Bais Yarov`am even this day. This is the day! [T.N. see 1Kgs 15:27-29.] Even now.

15 For Hashem shall strike Yisroel, just as the kaneh (reed), is shaken in the mayim, and He shall uproot Yisroel out of this adamah hatovah, which He gave to Avoteihem, and shall scatter them beyond the Nahar (River, T.N. i.e., the Euphrates) because they have made their Ashera idols, provoking Hashem to anger. 16 And He shall give up Yisroel because of the chattot Yarov`am, who did sin, and who made Yisroel to sin.

17 And eshet Yarov'am arose, and departed, and came to Tirtzah; and when she came to the saf HaBayit (the treshold of the house), the na'ar died. 18 And they buried him; and kol Yisroel mourned for him, according to the Devar Hashem, which He spoke by the yad of his eved Achiyah HaNavi.

19 And the rest of the acts of Yarov`am, how he warred, and how he reigned, behold, they are written in the Sefer Divrei HaYamim L'Malkhei Yisroel. 20 And the yamim (days) which Yarov`am reigned were two and twenty shanah; and he slept with his avot, and Nadav bno reigned in his place.

21 And Rechav`am Ben Sh'lomo reigned in Yehudah. Rechav`am was forty and one years old when he began to reign, and he reigned seventeen years in Yerushalayim, the Ir which Hashem did choose out of kol Shivtei Yisroel, to put Shmo there. And shem immo was Naamah HaAmmonit (an Ammonitess). 22 And Yehudah did the rah in the eyes of Hashem, and they provoked Him to kina (jealousy) with their chattot which they had committed, which were more than all that their avot had done. 23 For they also built them [idolatrous] high places, and matzevot (idol images), and Asherim [Canaanite female nature idols] on every high hill, and under every thickly foliaged green tree. 24 And there were also kadesh (male and female cult prostitutes) in the land; and they did according to all the to'avot (abominations) of the Goyim which Hashem drove out before the Bnei Yisroel.

25 And it came to pass in the fifth year of Melech Rechav`am, that Shishak Melech Mitzrayim came up against Yerushalayim; 26 And he carried away the otzarot of the Beis Hashem, and the otzarot of the Bais HaMelech; he even carried away everything: and he carried away all the moginnim (shields) of zahav which Sh'lomo had made. 27 And Melech Rechav`am made in their place moginnim of nechoshet, and committed them unto the hands of the commanders of the guard, which were the shomrim at the petach of the Bais HaMelech. 28 And it was so, when HaMelech went into the Beis Hashem, that those on guard duty bore them, and brought them back into the guard room.

29 Now the rest of the acts of Rechav`am, and all that he did, are they not written in the Sefer Divrei HaYamim L’Malkhei Yehudah? 30 And there was milchamah between Rechav`am and Yarov`am all their yamim (days). 31 And Rechav`am slept with his avot, and was buried with his avot in Ir Dovid. And the shem immo was Na’amah HaAmmonit (an Ammonite). And Aviyam bno reigned in his place.[T.N. 1Kgs 15:2,10 refers to [grand] daughter.]

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