1 Corinthians 10
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1But I want you to know, my brethren, that all of our fathers were under a cloud and all of them passed through the sea. 2And they all were baptized by Moses in the cloud and in the sea. 3And they all ate one food of The Spirit. 4And they all drank of the one drink of The Spirit, for they were drinking from The Rock of The Spirit, which was with them, but that Rock was The Messiah. 5But God was not pleased with the multitude of them, for they fell in the wilderness.

6But these things are an example for us that we would not be lusting for evil, just as they lusted. 7Neither should we be Servants of idols, even as also some of them served, according to what is written: “The people sat down to eat and to drink and they arose to play games.” 8And neither should we commit fornication as some of them fornicated and 23,000 fell in one day. 9Neither should we tempt The Messiah as some of them tempted and serpents destroyed them. 10Neither should we complain as some of them complained and they were destroyed by the destroyer. 11But all these things that occurred to them were for our example and it was written for our admonition, for their end of the world has come upon us. 12From now on, whoever thinks that he stands, let him beware lest he fall. 13No temptation has come upon you except that of the children of men, but God is faithful, who shall not allow you to be tempted more than whatever you are able, but shall make an exit for your temptation, so that you can endure.

14Because of this, my beloved, flee from the service of idols. 15I speak as to the wise. Judge whatever I say. 16The cup of thanksgiving that we bless, is it not the partaking of The Presence of the blood of The Messiah? And is not our breaking of bread the sharing in The Presence of the body of The Messiah? 17Just as that is one bread, and thus we are all one body, for we all receive from that which is one bread. 18Behold Israel in the flesh. Have not those who eat sacrifices been partakers of the altar? 19What therefore do I say? Is an idol anything, or is the sacrifice of an idol anything? No! 20But that which the pagans sacrifice, they sacrifice to demons, and not to God; but I do not want you to be partakers with demons. 21You cannot drink the cup of our Lord and of the cup of demons, and you cannot share in the table of our Lord and in the table of demons. 22Or do we make our Lord envious? Are we stronger than he?

23Everything is legal to me, but not everything is advantageous. Everything is legal to me, but not everything edifies. 24No man should seek what is selfish, but every person also what is for his neighbor. 25Everything that is sold in the butcher's shop you may eat without inquiry because of conscience. 26For The Earth is THE LORD JEHOVAH's with its fullness. 27But if a man who is a pagan invites you and you wish to go, eat everything set before you without inquiry for the sake of conscience. 28But if a man should say to you, “This has been sacrificed”, you should not eat because of that which he said to you and because of conscience. 29But conscience, I say, not your own, but his who told you; for, why is my liberty judged by the conscience of others? 30If I behave with grace, why am I blasphemed because of that for which I give thanks?

31Whether you eat therefore or drink, or if you do anything, you shall do everything for the glory of God. 32Be without violation to the Jews and to the Aramaeans and to the Church of God, 33As I also please everyone in everything and seek not my own advantage, but whatever is advantageous for the many, that they may have life.

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