8316. serephah
Strong's Concordance
serephah: a burning
Original Word: שָׂרֵפָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: serephah
Phonetic Spelling: (ser-ay-faw')
Definition: a burning
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from saraph
a burning
NASB Translation
blaze (2), burned (1), burning (4), burnt (2), fire (3), thoroughly (1).

שְׂרֵפָה noun feminine burning; — absolute ׳שׂ Isaiah 9:4 +, construct שְׂרֵפַת Numbers 19:6 +; — ׳לשׁ of brick-burning Genesis 11:3 (+ שָׁרַף); destructive Amos 4:11; Isaiah 9:4, of land Deuteronomy 29:22, of temple, הָיָה לִשְׂרֵפַת אֵשׁ Isaiah 64:10, ׳הַר שׁ Jeremiah 51:25 i.e. a burnt-out volcano (figurative of Babylonian ); of heifer Numbers 19:6, compare Numbers 19:17; of spices (probably) as funeral rite 2Chronicles 16:14 (as accusative of congnate meaning with verb), 2Chronicles 21:19 (object of עָשָׂה), 2 Chronicles 21:19; of person (penal) Leviticus 10:6 (accusative of congnate meaning with verb, ׳י subject), Numbers 17:2.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From saraph; cremation -- burning.

see HEBREW saraph

Forms and Transliterations
הַשְּׂרֵפָ֔ה השרפה כִּשְׂרֵפַ֥ת כשרפת לִשְׂרֵ֣פַת לִשְׂרֵפָ֑ה לִשְׂרֵפָ֖ה לשרפה לשרפת מִשְּׂרֵפָ֑ה משרפה שְׂרֵפַ֣ת שְׂרֵפַ֥ת שְׂרֵפָ֖ה שְׂרֵפָ֣ה שְׂרֵפָֽה׃ שרפה שרפה׃ שרפת haś·śə·rê·p̄āh hassereFah haśśərêp̄āh kiś·rê·p̄aṯ kisreFat kiśrêp̄aṯ liś·rê·p̄āh liś·rê·p̄aṯ lisreFah lisRefat liśrêp̄āh liśrêp̄aṯ miś·śə·rê·p̄āh missereFah miśśərêp̄āh śə·rê·p̄āh śə·rê·p̄aṯ sereFah sereFat śərêp̄āh śərêp̄aṯ
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Englishman's Concordance
Genesis 11:3
HEB: לְבֵנִ֔ים וְנִשְׂרְפָ֖ה לִשְׂרֵפָ֑ה וַתְּהִ֨י לָהֶ֤ם
NAS: and burn [them] thoroughly. And they used
KJV: and burn them throughly. And they had brick
INT: brick and burn thoroughly used brick

Leviticus 10:6
HEB: יִבְכּוּ֙ אֶת־ הַשְּׂרֵפָ֔ה אֲשֶׁ֖ר שָׂרַ֥ף
NAS: shall bewail the burning which
KJV: bewail the burning which the LORD
INT: of Israel shall bewail the burning which has brought

Numbers 16:37
HEB: הַמַּחְתֹּת֙ מִבֵּ֣ין הַשְּׂרֵפָ֔ה וְאֶת־ הָאֵ֖שׁ
NAS: out of the midst of the blaze, for they are holy;
KJV: out of the burning, and scatter
INT: the censers of the midst of the blaze the burning scatter

Numbers 19:6
HEB: אֶל־ תּ֖וֹךְ שְׂרֵפַ֥ת הַפָּרָֽה׃
NAS: it into the midst of the burning heifer.
KJV: [it] into the midst of the burning of the heifer.
INT: into the midst of the burning of the heifer

Numbers 19:17
HEB: לַטָּמֵ֔א מֵעֲפַ֖ר שְׂרֵפַ֣ת הַֽחַטָּ֑את וְנָתַ֥ן
NAS: of the ashes of the burnt purification from sin
KJV: of the ashes of the burnt heifer of purification for sin,
INT: the unclean of the ashes of the burnt purification shall be added

Deuteronomy 29:23
HEB: גָּפְרִ֣ית וָמֶלַח֮ שְׂרֵפָ֣ה כָל־ אַרְצָהּ֒
NAS: and salt, a burning waste, unsown
KJV: and salt, [and] burning, [that] it is not sown,
INT: is brimstone and salt A burning All land

2 Chronicles 16:14
HEB: וַיִּשְׂרְפוּ־ ל֥וֹ שְׂרֵפָ֖ה גְּדוֹלָ֥ה עַד־
NAS: a very great fire for him.
KJV: a very great burning for him.
INT: art made fire great against

2 Chronicles 21:19
HEB: ל֥וֹ עַמּ֛וֹ שְׂרֵפָ֖ה כִּשְׂרֵפַ֥ת אֲבֹתָֽיו׃
NAS: no fire for him like the fire
KJV: made no burning for him, like the burning
INT: made and his people fire the fire his fathers

2 Chronicles 21:19
HEB: עַמּ֛וֹ שְׂרֵפָ֖ה כִּשְׂרֵפַ֥ת אֲבֹתָֽיו׃
NAS: fire for him like the fire for his fathers.
KJV: no burning for him, like the burning of his fathers.
INT: and his people fire the fire his fathers

Isaiah 9:5
HEB: בְדָמִ֑ים וְהָיְתָ֥ה לִשְׂרֵפָ֖ה מַאֲכֹ֥לֶת אֵֽשׁ׃
NAS: in blood, will be for burning, fuel
KJV: in blood; but [this] shall be with burning [and] fuel
INT: blood will be for burning fuel the fire

Isaiah 64:11
HEB: אֲבֹתֵ֔ינוּ הָיָ֖ה לִשְׂרֵ֣פַת אֵ֑שׁ וְכָל־
NAS: You, Has been burned [by] fire;
KJV: praised thee, is burned up with fire:
INT: our fathers has been burned fire and all

Jeremiah 51:25
HEB: וּנְתַתִּ֖יךָ לְהַ֥ר שְׂרֵפָֽה׃
NAS: And I will make you a burnt out mountain.
KJV: and will make thee a burnt mountain.
INT: will make mountain A burnt

Amos 4:11
HEB: כְּא֖וּד מֻצָּ֣ל מִשְּׂרֵפָ֑ה וְלֹֽא־ שַׁבְתֶּ֥ם
NAS: snatched from a blaze; Yet you have not returned
KJV: plucked out of the burning: yet have ye not returned
INT: A firebrand snatched A blaze have not returned

13 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 8316
13 Occurrences

haś·śə·rê·p̄āh — 2 Occ.
kiś·rê·p̄aṯ — 1 Occ.
liś·rê·p̄āh — 2 Occ.
liś·rê·p̄aṯ — 1 Occ.
miś·śə·rê·p̄āh — 1 Occ.
śə·rê·p̄āh — 4 Occ.
śə·rê·p̄aṯ — 2 Occ.

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