7902. shekabah
Strong's Concordance
shekabah: (act of) lying, a layer
Original Word: שְׁכָבָה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: shekabah
Phonetic Spelling: (shek-aw-baw')
Definition: (act of) lying, a layer
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from shakab
(act of) lying, a layer
NASB Translation
carnally* (1), emission (5), intercourse* (1), layer (2), seminal* (1).

[שְׁכָבָה] noun feminine act of lying, layer; — only construct שִׁכְבַת all P; —

1 act of lying, as accusative of congnate meaning with verb with שׁכב

3: שִׁכְבַתזָֿ֑רַע Leviticus 15:18 a man lies with her a lying of seed (in copulation), compare Leviticus 19:20; Numbers 5:13; then ( = semen), תֵּצֵא שִׁכְבַתזָֿ֑רַע Leviticus 15:16,32; Leviticus 22:4 (+ מִמֶּנּוּ), ׳ז ׳שׁ alone Leviticus 15:17.

2 layer of dew, שִׁכְבַת הַטָּ֑ל Exodus 16:13,14 (P).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
copulation, seed

From shakab; a lying down (of dew, or for the sexual act) -- X carnally, copulation, X lay, seed.

see HEBREW shakab

Forms and Transliterations
שִׁכְבַ֣ת שִׁכְבַת־ שכבת שכבת־ shichVat šiḵ·ḇaṯ šiḵ·ḇaṯ- šiḵḇaṯ šiḵḇaṯ-
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Englishman's Concordance
Exodus 16:13
HEB: וּבַבֹּ֗קֶר הָֽיְתָה֙ שִׁכְבַ֣ת הַטַּ֔ל סָבִ֖יב
NAS: and in the morning there was a layer of dew
KJV: the dew lay round about
INT: the morning came A layer of dew around

Exodus 16:14
HEB: וַתַּ֖עַל שִׁכְבַ֣ת הַטָּ֑ל וְהִנֵּ֞ה
NAS: When the layer of dew evaporated,
KJV: And when the dew that lay was gone up,
INT: evaporated the layer of dew behold

Leviticus 15:16
HEB: תֵצֵ֥א מִמֶּ֖נּוּ שִׁכְבַת־ זָ֑רַע וְרָחַ֥ץ
NAS: a seminal emission, he shall bathe
KJV: seed of copulation go out
INT: has at emission A seminal shall bathe

Leviticus 15:17
HEB: יִהְיֶ֥ה עָלָ֖יו שִׁכְבַת־ זָ֑רַע וְכֻבַּ֥ס
NAS: there is seminal emission, it shall be washed
KJV: whereon is the seed of copulation, shall be washed
INT: become and emission is seminal shall be washed

Leviticus 15:18
HEB: אִ֛ישׁ אֹתָ֖הּ שִׁכְבַת־ זָ֑רַע וְרָחֲצ֣וּ
NAS: [so that] there is a seminal emission, they shall both bathe
KJV: [with] seed of copulation, they shall [both] bathe
INT: A man for emission seminal bathe

Leviticus 15:32
HEB: תֵּצֵ֥א מִמֶּ֛נּוּ שִׁכְבַת־ זֶ֖רַע לְטָמְאָה־
NAS: a seminal emission so that he is unclean
INT: has at emission A seminal is unclean

Leviticus 19:20
HEB: אֶת־ אִשָּׁ֜ה שִׁכְבַת־ זֶ֗רַע וְהִ֤וא
NAS: a man lies carnally with a woman who
INT: with A woman seed child who

Leviticus 22:4
HEB: תֵּצֵ֥א מִמֶּ֖נּוּ שִׁכְבַת־ זָֽרַע׃
NAS: if a man has a seminal emission,
INT: has at emission of the descendants

Numbers 5:13
HEB: אִ֣ישׁ אֹתָהּ֮ שִׁכְבַת־ זֶרַע֒ וְנֶעְלַם֙
INT: man for seed child is hidden

9 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 7902
9 Occurrences

šiḵ·ḇaṯ — 9 Occ.

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