4171. mur
Strong's Concordance
mur: to change
Original Word: מוּר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: mur
Phonetic Spelling: (moor)
Definition: to change
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to change
NASB Translation
change (3), changed (3), does exchange (2), exchange (3), exchanged (1), exchanges (1).

[מוּר] verb change (Late Hebrew id., Hiph`il; Arabic (medial ו) is move to and fro (intransitive); (medial י) procure food, Aramaic buy or import food, NöZMG xi. 1886, 154); —

Niph`al Perfect נָמָ֑ר (as if from מרר) be changed, Jeremiah 48:11 subject רֵיחוֺ (of wine, figurative of Moab);

Hiph`il Perfect הֵמִיר Jeremiah 2:11; on הַהֵימִיר ib., see K?:i. 457; Imperfect יָמִיר Psalm 15:4 3t.; jussive יָמֵר Ezekiel 48:14; suffix יְמִירֶנּוּ Leviticus 27:33 (twice in verse); אָמִיר Hosea 4:7; וַיָּמִ֫ירוּ Psalm 106:20; Infinitive construct הָמִיר Psalm 46:3; absolute הָמֵר Leviticus 27:10,33; —

1 change, alter, Micah 2:4 (object חֵלֶק עַמִּי; but ᵐ5 יִמַּד בַּחֶבֶל, so StaZAW 1886, 122 f.); Psalm 15:4 (no object expressed); Hiph`il declar. Psalm 46:3 (ארץ subject, Hup Che Bae and others, Ges§ 115, 2, R. 2) when the earth shews change; Krochm Gr proposes הִמּוֺג (compare מוג Psalm 46:7b "" מוט), but needless.

2 exchange (followed by accusative of object relinquished, + בְּ before object acquired) Leviticus 27:10 (4 t. in verse) (2t. as Infinitive absolute); Hosea 4:7; Psalm 106:20; compare with one object Leviticus 27:33 (3 t. in verse) (once as Infinitive absolute); Jeremiah 21:11 (twice in verse) (compare above); without object Ezekiel 48:14 (but Ew Co יוּמַר, Hoph`al).

Hoph`al Imperfect יוּמַר Ezekiel 48:14 Ew Co, compare Berthol.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
exchange, remove

A primitive root; to alter; by implication, to barter, to dispose of -- X at all, (ex-)change, remove.

Forms and Transliterations
אָמִֽיר׃ אמיר׃ בְּהָמִ֣יר בהמיר הֵמִ֥יר הַהֵימִ֥יר הָמֵ֣ר הָמֵ֨ר ההימיר המיר המר וַיָּמִ֥ירוּ וימירו יְמִירֶ֑נּוּ יְמִירֶ֔נּוּ יָמִ֑יר יָמִ֤יר יָמִ֥יר יָמִֽר׃ יָמֵ֛ר ימיר ימירנו ימר ימר׃ נָמָֽר׃ נמר׃ ’ā·mîr ’āmîr aMir bə·hā·mîr behaMir bəhāmîr ha·hê·mîr hā·mêr haheiMir hahêmîr haMer hāmêr hê·mîr heMir hêmîr nā·mār naMar nāmār vaiyaMiru way·yā·mî·rū wayyāmîrū yā·mêr yā·mir yā·mîr yaMer yāmêr yaMir yāmir yāmîr yə·mî·ren·nū yemiRennu yəmîrennū
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Englishman's Concordance
Leviticus 27:10
HEB: יַחֲלִיפֶ֗נּוּ וְלֹֽא־ יָמִ֥יר אֹת֛וֹ ט֥וֹב
NAS: He shall not replace it or exchange it, a good
KJV: He shall not alter it, nor change it, a good
INT: replace or exchange A good A bad

Leviticus 27:10
HEB: בְּט֑וֹב וְאִם־ הָמֵ֨ר יָמִ֤יר בְּהֵמָה֙
NAS: or if he does exchange
KJV: for a good: and if he shall at all change
INT: A good if does exchange animal

Leviticus 27:10
HEB: וְאִם־ הָמֵ֨ר יָמִ֤יר בְּהֵמָה֙ בִּבְהֵמָ֔ה
NAS: he does exchange animal
KJV: and if he shall at all change beast
INT: if does exchange animal animal

Leviticus 27:33
HEB: לָרַ֖ע וְלֹ֣א יְמִירֶ֑נּוּ וְאִם־ הָמֵ֣ר
NAS: nor shall he exchange it; or if
KJV: or bad, neither shall he change it: and if he change
INT: bad nor exchange if does

Leviticus 27:33
HEB: יְמִירֶ֑נּוּ וְאִם־ הָמֵ֣ר יְמִירֶ֔נּוּ וְהָֽיָה־
NAS: it; or if he does exchange
KJV: neither shall he change it: and if he change it at all,
INT: exchange if does exchange shall become

Leviticus 27:33
HEB: וְאִם־ הָמֵ֣ר יְמִירֶ֔נּוּ וְהָֽיָה־ ה֧וּא
NAS: he does exchange it, then both it and its substitute
KJV: it: and if he change it at all, then both it and the change
INT: if does exchange shall become and its

Psalm 15:4
HEB: לְ֝הָרַ֗ע וְלֹ֣א יָמִֽר׃
NAS: to his own hurt and does not change;
KJV: to [his own] hurt, and changeth not.
INT: hurt and does not change

Psalm 46:2
HEB: לֹא־ נִ֭ירָא בְּהָמִ֣יר אָ֑רֶץ וּבְמ֥וֹט
NAS: though the earth should change And though the mountains
KJV: though the earth be removed, and though the mountains
INT: we will not fear change the earth slip

Psalm 106:20
HEB: וַיָּמִ֥ירוּ אֶת־ כְּבוֹדָ֑ם
NAS: Thus they exchanged their glory
KJV: Thus they changed their glory
INT: exchanged their glory the image

Jeremiah 2:11
HEB: הַהֵימִ֥יר גּוֹי֙ אֱלֹהִ֔ים
NAS: Has a nation changed gods
KJV: but my people have changed their glory
INT: changed nation gods

Jeremiah 2:11
HEB: אֱלֹהִ֑ים וְעַמִּ֛י הֵמִ֥יר כְּבוֹד֖וֹ בְּל֥וֹא
NAS: But My people have changed their glory
INT: gods folk have changed their glory old

Jeremiah 48:11
HEB: וְרֵיח֖וֹ לֹ֥א נָמָֽר׃ ס
NAS: And his aroma has not changed.
KJV: in him, and his scent is not changed.
INT: and his aroma Nor changed

Ezekiel 48:14
HEB: מִמֶּ֗נּוּ וְלֹ֥א יָמֵ֛ר וְלֹ֥א [יַעֲבוּר
NAS: Moreover, they shall not sell or exchange any
KJV: And they shall not sell of it, neither exchange, nor alienate
INT: any or exchange not alienate

Hosea 4:7
HEB: כְּבוֹדָ֖ם בְּקָל֥וֹן אָמִֽיר׃
NAS: they sinned against Me; I will change their glory
KJV: so they sinned against me: [therefore] will I change their glory
INT: their glory shame will change

Micah 2:4
HEB: חֵ֥לֶק עַמִּ֖י יָמִ֑יר אֵ֚יךְ יָמִ֣ישׁ
NAS: destroyed! He exchanges the portion
KJV: spoiled: he hath changed the portion
INT: the portion of my people exchanges How removes

15 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 4171
15 Occurrences

’ā·mîr — 1 Occ.
bə·hā·mîr — 1 Occ.
ha·hê·mîr — 1 Occ.
hā·mêr — 2 Occ.
hê·mîr — 1 Occ.
nā·mār — 1 Occ.
way·yā·mî·rū — 1 Occ.
yā·mêr — 1 Occ.
yā·mîr — 4 Occ.
yə·mî·ren·nū — 2 Occ.

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