Job 18:10
A noose is hidden in the ground, and a trap lies in his path.
Cross References
Job 18:9
A trap seizes his heel; a snare grips him.

Job 18:11
Terrors frighten him on every side and harass his every step.

Treasury of Scripture Knowledge


Psalm 11:6
On the wicked He will rain fiery coals and brimstone; a scorching wind will be their portion.

Ezekiel 12:13
But I will spread My net over him, and he will be caught in My snare. I will bring him to Babylon, the land of the Chaldeans; yet he will not see it, and there he will die.

Romans 11:9
And David says: "May their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling block and a retribution to them.


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