Zechariah 9
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The Burden against Israel’s Enemies

1The worde of the LORDE shalbe receaued at Adrach, & Damascus shalbe his offerynge: for the eyes of all me and of the trybes of Israel shall loke vp vnto the LORDE.

2The borders of Hemath shal be harde therby, Tyrus also & Sidon, for they are very wise.

3Tyrus shal make hirself stronge, heape vp syluer as the sonde, and golde as the claye of the stretes.

4Beholde, the LORDE shal take her in, and haue her in possession: he shal smyte downe hir power in to the see, and she shalbe consumed with fyre.

5This shal Ascalon se, and be afrayed. Gaza shalbe very sory, so shal Accaron also, because hir hope is come to confucion. For the kinge of Gaza shall perish, and at Ascalon shal no man dwel.

6Straugers shall dwel at Asdod, & as for ye pryde of ye Philistynes, I shal rote it out.

7Their bloude will I take awaye from their mouth, and their abhominacios from amonge their teth. Thus they shal be left for oure God, yee they shalbe as a prynce in Iuda, & Accaron like as Iebusi.

8And so will I compase my house rounde aboute with my men of warre, goinge to and fro: that no oppressoure come vpon them eny more. For that haue I sene now with myne eyes.

Zion’s Coming King
(Matthew 21:1–11; Mark 11:1–11; Luke 19:28–40; John 12:12–19)

9Reioyce thou greatly, o doughter Sion: be glad, o doughter Ierusalem. For lo, thy kinge commeth vnto the, euen the rightuous and Sauioure: Lowly and symple is he, he rydeth vpon an asse, and vpo the foale of an asse.

10I wil rote out the charettes fro Ephraim, & the horse from Ierusalem, the batel bowes shal be destroyed. He shall geue the doctryne of peace vnto the Heithen, and his dominion shalbe from the one see to the other, & from the floudes to the endes of the worlde.

11Thou also thorow the bloude of thy couenaunt: shalt let thy presoners out of the pytte, wherin is no water.

12Turne you now to the stronge holde, ye that be in preson, & longe sore to be delyuered: And this daye I bringe the worde, that I wil rewarde the dubble agayne.

13For Iuda haue I bent out as a bowe for me, and Ephraim haue I fylled. Thy sonnes (o Sio) wil I rayse vp agaynst the Grekes, and make the as a giauntes swearde:

The LORD Will Save His People

14the LORDE God shalbe sene aboue the, and his dartes shall go forth as the lightenynge. The LORDE God shall blowe the trompet, and shal come forth as a storme out of the south.

15The LORDE of hoostes shall defende the, they shall consume and deuoure, and subdue them with slynge stones. They shal drynke & rage, as it were thorow wyne. They shalbe fylled like ye basens, & as ye hornes of ye aulter.

16The LORDE their God shal delyuer the in ye daye, as the flock off his people: for the stones off his Sanctuary shalbe set vp in his lade.

17O how prosperous and goodly a thynge shall that be? The corne shall make the yongemen chearefull, and the new wyne the maydens.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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