Joshua 19:10
And the third lot came up for the children of Zebulun according to their families: and the border of their inheritance was unto Sarid:
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(10) The third lot . . . for the children of Zebulun . . . Sarid (Syriac, Asdod; LXX., Seddouk) should be apparently spelt with consonants s, D, D. It is identified as Tell Shadûd (sheet 8). From this point a line is drawn westward (past M’alûl, sheet 5) to Jokneam (Tell Keimûn, same sheet), a place at the south-east end of the Carmel ridge. This is the south boundary. We may note that it does not touch the sea, but leaves room for the territory of Asher to interpose (comp. Joshua 17:10-11). Returning to Sarid, the boundary is next (Joshua 19:12) drawn eastward to Chisloth-tabor (Iksâl, sheet 6), Daberath(Dabûrieh, sheet 6), Japhia (Yâfa, sheet 5), Gittah-hepher (El-Mesh-hed, sheet 6).

19:10-16 In the division to each tribe of Israel, the prophetic blessings of Jacob were fulfilled. They chose for themselves, or it was divided to them by lot, in the manner and places that he foresaw. So sure a rule to go by is the word of prophecy: we see by it what to believe, and it proves beyond all dispute the things that are of God.Sarid, not yet identified, was evidently a leading topographical point on the south frontier of Zebulun. The boundary passed westward until it touched the Kishon, near "Tell Kaimon" (Joshua 12:22 note), and thence, turned northward, leaving Carmel, which belonged to Asher, on its west. The territory of Zebulun accordingly would not anywhere reach to the Mediterranean, though its eastern side abutted on the sea of Galilee, and gave the tribe those "outgoings" attributed to it in the Blessing of Moses (Deuteronomy 33:18). Daberath (Joshua 19:12) is probably "Deburieh." Jos 19:10-16. Of Zebulun.

10-14. the third lot came up for the children of Zebulun—The boundaries of the possession assigned to them extended from the Lake of Chinnereth (Sea of Galilee) on the east, to the Mediterranean on the west. Although they do not seem at first to have touched on the western shore—a part of Manasseh running north into Asher (Jos 17:10)—they afterwards did, according to the prediction of Moses (De 33:19). The extent from north to south cannot be very exactly traced; the sites of many of the places through which the boundary line is drawn being unknown. Some of the cities were of note.

Zebulun is here put before Issachar, his elder brother, as he is also Genesis 49:13,14 Deu 33:18.

And the third lot came up for the children of Zebulun,

according to their families,.... Who, though younger than Issachar, has his lot before him, agreeably to the order in which his blessing is predicted, both by Jacob and Moses, Genesis 49:13;

and the border of their inheritance was unto Sarid; or "by Sarid", as Masius, who takes this to be the southwest border of Zebulun, being near Carmel; in which he seems to be right.

And the third lot came up for the children of Zebulun according to their families: and the border of their inheritance was unto Sarid:
10–16. The Territory of the Tribe of Zebulun

10. And the third lot came up for the children of Zebulun] The tribe descended from the tenth of the sons of Jacob (Genesis 30:19-20), and the sixth and last of the sons of Leah (Genesis 35:23; Genesis 46:14). During the journey from Egypt to Palestine, the tribe of Zebulun formed one of the first camp, with Judah and Issachar, also sons of Leah, marching under the standard of Judah. Its numbers at the census of Sinai were 57,000, surpassed only by Simeon, Dan, and Judah.

the border of their inheritance was unto Sarid] A spot unknown, but believed to be somewhere inland, in the plain of Esdraelon, and west of Chisloth-tabor (= “the loins of Tabor”) (see Joshua 19:12).

Verse 10. - Sarid. This seems to have been a middle point, from which the border is traced eastward and westward, as in Joshua 16:6, and perhaps in ver. 32. But the LXX. and other versions have a variety of readings here. Joshua 19:10The Inheritance of Zebulun fell above the plain of Jezreel, between this plain and the mountains of Naphtali, so that it was bounded by Asher on the west and north-west (Joshua 19:27), by Naphtali on the north and north-east (Joshua 19:34), and by Issachar on the south-east and south, and touched neither the Mediterranean Sea nor the Jordan. It embraced a very fertile country, however, with the fine broad plain of el Buttauf, the μέγα πεδίον above Nazareth called Asochis in Joseph. vita, 41, 45 (see Rob. iii. p. 189, Bibl. Res. pp. 105ff.; Ritter, Erdk. xvi. pp. 742, 758-9).

Joshua 19:10

"And the boundary (the territory) of their inheritance was (went) to Sarid." This is no doubt the centre of the southern boundary, from which it is traced in a westerly direction in Joshua 19:11, and in an easterly direction in Joshua 19:12, in the same manner as in Joshua 16:6. Unfortunately, Sarid cannot be determined with certainty. Knobel's opinion, is, that the name, which signifies "hole" or "incision," after the analogy of שׂרד, perforavit, and שׂרט, incidit, does not refer to a town, but to some other locality, probably the southern opening of the deep and narrow wady which comes down from the basin of Nazareth, and is about an hour to the south-east of Nazareth, between two steep mountains (Seetzen, ii. pp. 151-2; Rob. iii. p. 183). This locality appears suitable enough. But it is also possible that Sarid may be found in one of the two heaps of ruins on the south side of the Mons praecipitii upon V. de Velde's map (so called from Luke 4:29).

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