Job 39
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The LORD Speaks of His Creation

1“Do you know when mountain goats give birth?

Have you watched the doe bear her fawn?

2Can you count the months they are pregnant?

Do you know the time they give birth?

3They crouch down and bring forth their young;

they deliver their newborn.

4Their young ones thrive and grow up in the open field;

they leave and do not return.

5Who set the wild donkey free?

Who released the swift donkey from the harness?

6I made the wilderness his home

and the salt flats his dwelling.

7He scorns the tumult of the city

and never hears the shouts of a driver.

8He roams the mountains for pasture,

searching for any green thing.

9Will the wild ox consent to serve you?

Will he stay by your manger at night?

10Can you hold him to the furrow with a harness?

Will he plow the valleys behind you?

11Can you rely on his great strength?

Will you leave your hard work to him?

12Can you trust him to bring in your grain

and gather it to your threshing floor?

13The wings of the ostrich flap joyfully,

but cannot match the pinionsa and feathers of the stork.

14For she leaves her eggs on the ground

and lets them warm in the sand.

15She forgets that a foot may crush them,

or a wild animal may trample them.

16She treats her young harshly, as if not her own,

with no concern that her labor was in vain.

17For God has deprived her of wisdom;

He has not endowed her with understanding.

18Yet when she proudly spreads her wings,

she laughs at the horse and its rider.

19Do you give strength to the horse

or adorn his neck with a mane?

20Do you make him leap like a locust,

striking terror with his proud snorting?

21He paws in the valley and rejoices in his strength;

he charges into battle.

22He laughs at fear, frightened of nothing;

he does not turn back from the sword.

23A quiver rattles at his side,

along with a flashing spear and lance.b

24Trembling with excitement, he devours the distance;

he cannot stand still when the ram’s horn sounds.

25At the blast of the horn, he snorts with fervor.c

He catches the scent of battle from afar—

the shouts of captains and the cry of war.

26Does the hawk take flight by your understanding

and spread his wings toward the south?

27Does the eagle soar at your command

and make his nest on high?

28He dwells on a cliff and lodges there;

his stronghold is on a rocky crag.

29From there he spies out food;

his eyes see it from afar.

30His young ones feast on blood;

and where the slain are, there he is.”

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