Luke 9:62
The Secret of Successful WorkR.M. Edgar Luke 9:37-62
A Would be Disciple RepulsedW. G. Lewis.Luke 9:57-62
EnduringLuke 9:57-62
Faring Wholly with ChristC. S. Robinson, D. D.Luke 9:57-62
Following JesusD. C. Hughes, M. A.Luke 9:57-62
He Who Looks Back is UnfitW. Hoyt, D. D.Luke 9:57-62
Testing SincerityArchdeacon Farrar.Luke 9:57-62
The Election of ChristP. T. Forsyth, M.A.Luke 9:57-62
The Faithful Followers of Christ Must Expect Troubles InT. Manton, D. D.Luke 9:57-62
The Poverty of ChristReformation AnecdotesLuke 9:57-62
The True Interpretation of ReligionH. W. Beecher.Luke 9:57-62
The Warning to an Ill-Calculating ProfessorJ. Chalmers, M. A.Luke 9:57-62
Three ApplicantsJ. Chalmers, M. A.Luke 9:57-62
Christ Demands Decision in ReligionW. Curling, M. A.Luke 9:61-62
ConcentrationM. R. Vincent, D. D.Luke 9:61-62
Conditional DiscipleshipW. G. Lewis.Luke 9:61-62
Crooked PloughingDr. Talmage.Luke 9:61-62
Danger in DelayW. Buck.Luke 9:61-62
Danger of ProcrastinationLuke 9:61-62
Danger of Religious IndecisionTheological Sketch-bookLuke 9:61-62
Danger of Trifling with Religious ImpressionsW. G, Lewis.Luke 9:61-62
Duty Permits no DeliberationArchdeacon Farrar.Luke 9:61-62
Fatal DelayJ. T. Davidson, D. D.Luke 9:61-62
Fatal Significance of a Hind LookAnon.Luke 9:61-62
IrresolutionE. Schnadhorst.Luke 9:61-62
Looking BackH. R. Burton.Luke 9:61-62
Lord, I Will Follow Thee: ButJ. T. Davidson, D. D.Luke 9:61-62
Making a Way to ReturnSir John Forbes.Luke 9:61-62
Never Look BackLuke 9:61-62
No Looking BackW. G, Lewis.Luke 9:61-62
No RetreatLuke 9:61-62
No Retreat Possible to the Christian SoldierLuke 9:61-62
PerseveranceCardinal Manning.Luke 9:61-62
Prompt DecisionBiblical TreasuryLuke 9:61-62
Putting the Hand to the PloughN. W. Taylor, D. D.Luke 9:61-62
Reasons Why Men Look Back from the PloughDr. Talmage.Luke 9:61-62
Sermon to Young MenH. Wonnacott.Luke 9:61-62
Spiritual PloughingW. B. Wright.Luke 9:61-62
The Broken ColumnC. H. Spurgeon.Luke 9:61-62
The Danger of Backward LooksJ. Chalmers, M. A.Luke 9:61-62
The Danger of Looking BackJ. Orion.Luke 9:61-62
The Evil of Looking BackT. Manton, D. D.Luke 9:61-62
The Plough and the KingdomM. R. Vincent, D. D., J. P. Thompson.Luke 9:61-62
The Power of a ButJ. R. Bailey.Luke 9:61-62
The Virtue of PerseveranceBishop Ehrler.Luke 9:61-62
The Workman's QualificationW. Clarkson Luke 9:61, 62
The Cost of Following Jesus
61Another also said, "I will follow You, Lord; but first permit me to say good-bye to those at home." 62But Jesus said to him, "No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God."
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