Hebrews 3
Wycliffe's Bible
1Therefore, holy brethren, and partners of heavenly calling, behold ye the apostle and the bishop, (or the High Priest), of our confession, Jesus, 2which is true to him that made him, as also Moses in all the house(hold) of him. 3But this bishop, (or this High Priest), is had worthy of more glory than Moses, by as much as he hath more honour of the house(hold), that made the house. 4For each house is made of some man; [forsooth] he that made all things (out) of nought is God. (For every house is made by someone; but he who made everything out of nothing is God.) 5And Moses was true in all his house, as a servant, into witnessing of those things that were to be said; (And in all his household, Moses was a true, or a faithful, servant, testifying about those things that would be said later, or in the future;) 6but Christ (is) as a son in his house. Which house we be, if we hold firm (our) trust and (the) glory of hope into the end. (but the Messiah is like a son in his household, or in his family. Which household, or family, we be, if we hold firm to our trust and the glory of hope unto the end.)

7Wherefore as the Holy Ghost saith (And so as the Holy Spirit saith), Today, if ye have heard his voice,

8do not ye harden your hearts, as in (the) wrathing, like the day of temptation in (the) desert; (do not harden your hearts, like in the rebellion, like on the day of testing in the desert;)

9where your fathers tempted me, and proved (me) (where your fathers tested me, and proved me), and saw my works (for) forty years.

10Wherefore I was wroth to this generation, and I said, (For) Evermore they err in heart, for they knew not my ways; (And so I was angry with that generation, and I said, They always go astray in their hearts, because they do not know my ways;)

11to which I swore in my wrath (to whom I swore in my anger), they shall not enter into my rest.

12Brethren (Brothers), see ye, lest peradventure in any of you be an evil heart of unbelief, to depart from the living God. 13But admonish yourselves by all days, the while today is named, that none of you be hardened by (the) fallacy, (or by the falseness), of sin. 14For we be made partners of Christ (For we become the Messiah’s partners), if nevertheless we hold the beginning of his substance firm into the end.

15While it is said, today, if ye have heard the voice of him, do not ye harden your hearts, as in that wrathing (do not harden your hearts, like in that rebellion).

16For some men hearing wrathed, (or rebelled), but not all they that went out of Egypt by Moses. 17But to whom was he wrathed forty years? Whether not to them that sinned, whose carrions were cast down in desert? (But by whom was he angered for forty years? Whether not by those who sinned, whose carcasses were thrown down in the desert?) 18And to whom swore he, that they should not enter into the rest of him, no but to them that were unbelieveful? [+To whom he swore soothly, for to not enter into his rest, no but to them that were unbelieveful?] 19And (so) we see, that they might not enter into the rest of him for unbelief.


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Wycliffe’s New Testament
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A modern-spelling edition of their
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