1 Corinthians 12
Wycliffe's Bible
1But of spiritual things, brethren, I will not that ye not know. (But regarding spiritual matters, brothers, I do not desire that ye do not know about such things.) 2For ye know, that when ye were heathen men, how ye were led going to dumb maumets, (or to dumb simulacra). (For ye know, how that when ye were Gentiles, ye were led like sheep unto mute and lifeless idols.) 3Therefore I make known to you, that no man speaking in the Spirit of God, saith departing from Jesus; and no man may say the Lord Jesus [is], [no] but in the Holy Ghost (and no one can say that Jesus is the Lord, unless he is guided by the Holy Spirit).

4And diverse graces there be (And there be many different gifts, or blessings), but it is all one Spirit; 5and diverse services there be, but it is all one Lord; 6and diverse workings there be, but it is all one God, that worketh all things in all things. (and there be many different kinds of work, but it is all one God, who worketh everything in everything.) 7And to each man the showing of (the) Spirit is given to (his) profit, (or for his benefit). 8And the word of wisdom is given to one by (the) Spirit; to another the word of knowing (to another the word of knowledge), by the same Spirit; 9faith to another, in the same Spirit; to another, grace(s) of healings, (or of healths), in one Spirit; (faith to another, by the same Spirit; to another, gifts of healing, by the one Spirit;) 10to another, the working of virtues (works of power, or miracles); to another, prophecy; to another, very knowing, (or the discretion), of spirits; to another, kinds of (strange and ecstatic) languages, (or tongues); to another, (the) expounding, (or the interpreting), of words. 11And one and the same Spirit worketh all these things, parting to each by themselves as he will (dividing, or imparting, to each as he so desireth).

12For as there is one body, and (it) hath many members, and all the members of the body when those be many [when they be many], be one body, so also Christ (so also the Messiah). 13For in one Spirit all we be baptized into one body, either Jews, either heathen, either servants, either free; and all we be filled with drink in one Spirit [and all we have drunk in one Spirit]. (For by one Spirit, or in one Spirit, we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews, or Gentiles, servants, or free men; and we all have drunk from the one Spirit, or of one Spirit.)

14For the body is not one member, but many. 15If the foot shall say, For I am not the hand, I am not of the body; not therefore it is not of the body. 16And if the ear saith, For I am not the eye, I am not of the body; not therefore it is not of the body. 17If all the body is the eye, where is [the] hearing? and if all the body is hearing, where is [the] smelling? 18But now God hath set members [Now forsooth God hath put members], and each of them in the body, as he would (as he wanted them to be). 19And if all were one member, where were the body? (where would the body be?) 20But now there be many members, but one body. 21And (so) the eye may not say to the hand, I have no need to thy works (I have no need of thy works); or again the head to the feet, Ye be not necessary to me. 22But much more those that be seen to be the lower members of the body, (or the more sick, or the more frail and weaker members of the body), be more needful; 23and those that we guess to be the unworthier, (or the unnobler), members of the body, to them we give more honour; and those members that be unhonest, have more honesty (and those members that be unseemly, have more seemliness). 24For our honest members have need of none; but God tempered the body, giving more worship to it, to whom it failed, (For our seemly members have need of no one else; but God tempered the body, giving more honour to those parts, that seemed lacking,) 25(so) that debate be not in the body, but that the members be busy into the same thing each for (the) other, (or for one another). 26And if one member suffereth anything, all members suffer therewith; either if one member joyeth, (or glorieth), all members joy together.

27And ye be the body of Christ (And ye be the body of the Messiah), and members of member. 28But God set some men in the church, first apostles, the second time prophets [the second prophets], the third teachers, afterward virtues, (or works of power, or miracles), afterward graces of healings, (or gifts of healing), helpings, governings, kinds of (strange and ecstatic) languages, (or tongues), interpretations of words. 29Whether all [be] apostles? whether all [be] prophets? Whether all (be) teachers? whether all (be) virtues? (whether all be works of power, or miracles?) 30whether all have (the) grace of healings? whether all speak with (strange and ecstatic) languages? whether all expound, (or interpret)? (do all have the gift of healing? do all speak with tongues? do all interpret?) 31But (pur)sue ye the better ghostly gifts (But follow, or go after, the better spiritual gifts). And yet I (shall) show to you a more excellent way, (or a more worthy way).


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