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2 Kings 3:22
And they rose up early in the morning, and the sun shone on the water, and the Moabites saw the water on the other side as red as blood:
Torrey's Topical Textbook

Joel 2:31
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the LORD come.
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Strong's Hebrew
5332. netsach -- juice (of grapes), blood, gore
... Probably identical with netsach, through the idea of brilliancy of color; juice
of the grape (as blood red) -- blood, strength. see HEBREW netsach. ...
/hebrew/5332.htm - 6k

119. adom -- to be red
... be dyed, made red ruddy. To show blood (in the face), ie Flush or turn rosy -- be
(dyed, made) red (ruddy). 118, 119. adom. 120 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/119.htm - 5k


Death is the Gate of Life
... be seen, at the summit of branch and twig, formed into its very likeness: in others
the leaf-buds seem to bear its mark by breaking through the stem blood-red. ...
// of the cross/death is the gate of.htm

The Tournament at Constantinople.
... in crimson silk. He was called the Red Knight, for a blood-red cloth completely
covered his charger. His worthy achievements obtained ...
/.../the seven champions of christendom/chapter twelve the tournament at.htm

The Voice of the Blood of Christ
... And Abel entered into heaven blood-red, the first of God's elect who had entered
Paradise, and the first of God's children who had worn the blood red crown of ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 4 1858/the voice of the blood.htm

The Red, Red Sky
... And high in dark-blue heavens the red light burns and glows,. ... Of the morn
of the Day of pardon, the Blood that has washed my sins? ...
/.../bevan/hymns of ter steegen and others second series/the red red sky.htm

The Genesis Water-Mark.
... And if you look still more closely you will find this water-mark different from
those in common use, in this"there is a distinct blood-red tinge to it. ...
/.../gordon/quiet talks with world winners/the genesis water-mark.htm

The Red King
... The Red King down from Malwood came; His heart with wine was all aflame, His eyne
were shotten, red as blood, He rated and swore, wherever he rode. ...
// and other poems/the red king.htm

On Mr. Rudyard Kipling and Making the World Small
... But the thing signal-box is not unpoetical; it is a place where men, in an agony
of vigilance, light blood-red and sea-green fires to keep other men from death ...
// on mr rudyard kipling.htm

System of Marcus; a Mere Impostor; his Wicked Devices Upon the ...
... of a purple, and sometimes of a red mixture, so that his dupes imagined that a certain
Grace descended and communicated to the potion a blood-red potency. ...
/.../hippolytus/the refutation of all heresies/chapter xxxiv system of marcus a.htm

The Adventures of Saint James of Spain.
... tin"he heard the cheerful echoes of a thousand brazen trumpets, and saw issuing
from the brazen gates a hundred armed knights, bearing blood-red streamers in ...
/.../kingston/the seven champions of christendom/chapter six the adventures of.htm

Israel at the Red Sea
... shake, and your marrow quiver, just then you will see the red eyes of ... former
transgressions, as they hound you to the pit, seeking after your soul's blood. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 2 1856/israel at the red sea.htm



Blood and Water

Blood Covenant

Blood is the Life

Blood of all Men the Same

Blood of Animals Slain for Good to be Poured on the Earth

Blood of Christ

Blood of Destruction

Blood of Guilt

Blood of Jesus

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Blood of Legal Sacrifices for Atonement

Blood of Legal Sacrifices for Purification

Blood of Legal Sacrifices: How Disposed of

Blood of Legal Sacrifices: Ineffectual to Remove Sin

Blood of Legal Sacrifices: Not offered With Leaven

Blood of Oppression and Cruelty

Blood of Sacrifices, Typical of the Atoning Blood of Christ

Blood of Victories

Blood: (Building With) of Oppression and Cruelty

Blood: (Given to Drink) of Severe Judgments

Blood: (On One's own Head) Guilt

Blood: (Preparing To) Ripening for Destruction

Blood: (Washing the Feet In) Victories

Blood: Beasts of Prey Delight In

Blood: Birds of Prey Delight In

Blood: Blood of the Ram of Consecration Put on the Tip of Right Ear, Thumb

Blood: Eating of, Forbidden to Man After the Flood

Blood: Eating of, Forbidden to The Early Christians

Blood: Eating of, Forbidden to The Israelites Under the Law

Blood: Fluid

Blood: Forbidden to be Used As Food

Blood: Idolaters Made Drink-Offerings of

Blood: Plague of

Blood: Red

Blood: Sacrificial of the Bullock of Sin offering, Put on the Horns of the Altar

Blood: Sacrificial used for Cleansing of Leprosy

Blood: Sacrificial without Shedding of, No Remission

Blood: Sacrificial: On the Horns of the Altar of Sweet Incense

Blood: Sacrificial: Poured at the Bottom of the Altar

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled About the Altar

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled all Around, and Upon the Altar

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled on Altar and People

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled on Door Posts

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled on the Altar

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled on the Mercy Seat

Blood: Sacrificial: Sprinkled Seven Times Before the Curtain

Blood: Shedding of Human: Always Punished

Blood: Shedding of Human: Defiling to the Land

Blood: Shedding of Human: Defiling to the Person

Blood: Shedding of Human: Forbidden

Blood: Shedding of Human: Hateful to God

Blood: Shedding of Human: Jews often Guilty of

Blood: Shedding of Human: Mode of Clearing Those Accused of

Blood: The Jews often Guilty of Eating

Blood: The Life of Animals

Blood: The Price of, not to be Consecrated

Blood: Water Turned Into, As a Sign

Blood: Waters of Egypt Turned Into, As a Judgment


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