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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(a.) Lasting for a time only; existing or continuing for a limited time; not permanent; as, the patient has obtained temporary relief.
4340. proskairos -- in season, ie temporary
... in season, ie temporary. Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: proskairos Phonetic
Spelling: (pros'-kahee-ros) Short Definition: temporary Definition: for ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4340.htm - 7k

4636. skenos -- a tent, fig. for the body
... tabernacle. From skene; a hut or temporary residence, ie (figuratively) the human
body (as the abode of the spirit) -- tabernacle. see GREEK skene. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4636.htm - 6k

4634. skenopegia -- the setting up of tents
... tabernacles. From skenos and pegnumi; the Festival of Tabernacles (so called from
the custom of erecting booths for temporary homes) -- tabernacles. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/4634.htm - 6k

3130. mania -- frenzy, madness
... insanity. Cognate: 3130 (root of English terms like "maniac, mania") --
madness; irrational rage (temporary insanity). See 3105 (). ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/3130.htm - 6k

3992. pempo -- to send
... refers rather to the objective point or terminus ad quem, and stello denotes properly,
the orderly motion involved), especially on a temporary errand; also to ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/3992.htm - 8k

674. apopsucho -- to leave off breathing, ie faint
... soul") -- properly, "separate from the soul," ie become because of loss of breath;
(figuratively) (become ) like lapsing into temporary unconsciousness (used ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/674.htm - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
8059. shemittah -- a letting drop, a (temporary) remitting
... shemittah. 8060 . a letting drop, a (temporary) remitting. Transliteration: shemittah
Phonetic Spelling: (shem-it-taw') Short Definition: remission. ...
/hebrew/8059.htm - 6k

5521. sukkah -- a thicket, booth
... thicket, booth NASB Word Usage booth (1), Booths (9), booths (8), canopies (1),
canopy (1), hut (1), lair (1), pavilion (1), shelter (4), temporary shelters (3 ...
/hebrew/5521.htm - 6k

4033. magor -- a sojourning place, dwelling place, a sojourning
... Or magur {maw-goor'}; from guwr in the sense of lodging; a temporary abode; by
extension, a permanent residence -- dwelling, pilgrimage, where sojourn, be a ...
/hebrew/4033.htm - 6k

1628. Geruth -- "lodging place," a place near Bethlehem
... Geruth (1). habitation. From guwr; a (temporary) residence -- habitation. see
HEBREW guwr. 1627, 1628. Geruth. 1629 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/1628.htm - 6k

7936. sakar -- to hire
... Or (by permutation) cakar (Ezra 4:5) {saw-kar'}; a primitive root (apparently akin
(by prosthesis) to karah through the idea of temporary purchase; compare ...
/hebrew/7936.htm - 6k

8453. toshab -- a sojourner
... yashab; a dweller (but not outlandish (nokriy)); especially (as distinguished from
a native citizen (active participle of yashab) and a temporary inmate (ger ...
/hebrew/8453.htm - 6k


Temporary Hardening.
... Second Chapter. LOVE. XXXIV. Temporary Hardening. "Lord, why hast Thou hardened
our heart? ... We should distinguish between a temporary and a permanent hardening. ...
/.../kuyper/the work of the holy spirit/xxxiv temporary hardening.htm

Of the Temporary Punishments of this Life to which the Human ...
... Book XXI. Chapter 14."Of the Temporary Punishments of This Life to Which
the Human Condition is Subject. Quite exceptional are ...
/.../augustine/city of god/chapter 14 of the temporary punishments.htm

Corruptible and Temporary Things Made by the Incorruptible and ...
... Book III. Chapter XXIX."Corruptible and Temporary Things Made by the
Incorruptible and Eternal. Then Simon: "It does not seem ...
/.../recognitions of clement /chapter xxix corruptible and temporary things.htm

Jesus' Temporary Residence at Capernaum.
... Part Fourth. From the First to the Second Passover. (Time: One Year.) XXIX.
Jesus' Temporary Residence at Capernaum. ^A Matthew 4:13-16. ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/xxix jesus temporary residence at.htm

He Then Wonderfully Displays the Eternal Life, which is Christ, to ...
... and how will the Word or Divine Reason [940] be the same as the Life, if this finds
a home, in virtue of the life which is but temporary, in irrational ...
/.../gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/section 2 he then wonderfully.htm

Of vices and virtues, and of Life and Death.
... Because vices are temporary, and of short duration; virtue is perpetual
and constant, and always consistent with itself. Because ...
/.../lactantius/the divine institutes/chap x of vices and virtues.htm

On the Growth of the Soul. Its Maturity Coincident with the ...
... For the flesh is no doubt the house of the soul, and the soul is the temporary
inhabitant of the flesh. The desire, then, of the ...
/.../tertullian/a treatise on the soul/chapter xxxviii on the growth of.htm

2 Thessalonians i. 9, 10
... by abstaining from their sins, but by thinking that hell is not so terrible as it
is said to be, but milder than what is threatened, and temporary, not eternal ...
/.../homily iii 2 thessalonians i.htm

Of the Observance of the Sabbath.
... of the old law is demonstrated as having been consummated at its specific times,
so also the observance of the Sabbath is demonstrated to have been temporary. ...
/.../tertullian/an answer to the jews/chapter iv of the observance of.htm

Chapter Iii Precious Answers to Prayer
... It naturally occurred to me, to introduce temporary gas-stoves; but on further weighing
the matter, it was found, that we should be unable to heat our very ...
/.../muller/answers to prayer/chapter iii precious answers to.htm

Temporary (13 Occurrences)
... (a.) Lasting for a time only; existing or continuing for a limited time; not
permanent; as, the patient has obtained temporary relief. ...
/t/temporary.htm - 10k

Booth (9 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) A house or shed built of boards, boughs,
or other slight materials, for temporary occupation. ...
/b/booth.htm - 11k

Hire (48 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The price, reward, or compensation paid, or contracted to be paid, for the
temporary use of a thing or a place, for personal service, or for labor ...
/h/hire.htm - 27k

Magi (4 Occurrences)
... juice, etc. Herodotus i.132) says they also buried the dead (perhaps temporary
burial is meant as in Vendidad, Farg. viii). They ...
/m/magi.htm - 26k

Star (16 Occurrences)
... Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.' If we may accept this legend we may take the
star as having been what astronomers know as a "new" or "temporary" star, like ...
/s/star.htm - 29k

Quarter (33 Occurrences)
... 17. (vt) Place of lodging or temporary residence; shelter; entertainment; -- usually
in the plural. 18. ... 21. (vi) To lodge; to have a temporary residence. 22. ...
/q/quarter.htm - 21k

Intermission (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) Cessation for a time; an intervening period of
time; a recess; a temporary pause; as, an intermission of ten minutes. ...
/i/intermission.htm - 7k

Respite (8 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) A rest; a postponement or delay; a break. 2. (n.) Temporary intermission
of labor, or of any process or operation; interval of rest; pause; delay. ...
/r/respite.htm - 9k

Encampment (8 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (n.) The act of pitching tents or forming huts, as
by an army or traveling company, for temporary lodging or rest. ...
/e/encampment.htm - 9k

Encamp (108 Occurrences)
... 1. (vi) To rest in temporary habitations, as tents or huts; to halt on a march,
pitch tents, or form huts, and remain for the night or for a longer time, as an ...
/e/encamp.htm - 36k

Temporary (13 Occurrences)

Matthew 13:21
and he hath not root in himself, but is temporary, and persecution or tribulation having happened because of the word, immediately he is stumbled.

Mark 4:17
and have not root in themselves, but are temporary; afterward tribulation or persecution having come because of the word, immediately they are stumbled.

2 Corinthians 4:18
while we look not at things seen, but things unseen; for things seen are temporary, but things unseen are eternal.

Hebrews 7:16
and hold His office not in obedience to any temporary Law, but by virtue of an indestructible Life.

Hebrews 11:25
choosing rather to suffer affliction along with the people of God than to have the temporary pleasure of sin;

Leviticus 25:6
The Sabbath of the land shall be for food for you; for yourself, for your servant, for your maid, for your hired servant, and for your stranger, who lives as a foreigner with you.
(See NIV)

Leviticus 25:35
"'If your brother has become poor, and his hand can't support him among you; then you shall uphold him. As a stranger and a sojourner he shall live with you.
(See NIV)

Leviticus 25:40
As a hired servant, and as a sojourner, he shall be with you; he shall serve with you until the Year of Jubilee:
(See NIV)

Leviticus 25:45
Moreover of the children of the strangers who sojourn among you, of them you may buy, and of their families who are with you, which they have conceived in your land; and they will be your property.
(See NIV)

Leviticus 25:47
"'If a stranger or sojourner with you becomes rich, and your brother beside him has grown poor, and sells himself to the stranger or foreigner living among you, or to a member of the stranger's family;
(See NIV)

2 Samuel 11:11
Uriah said to David, "The ark, Israel, and Judah, are staying in tents; and my lord Joab, and the servants of my lord, are encamped in the open field. Shall I then go into my house to eat and to drink, and to lie with my wife? As you live, and as your soul lives, I will not do this thing!"
(See NAS)

1 Kings 20:12
It happened, when Ben Hadad heard this message, as he was drinking, he and the kings, in the pavilions, that he said to his servants, "Prepare to attack!" They prepared to attack the city.
(See NAS)

1 Kings 20:16
They went out at noon. But Ben Hadad was drinking himself drunk in the pavilions, he and the kings, the thirty-two kings who helped him.
(See NAS)



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