Psalm 60
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Victory with God
(2 Samuel 8:1–14; 1 Chronicles 18:1–13; Psalm 108:1–13)

1To the overseer upon the lily of song: poem to David to teach; In the setting on fire Aram of the two rivers, and Aram of the station; and Joab will turn back and strike Edom in the valley of salt, twelve thousand. O God, thou didst cast us off, thou didst break us down, thou wert angry; wilt thou turn back to us?

2Thou didst shake the earth; thou didst rend it: heal its breakings, for it is depressed.

3Thou didst cause thy people to see a hard thing: thou didst give us to drink the wine of reeling.

4Thou gavest a signal to those fearing thee, to flee from the face of the bow. Silence.

5So that thy beloved ones shall be delivered, save with thy right hand and answer us.

6God spake in his holy place; I will rejoice, I will divide the shoulder, and I will measure the valley of booths.

7Gilead to me, and Manasseh to me; and Ephraim the strength of my head; Judah my judge.

8Moab the pot of my washing; over Edom I will cast out my shoe: for me, Philistia shouted for joy.

9Who will bring me to the city of fortification? who guided me even to Edom?

10Wilt not thou, O God? thou didst cast us off, and wilt thou not go forth, O God, with our armies?

11Give to us help from straits, for vain the salvation of man.

12In God we will do strength and he will tread down our adversaries.

The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments; Translated Literally From The Original Tongues by Julia E. Smith

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