Judges 8
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1And they of the house of Aphreim were saying to him: “Why have you done so and you did not call us when you went to fight with Midian?” And they were contending with him severely 2He said to them: “What have I done now compared to you? Is not the gleaning of Aphreim better than the harvest of Yizrael 3Into your hands God has delivered the two Princes of Midian, Orib and Zeeb, and what was I able to do compared to you?” Then their venom departed from him when he spoke this answer

4And Gedun came to the Jordan and he crossed over; he and the three hundred men of his people were running, and they were growing faint 5And he said to the men of Saquth: “Give loaves of bread to the people who are with me, because they are growing faint, and behold I am chasing after Zebakh and Tsalmenna, Kings of Midian” 6The Princes of Saccuth said to him: “Behold, are the hands of Zebakh and of Tsalmenna now in your hands, that we should give your army bread?” 7And Gedun said to them, “Because of this, when LORD JEHOVAH has delivered Zebakh and Tsalmenna into my hands, I shall tread upon on your flesh with thorns that are in the wilderness and with thistles!” 8And he went up from there to Penuil, and as the men of Saquth answered him, so also the men of Penuil answered him 9And he said also to the men of Penuil “When I have come in peace, I shall tear down this tower!”

10And Zebakh and Tsalmenna were camping in Qarqab and their troops with them, about fifteen thousand, all who were left from all the camps of the children of the East, and because a hundred and twenty thousand men drawing a sword had fallen 11And Gedun came up in the road of those pitching tents from the East of Nekakh and of Yabgaha and he struck the camp and the camp was in quietness 12And Zebakh and Tsalmenna fled and they pursued after them and they seized the two Kings of Midian and all the camp was terrified

13And Gedun son of Yoash returned from war from the ascent of Khadess 14And he caught a young man, one of the men of Succoth, and questioned him, and he wrote for him the Princes of Succoth and its Elders, seventy and seven men 15And he came to the men of Saquth and said to them: “Behold, Zebakh and Tsalmenna about whom you reproached me and you said to me, ‘Are Zebakh and Tsalmenna tied up in your hands, that we should give bread to your Servants who grow faint!’” 16And he dragged the Elders of the city on thorns that were in the wilderness, and upon thistles, and he punished the men of Saquth with them 17And he broke down the Tower of Phanuyel and he killed the men of the city

18And he said to Zebakh and to Tsalmenna: “What kind were the men whom you killed at Tabur?”And they were saying to him: “They were like you, like the appearance of the sons of Kings!” 19And he said: they are my brothers, the sons of my mother! LORD JEHOVAH God is living, for if you had saved them, I would not kill you!” 20And he said to Yathar, his firstborn: “Arise, kill them!” And the boy did not draw his sword because he was afraid, for he was still a boy 21And Zebakh and Tsalmenna said: “You arise and fall on us, and as the man, so is his manliness.” And Gedun arose and he killed Zebakh and Tsalmenna, and he took the crescent ornaments that were on the necks of their camels

22And the sons of Israel were saying to Gedun: “Rule over us also, you and your son, also the son of your son, for you have saved us from the hand of Midian!” 23Gedun said to them: “I am not ruling over you, and my son does not rule over you. LORD JEHOVAH shall rule over you!” 24And Gedun said to them: “I request one thing of you; each man give to me an earring from his plundered property”, because they had earrings of gold, for they were Arabians 25They were saying to him, “We give it to you!”; and he spread a cloak and they cast there each man an earring from his plundered property 26And the weight of the earrings of gold which he requested was one thousand and seven hundred pieces of gold, apart from the crescent ornaments and necklaces and garments of purple that were on the Kings of Midian, and apart from the necklaces that were on the necks of their camels 27And Gedun took some of them and he made an idol, and he stood it in his town in Uphra, and the children of Israel went astray after it there, and it was a stumbling block to Gedun and to his household

28And the Midianites were defeated before the children Israel, and they did not continue to lift up their heads, and the land was quiet forty years in the days of Gedun

29And NeduBayl son of Yoash went and dwelt in his house 30And Gedun had seventy sons who had gone out of his loins, because he had many wives 31And his concubine who was in Shekim gave birth to a son by him, and he named his name Abimelek

32And Gedun son of Yoash died in an good old age, and he was buried in the city of Yoash his father, in Uphra, of the father of Azri

33And when Gedun died, the children of Israel returned and they went astray after Baala and made for themselves Baal, the covenant god 34And the children of Israel did not remember LORD JEHOVAH their God who saved them from all of their enemies who were in their surroundings 35And they did not practice grace with the house of NaduBel, who is Gedun, according to all the grace that he practiced with Israel

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